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  1. I agree Big Physical RD is needed. Rafferty will replace Stecher.
  2. Mac will be a difference maker for the Nucks.
  3. Until Horvat is replaced yes a perfect second line center but everyone is replaced.
  4. Whats the status of Markstrom and Leivo as well as Boeser
  5. Green loves to play it safe. Play the right side of the puck. Frankly he has ruined Virtanen . You see glimpses of the old Virtanen who played with reckless abandon once in awhile . Look at MacEwen , thats a power forward. Let Virtanen go, use his speed play reckless. With his shot and speed he should be a 50 to 60 point guy. Green is teaching the defensive side but killing the creativity .
  6. Lind is ready for a look . He is a élite playmaker that will excel at this level is a driver and plays with sand paper. Will make the team next year.
  7. Craig Button is right maybe they are holding Rafferty back this year so he doesn't loose his rooky status next year, Like Quinn Hughes Rafferty has a lot upside.
  8. Madden as well as Lockwood are great collage players but I see little room for them coming up .Probably why Madden was moved. Gaudette and Horvat will slot down as more skilled guys are developed . Beagle will be gone before his contract is up. We have more centers in the pipe line coming .
  9. What annoys me the most is Guys like MacEwen dont get enough chances to shine and other players Vets to speak of do but they just coast out there. Green needs to wake up and sit the vets and play guys like Mac. Virtanen needs to play like MacEwen , and he used to but Green has him playing like he is walking on glass afraid to make a mistake .Let the boys be boys . Turn them loose, too much structure kills the creative playing spirit. Horvat and Virtanen both could play with a little more passion.
  10. Demko / Virtanen for Filip Zadina and Jared McIsaac straight up .
  11. If you want to get rid of Eriksson trade to Ottawa after his bonus they will be happy to get him the cap floor needs to be made throw in a b prospect. like Goldobin rumour has it they liked him.
  12. Trading Virtanen to dump a a contract would be a terrible waste Package Virtanen and Demko for Filip Zadina now your talking
  13. Sorry its not how it works intimidation is still a factor in the NHL. Power play is a deterrent some what but only if its effective sometimes you need a good old fashion two handed slash on the perpetrator then a elbow to the head to be left alone . Skate buy their bench and say your stars are next.
  14. No one is saying fight Lucic we are saying flatten they guy thats doing the damage against Pettersson.
  15. Even the commentators wonder why the Cunucks dont stick up for Pettersson . Crosschecked, slue footed time to fire this coach . I guess management doesn't care about its stars.
  16. Green needs to wake up Take Schaller and Eriksson and sit them play MacEwen and Bailey centered by Gaudette.
  17. Ok Im going to weigh into this topic . We aren't tough enough period we play small. Main reason is we dont have anyone that the opposition is afraid of.
  18. On another note the defense looks good and Yes Rafferty looks good when he was up I wood say its lucky Stecher has a job.
  19. Yes he does a good job on covering the Comets . JB has put together a stronger roster this year on the big team and some carryover has leaked down to the Comets. Tyler Graovac looked good up on the Canucks too bad he is hurt. The lack of centers is due to the players JB has been drafting college, European players some graduating . The comets can make do ZM played center put him in the middle . Try other players at center and see what happens. We all cannot have Sid the Kid as a center.
  20. Ferland gives the Canucks real muscle and has skill to go along with that. something we have been lacking .
  21. Should not been a game 7 should have ended in 5 or 6 at the most . but the point im making is the Cunucks dont have the push back .needed to be a cup winner. Or the coaches dont believe in sticking up for their players.