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  1. I think we are ready now to compete Trade our First in 21 for a GOOD deman with Term or a young deman thats still on his entry level contract. I think we are one or two moves away from a very good 100 point team.
  2. That makes me Laugh so hard Demko is worth a heck of a lot more than that.
  3. If your looking for a new 3rd line center Tomas Nosek is available and is cheap.
  4. To the Canucks, Filip Zadina and Moritz Seider To the Red Wings. Thatcher Demko, Jake Virtanen, Jack Rathbone and Troy Stecher. What we get a goal scoring top 6 player in Zadina and a 6 foot 3 top 4 right handed Deman. What Detroit gets is a top goalie for the future a top 6 right winger 20 goal scorer a top 4 d man and another Right handed Deman that can play now.
  5. You dont know , your guessing he could be a 100 point top 6 guy come on. Until he laces up his skates for the Canucks and plays no one knows. He could be the next Henrik Zetterberg .
  6. Arvid Costmar could be the real deal give him a couple of more years in Sweden and the world juniors if they have it this year he should be a top player.
  7. Demko will get you a first round pick or a grade a prospect or a top 2 deman or a top 6 forward.
  8. Jake Was put in a roll he could not achieve, power forward he is not big enough or has the skills to achieve that skill set, not mean enough look at Tuck and the look at Jake .Tom Wilson is a power forward . Jake is not. He doesn't have the IQ for a top 6 forward. At 7 overall he is a bust.
  9. What has he won ? Its more like the other way around. Jake is a bust.
  10. Sit Virtanen and MacEwen Bring in Gaudette and Lind. Best time to change it up. get some fresh legs and offence.
  11. Kole Lind will be knocking on the door Right wing on Horvat's line he has the same type numbers as Tanner Person in junior and AHL. Given a chance he will excel.
  12. Go after Cernak from Tampa Offer Sheet him $4.2 mil x 4. Big can skate and has a mean streak.only costs us a second round pick
  13. Sorry nice line up its what Green has to work with. Add This line up would be better Make room for kids have more cap space Leivo 1x1.5, Lind .892, Pay Gaudette 2x1.5 , MacEwen 2x1.2 ,Tanev 4x5.5 Motte 2x 1.2 Offer sheet Cernak 4x 4.2 mil cost of a 2nd round pick Send Lui to Utica as well as Benn Sign FA Goalie 1x 1mil aka Domingue or someone else Trade Virtanen (Not worth what he will ask) , Demko (Demko we may lose in expansion) , Stecher ( like him but we need bigger D)for picks or prospects Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Lind / Leivo Roussel Gaudette MacEwen Motte Beagle Sutter/Leivo Leivo /Lind/ Sutter Hughes Tanev Edler Myers Juolevi Cernak Brisebois Rafferty Markstrom / UFA /Domingue Hoglander and Rathbone can play in Utica for a year. Lots of room cap space for next year and a better team.
  14. LOL your not getting Foot , Tampa needs cheap contracts Virtanen would not make their roster . They have lots of prospects that are cheap. Maybe you could get Cernak with a offer sheet. for 4 million
  15. JV was drafted high as a power forward . So play like one. Run someone over get involved. Take a run at PERRON show him what can happen to him if he keeps targeting our stars.
  16. Yay he did one thing right while the rest of the team skated their guts out. What a waste of talent.
  17. You mean replace Virtanen on the third
  18. Virtanen is a head case and hasn't got the smarts to play at a high level , power forward LOL . He is not even close. Sit him in the press box this is big boy hockey he should be running Perron every chance he gets. What a waste of talent.