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  1. Miller Horvat Toffoili  (3 checking/ 3 scoring/ 2 playmaking 3 defence) Horvat needs wingers who can make plays and score

    Motte Pettersson Boeser (1 checking/ 2 scoring/ 2 playmaking/ 2 defence) Motte will be like a Burrows player who compliments the line with his energy and defence 

    Pearson Gaudette Leivo (3 checking/ 3 defence) 

    Roussel Sutter Virtanen (3 checking/ 1 scoring/ 2 defence) - Virtanen should play with guys that are smart defensively 


    Eriksson Beagle Ferland MacEwan Baertschi - Forward playoff options 


    This lineup above, the Wild would destroy.



    Try this



    Miller Pettersson Toffoli (one of the best lines in hockey since Toffoli joined)

    Pearson Horvat Boeser (Boeser needs to up his game)

    Roussel Gaudette MacEwen ( Since MacEwen joined this line its been a driving force, Gaudette is better then Sutter and faster.)( Sutter only has the Edge in faceoffs 6%higher)

    Virtanen/Motte  Beagle Sutter / Virtanen  ( Virtanen needs to drive the play make things happen.) ( Sutter needs to step up or he will be watching from the press box.)


    Beagle is a playoff stud , MacEwen brings size and a scoring touch, Roussel needs step up as well. 

    Everyone loves Motte, PP, hits. everyone wishes Jake would play like this.

    Personally I would leave Sutter in the Press Box

    and play

    Motte Beagle Virtanen


  2. On 5/27/2020 at 11:38 PM, kenhodgejr said:

    Anything can happen in the playoffs. But from a historical perspective I don't want the first cup this team wins in ages to be on a year like this. I would honestly rather we loose the first round and get a top 3 draft pick. Then win the cup next season when guys like Podkolzin and Hoglander might make an appearance 

    A cup is a cup and winning it this year is going to be harder . Do you think the players wont want to win.????

  3. OP said this would be his preferred line up.


    Miller - Pettersson - Toffoli

    Roussell - Horvat - Boeser

    Pearson - Gaudette - Leivo

    Motte - Sutter - Virtanen


    I would make a few changes reason Size this is the playoffs 


    Miller - Pettersson - Toffoli

    Pearson- Horvat - Boeser

    Virtanen - Gaudette - MacEwen

    Roussell  - Beagle - Sutter


    Black Aces =  Leivo - Motte - Eriksson - Bailey - Bartschi - Lind - Graovac - Jasek


    Hughes - Tanev

    Edler    -  Myers

    Fantenberg - Stecher/ Rafferty/ Benn


    Black Aces = Benn - Rafferty - Brisebois - Juolevi - Sautner


    Stecher will be exposed by the bigger Wild forwards. 



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  4. Need to sign Tryamkin to 1 year deal 3 mil then see if he is good or not. If he is give him a multi year deal at 5 mil or trade him for something of equal value. If he impresses' but wont sign trade him for a young D man that will be a stud.  I would not sign Stecher to any contract, package him for picks and move on .Rafferty can fill his space for less and be better at it.

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  5. On 5/17/2020 at 1:58 PM, GhostsOf1994 said:

    Schneider had potential.


    That potential is gone.


    He has never and never will win 30 games in a nhl season.



    I don't understand the rush to get prospects on the roster. 


    Miller Pettersson Boeser 

    Pearson Horvat Toffoli 

    Ferland Gaudette Virtanen 

    Roussell Beagle Sutter 

    Motte Macewan Eriksson 

    Leivo Baertschi. 


    Sutter, Eriksson, Leivo, Baertschi and maybe Motte won't be back next year.


    Next year without any signings


    Miller Pettersson Boeser 

    Pearson Horvat 

    Ferland Gaudette Virtanen 

    Roussell Beagle Macewan 


    Re sign Toffoli and F is crowded once Podkolzin and Hoglander come over....


    What needs to happen is major upgrade on D. 

    Preferably a big Rhd, preferably younger blue chip.


    Hughes Myers 


    Benn Tryamkin 

    Oj Rafferty 



    I like this lineup, sign Toffoli ( 6 mil x 5 years), Trade Demko and Hoglander to Detroit for F. Zadina, Trade Virtanen to Buffalo for C.Miller or D. Severson from New Jersey


    Miller Pettersson Boeser 

    Pearson Horvat Toffoli

    Ferland Gaudette  Zadina

    Roussell Beagle MacEwan 

    Motte Leivo


    Sutter, Eriksson, Baertschi gone


    Hughes Myers 

    Edler Rafferty 

    Tryamkin Miller or Severson

    Oj Benn




  6. Green loves to play it safe. Play the right side of the puck. Frankly he has ruined Virtanen . You see glimpses of the old Virtanen who played with reckless abandon  once in awhile . Look at MacEwen , thats a power forward. Let Virtanen go, use his speed play reckless. With his shot and speed he should be a 50 to 60 point guy. Green is teaching the defensive side but killing the creativity .

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  7. Madden as well as Lockwood are great collage players but I see little room for them coming up .Probably why Madden was moved.  Gaudette  and Horvat will slot down as more skilled guys are developed . Beagle will be gone before his contract is up. We have more centers in the pipe line coming .

  8. What annoys me the most is Guys like MacEwen dont get enough chances to shine and other players Vets to speak of do but they just coast out there. Green needs to wake up and sit the vets and play guys like Mac. Virtanen needs to play like MacEwen , and he used to but Green has him playing like he is walking on glass afraid to make a mistake .Let the boys be boys . Turn them loose, too much structure kills the creative playing spirit.  Horvat and Virtanen both could play with a little more passion.