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  1. On 5/24/2019 at 11:26 PM, janisahockeynut said:

    So, as we advance up the ladder of respectability, and enter the playoffs our 1st will not be so potent, with less of a chance of producing an elite player...….

    Further to that, any pick we acquire via the draft 2 years from now, will most likely take another 2 years before the player is 4 to 5 years away.


    My question, is would you trade that 2021st along with another asset for a later 1st or a needed prospect...….


    An example would be...……….Baertschi 50% + 2021 1st to Pittsburgh for a 2019 1st (21st OA)


    or...……………………………….Baertschi 50% + 2021 1st to Ottawa for their 2019 2nd(32st) + 2019 2nd (44th)


    IMO, we are just advancing our 2021 pick to 2019, with not much of a change in drafted prospect for the trading team.


    Now, don't get hooked on those examples, because there are many more that are more likely a hell of a lot better...….


    But the question is...…..would you move our 2021 1st....hoping in 2 years that our regular season positions 16th tor 20th area


    ...maybe it goes with a short term Cap Dump


    Just trying to move things around a little.



    I think we are ready now to compete Trade our First in 21 for a GOOD deman with Term or a young deman thats still on his entry level contract. I think we are one or two moves away from a very good 100 point team.

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  2. To the Canucks,  Filip Zadina and Moritz Seider 

    To the Red Wings. Thatcher Demko, Jake Virtanen, Jack Rathbone and Troy Stecher.

    What we get a goal scoring top 6 player in Zadina and a 6 foot 3 top 4 right handed Deman.

    What Detroit gets is a top goalie for the future a top 6 right winger 20 goal scorer a top 4 d man and another Right handed Deman that can play now.

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  3. On 9/7/2020 at 5:55 AM, canucklehead44 said:

    Given the age of his production I don’t see Costmar making the NHL as a 50-60 point top 6 player. He has enough skill to be a bottom 6 guy if he can work on his penalty killing. At 5’11 181lbs he has a pretty good build for his age so 200lbs is doable if he transforms his game in that way. He is still a long shot but an intriguing prospect.

    You dont know , your guessing he could be a 100 point top 6 guy come on. Until he laces up his skates for the Canucks and plays no one knows. He could be the next Henrik Zetterberg .

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  4. On 8/22/2020 at 12:24 AM, Junkyard Dog said:

    I don't think we'd get much for Demko by himself but if you packaged him with a Virtanen/Gaudette you could get a semi-significant piece.


    Team would have to be in a situation to be able to protect a forward and have goaltending uncertainty.

    Demko will get you a first round pick or a grade a prospect or a top 2 deman or a top 6 forward.

  5. 15 hours ago, Odd. said:

    It may have been a pipe dream, but I was expecting Virtanen to play like his 2015-2016 physical self in these playoffs, back when he would hit anything that moved every chance he got and always took the puck to the net. All he does now is that dump and chase and go off for a quick shift, running around not accomplishing much. 


    I always get this feeling that Virtanen was mismanaged throughout his time here. Whether it be him starting a year earlier before he was really ready, those 2 years in Utica, and/or being used as a 4th line depth player. I feel like his development has stifled. I get this feeling he's being held back, whether it be the result of Green and his coaching system, or just not being a fit entirely with the makeup of this team.


    I've always wonder and will continue to wonder with what seems to be Virtanen's final days in Van, what if Virtanen played in a system like the  Vegas Knights, perhaps Boston, the Caps or the Blues. Physical, north-south style teams that play a heavy game and seem to play without any limits. I feel like Virtanen would strive in those types of environments, or maybe it's just a load of BS. 


    It's hard not to root for the guy, he's got a very rare blend of speed and size. Again has the toolbox, just needs someone to help him use it correctly. Unfortunately, he won't learn it here.

    Jake Was put in a roll he could not achieve, power forward he is not big enough or has the skills to achieve that skill set, not mean enough look at Tuck and the look at Jake .Tom Wilson is a power forward . Jake is not. He doesn't have the IQ for a top 6 forward. At 7 overall he is a bust.

  6. On 8/3/2020 at 10:01 AM, Rush17 said:

    I would trade Gaudette before Virtanen imo. Virt's the type of guy you win championships with. Speed, physicality, with a good shot. That is ideal in your middle 6 if you are a contender. Imagine Jake being utilized on a team like the Blues or Caps.. Team composition is the issue not Jake. He needs to mature up sure but moving him wont solve our issues. 

    What has he won ? Its more like the other way around. Jake is a bust.

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  7. On 7/23/2020 at 3:45 AM, Stech said:

    Why isn't anyone talking about Kole Lind? He looked good in yesterday's scrimmage highlights, and might be closer to a spot on the roster than we think?

    Kole Lind will be knocking on the door Right wing on Horvat's line he has the same type numbers as Tanner Person in junior and AHL. Given a chance he will excel.

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  8. On 8/13/2020 at 11:15 PM, janisahockeynut said:

    It seems no one on this thread is watching the Canucks playoff roster.......


    Miller Pettersson  Boeser

    Pearson Horvat Eriksson

    Roussel  Sutter  McEwen

    Motte     Beagle   Virtanen



    Hughes Tanev

    Edler    Myers

    Fantenburg Stecher 





    Just thought I would put up a winning lineup


    Possible Additions next year..........Hoglander, Juolevi, Rathbone, Rafferty

    Possible deletions next year........... Toffoli, Stecher, Leivo

    Possible LTIR next year..................Ferland


    That is about it, Folks!



    Sorry nice line up its what Green has to work with.


    Add This line up would be better Make room for kids have more cap space


    Leivo 1x1.5, Lind .892, Pay Gaudette 2x1.5 , MacEwen 2x1.2 ,Tanev 4x5.5 Motte 2x 1.2

    Offer sheet Cernak  4x 4.2 mil cost of a 2nd round pick

    Send Lui to Utica as well as Benn

    Sign FA Goalie 1x 1mil aka Domingue or someone else

    Trade Virtanen (Not worth what he will ask) , Demko (Demko we may lose in expansion) , Stecher ( like him but we need bigger D)for picks or prospects


    Miller Pettersson  Boeser

    Pearson Horvat Lind / Leivo

    Roussel  Gaudette  MacEwen

    Motte     Beagle   Sutter/Leivo

    Leivo /Lind/ Sutter


    Hughes Tanev

    Edler    Myers

    Juolevi  Cernak

    Brisebois  Rafferty


    Markstrom / UFA /Domingue


    Hoglander and Rathbone can play in Utica for a year.

    Lots of room cap space for next year and a better team.





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  9. 23 hours ago, Canuckster86 said:

    not a prospect but on a cheap deal is Scott Mayfield from NYI. Seems to play a solid game, on a dirt cheap contract so unsure if they would want to move him.


    If Tampa would trade Foote for Virtanen and rights to Tryamkin that might work well for the players and teams.

    LOL your not getting Foot , Tampa needs cheap contracts Virtanen would not make their roster . They have lots of prospects that are cheap. Maybe you could get Cernak with a offer sheet. for 4 million

  10. 11 minutes ago, knucklehead91 said:

    now for the media’s favorite whipping boy... Jake Virtanen.... had some nice hard hits and there was a particular play last night that stood out to me, which was where he took away a grade A scoring chance, when the pass came back door and Virtanen read the play from the top of the circle, dropped down low got stick out and took the pass away.

    Yay he did one thing right while the rest of the team skated their guts out. What a waste of talent.

  11. Virtanen is a head case and hasn't got the smarts to play at a high level , power forward LOL . He is not even close. Sit him in the press box this is big boy hockey he should be running Perron  every chance he gets. What a waste of talent. 

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