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  1. 1 hour ago, UticaHockey said:

    This guy does a nice job with his Comets game reports with embedded videos of all important plays and not just the goals.  He also gives an honest assessment of how individual players played in each game.



    Yes he does a good job on covering the Comets . JB has put together a stronger roster this year on the big team and some carryover has leaked down to the Comets. Tyler Graovac looked good up on the Canucks too bad he is hurt. The lack of centers is due to the players JB has been drafting college, European players some graduating . The comets can make do ZM played center put him in the middle  . Try other players at center and see what happens. We all  cannot have Sid the Kid as a center.



  2. 5 minutes ago, Baggins said:

    Right.... we had a tough bteam in '94.... where's the ring? In 2011 Thomas set a finals record for saves made. That had nothing to do with it, not to mention the number of injuries. We had toiughness on that 2011 team as well. Still not buying what you're selling.

    The 2011 team series changed when it went to Boston and the intimidation started .The boys could not match that, out coached and intimidated we had toughness but not when it counted. Everyone had Injuries . Game 7 no one showed up .



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  3. 15 hours ago, Baggins said:

    I'm saying having Ferland on the top line won't stop players from doing what they do. Those guys expect to fight, just as Ferland does. Ferland didn't let up because Bieksa gave him a beating. If anything Ferland opens Boer and Petey up to the Marchand treatment. Ferland tied up in a scrum after a big hit and another player free to do as Marchand did to Daniel with Petersson or Boeser. Everybody was tied up with a Bruin when Daniel got the Marchand treatment.


    Again, having Bieksa out there wasn't protection for Daniel. He was already tied up with another Bruin at the time. It's a false sense of security thinking having a player out there willing to fight will prevent anything from happening. At best it's a retribution after the fact. Meaning - something already happened.

    First of all that is the dumbest statement I ever seen on this web site. If Daniel had stuck up for himself and showed a little spine he would be wearing a Stanley Cup Ring.

    If you want to win you need push back Having Marty McSorley on your line helped Gretzky a lot, also when any team member gets ruffed up there should be an response by all the players clear the bench if you have to.

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  4. Op came up with a simple solution Coastal your the one that complicated it. But thats the West Coast View dont want pipelines but complain about gas prices . If it wasn't for the Canucks, Vancouver would not be my town of choice., Get rid of the Provincial Income Tax add a Vat tax on every thing .You spend you pay, Simple way to lower the taxes and make Shure everyone pays their share.

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  5. Boomer Gordon's comments on NHL Radio .

    Recently NHL network radio ( Last Week), the Power Play they were doing power rankings and put us in the bottom 10 .Boomer when questioned about his ranking of the Canucks the next day stated that he basically had no use for the Canucks, Vancouver and their Fans . And believed the Canucks were poorly managed and had little or no direction. As far as he concerned Hockey stopped at Alberta border. Now thats eastern media bias ! Not shure on how to get the Podcast for the show maybe one of the listener's has a copy.

    Tweet him at Boomer Gordon (@ThePointSXM)

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  6. On ‎8‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 2:43 PM, IRR said:

    Ahhhhh yes.....the sports media, just like a portion of the fan base being constantly negative / glass half empty when there’s no reason to be anything but positive / optimistic!!! To be brutally honest, it’s getting f’n exhausting!! The Canucks are going to shove it down their throats this season! 

    Recently NHL network radio , the Power Play they were doing power rankings and put us in the bottom 10 .Boomer when question about his ranking of the Canucks the next day stated that he basically had no use for the Canucks, Vancouver and their Fans . And believed the Canucks were poorly managed and had little or no direction. As far as he concerned Hockey stopped at Alberta border. Now thats eastern media bias !

    Tweet him at Boomer Gordon (@ThePointSXM)

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  7. 37 minutes ago, NewbieCanuckFan said:

    I’ve always maintained that there no way Green becomes the fall gay.  Willie D was that.  Rare that GMs get to hire and fire two head coaches unless they’ve been making the postseason with regularity. IF, and that’s a big IF, Greens job is in jeopardy, then so is Benning’s.

    We are not good enough yet dont place this at the coaches feet Benning is the fall guy

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  8. 34 minutes ago, luckylager said:

    I moaned about his system and occasionally his pairs / deployment last season, especially in GDT's.

    But in retrospect he didn't have much to work with for most of the year. The only solid piece of evidence against Baumer would be Guddy's turn around in Pits playing in a better system.


    So even as someone who wouldn't be disappointed if he were fired, I think he deserves an opportunity with a real d-corp. Give him til Christmas

    You have No Idea

  9. 1 hour ago, Tre Mac said:

    The system has to be replaced, way too passive collapsing caused too many chances and then having the forwards not providing another option along the boards for outlet passes led to way too many turnovers.  That's what I noticed upsetted EP40 the most, the D couldn't get him the puck because he's the center and the wingers weren't on the boards like other teams do.  That's why Guddy had a much easier time, and said as much, in Pittsburgh.  I don't know the ins and out of coaching duties but I think that falls on Baumer.  True, he didn't have much to work with but that system they employed still has to go.  

    Bull Crap

  10. 10 hours ago, EP-40 said:

    Well since it's slow I figured I'd start a topic about something that I've rarely seen discussed. I think we have room for improvement in all aspects of the team, Coaching included.


          Ever since green was hired and he made sure Baumgartner got his nhl promotion I've been a little salty. Our defense has clearly not been our best asset. The collapse and the triangle are woefully inadequate coaching techniques.


    To put it simply I dont think Baumgartner is qualified to be an nhl assistant coach. I think he should be replaced asap.


    I also dont think green is the coach to take us to the promised lands. I wish we had gone after q, but I digress.. if green is road blocking the replacement of baumer I would push for his removal as well.


    Sorry for the negative outlook it's really my only major gripe with the team. I'd take Loui over baumer any day.



    Sorry to say this but this is the worst topic discussion I have  every read on here . Go  after Q ha ha ha. You are so funny why would he come here. ? Time to say what needs to be said we are not good enough period . Build threw the draft. BAUMGARTNER is fine .

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  11. 4 hours ago, spur1 said:

    LE will get his chance in training camp to make the team. Same as everyone else. I still see LE as a good depth player. (Overpaid one) He just needs to embrace his new role as his old role has passed him by. 


    True enough LE will get his chance. I wouldn't hold my breath though on him making the team. 

  12. 17 hours ago, BCNeil said:

    Our major problem last year was scoring especially from our defence.  Canucks scored 225 goals 26th in the league.  Our defense combined for 135 points.

    The 3 playoff teams defences in our division scored...Calgary 198...SJ 221...and Vegas 162.  

    The significant changes from last year are.....Guddy, Hutton, and Pouliot out.  With their combined 40 points.

    Myers, Benn, and Hughes are the main additions.  They should easily be able to get those 40 points.  In fact these 3 should be about to double that.

    With better health for Edler and Tanev.  No reason the defence can't give us 50 more points, from 135-185. 


    Offence, major changes are Miller and Ferland in.  Granlund and probably LE out, with their 51 total points.  Hopefully Miller and Ferland can total closer to 90.

    Along with most of the forwards still improving with age.  90 more points, 50 from the defence, 40 from forwards. this season is not crazy.  That would be about 35 goals.  Moving from 225-260 goes from 26th to 10th.

    That takes the teams goal differential from -29 to +6


    We gave up 254 goals.  20th in the league.  Myers and Benn should help there, along with more games from Edler and Tanev.  Giving up just 15 less goals the team goes from 20th to 14th.  With a goal differential of +21.  That would put us 14th in the league and certainly in the playoff mix.  

    Well done, I see the same outcome All we are missing is one more Dman get rid of Stecher and replace with a bigger Dman that can score .Out Eriksson play the kids.