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  1. JB needs to sign Hughes asap and then sign a couple of knuckle draggers one on defense, besides Gudbranson more than ever, we do need protection for these kids .
  2. Yah do believe what you write. LOL I am not saying he is a bust for Gods sakes! Im saying for the whole two games I watched My impression was he needs more time to develop . No rush to bring him over period. You all got your panties in a knot . How is rushing him in will it help! Let him dominate another year then bring him over.
  3. After two games at the worlds I don't see any domination, touches of brilliance yes , he is young playing against men yes he has elite skill but until his body catches up. Time will tell I want him on the team as much as anyone but one more year of development would go along way .
  4. So let him develop a little more whats the rush clearly from the worlds he is getting pushed around he needs to develop physically one more year would not hurt.
  5. What a joke okay that's my opinion you have yours bring him over put him in the NHL or AHL lets wreck one of our best prospects.Just so you all can have a new golden toy LOL.
  6. Utica is a lot rougher league a lot of Pro players played D + 2 in the SHL so he dominates anther year all that much better , why rush him clearly he needs more time to develop did you watch any of the world champ games .?
  7. Whats the rush you trying to sell tickets?
  8. Clearly you are all looking threw your rose colored glasses , Pettersson needs more time to develop period Let him play another year in Sweden then bring him over. He needs to get stronger to play with the big boys rushing him will get him hurt . Give him time to develop more strength . One more year. Is needed.
  9. Okay, So most of you think Pettersson is ready I get that, I'm just looking at some star Players that stayed in the SEL till Draft + 1 or 2 before coming to the NHL and by the way the AHL is not far off the NHL only a little nastier .Peter Forsberg, Henrik Zetterberg both spent more time with the SEL to mature. No doubt Pettersson has the skill and heart Im just saying don't rush him. Shinny new toys have away loosing their luster once they get thrown in an old toy box. Management in the past have not demonstrated that they could and would protect their star players so like I said before we shall see.
  10. Shure if they are ready we shall see wont we.
  11. You have to do whats best for the players not for the fans
  12. What I'm saying is one more year would help them both mature mentally and physically there is no rush, give them a few NHL games then send them back to mature like I said no rush.
  13. Yah and I have been watching Winnipeg every player on that team have dropped the gloves. We will get killed by the Jets.
  14. Really you expect these kids to compete at this level subject to the abuse the NHL and AHL give out ! One more year of maturing before your new shinny toys are come over would do wonders for their development. whats the rush?
  15. Both Pettersson and Dahlen need another year in Sweden to mature after watching the playoffs so far it would be a mistake to have these kids in the NHL .
  16. I agree to a point BO is soft because our leadership is soft period, learn by example we get some snarl backing him and you will see the change . The mentality of the room has to change and that starts with the Sedins gone. They may be good upstanding citizens but when in the trenches you need to bring something special. Bo has that in him.
  17. Kane is not coming to the Canucks period . You don't want him in your room Bo needs to be the leader coming up . No to Kane
  18. Yes I like Gadjovic as well but his skating needs improvement , maybe Gadjovic , Pettersson , MacEwen Line big with lots of snarl.
  19. Pettersson will need a big mean forward / center on his line that can take the hard minutes and give him some room MacEwen fits this, fast good hands and has some snarl .
  20. Your right more intensity , killer instinct is their just need to be brought to the surface.
  21. If we don't draft in the top 4 I want Evan Bouchard. Period. Brassard looks good but could use some work on his skating.
  22. Bring him in for 2 games at least, see what he brings cant be any worse then Vertanen we need more grit and skill he brings both.