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  1. The game has changed so get over it 4th line players are developing and are going to be 3 and 2 line players as they produce . Its a faster and more skilled game . If a player is better than his line he will move up .Opportunity to move up will always be there. If Jake is capable to play in the top 6 he will play in the top 6. This year he will earn his spot too many players better right now.
  2. Instead of that Trade LE + SB to Ottawa for Bobby Ryan and a second this is a win / win for both teams
  3. BB will get signed a lot of hand wringing going on the sky is falling LOL. The point JB is making is no more pushing around our stars we are bigger meaner and harder to play against. So if you want to play hockey we can play any style you want. The press have been saying that JB is chasing the style of past Cup winners. Well look at the past 2 Big Skilled and can play anyway you want. Looks like the Canuck's are trending that way.
  4. Gaudette will have to make a bigger statement this year and show he can drive play and scoring
  5. I think JB is in the College sign mod meaning all our next D prospects are going to come from that route.
  6. While I disagree on JB,s earlier picks I think we are on track picking up more draft picks should be his focus for the next two years we need growth in prospects to allow the transition of the core . Trades to get an first pick back at the dead line and to add more seconds,. Its going to take 3 years to transition this team to be playoff regulars. The faces of this team will change and todays Vets will be gone. Defense should be Jim's focus
  7. How many chances does LE need to prove his self ? Move on , make an example of him, let him ride the pine Utica bound, then demote him to the press box.
  8. and one more spot on the roster up here for a prospect so whats your solution ?
  9. True enough , but everyone is different , give him the dog and pony send him down them bring him up bag skate him .
  10. You don't know what will happen MacEwen may or may not become a top 6 NHL-er Training camp will tell.
  11. Send LE to Utica Let his ego want to make him retire.
  12. I think that the plan is to unload LE and Tanev at least . Having said that the roster will change as the prospects move vets out not one of us knows or can predict the roster outcome. JB job is to make this team a cup winner ,baby steps.
  13. Benning gets a B grade from me Could he been better definitely ,swings and misses yes there has been many. Drafting has had it moments . Free agent signings has a C rating, but this year a B+. I like signings this year. I thing Benning thought that many players would want to play here. And found only if they are over paid. I think JB has a tough time making trades with value. Are we better this year yes. Under a different GM we could be a lot better. JB reminds me of the tortoise and the hare , Can you see a light at the end of the tunnel yup is it the SC maybe in 5 more years.
  14. The up coming cap for this year , we need to send LE packing ether to Utica or by trade. This would solve our cap problems . Boeser will sign a bridge deal 5.5 x 3 , Myers may surprise all by taking 6.5 x 7 . we shall see.
  15. This line up if we could fit it under the cap I would say yes to
  16. Benning Is Ok , could be worse. he reminds me of a old hillbilly not a slickster GM . Too honest too strait forward and I like that but is he the right fit for our club? Keep rebuilding and trading Jim . hopefully we get there sooner then later. 50 years and counting
  17. What people fail to see that Virtanen was our pick good or bad .But the fail comes in, in what is he worth right now in a trade. What is Ehlers worth in a trade? and what is Nylander worth in a trade Virtanen = ? Second round pick Ehlers = ? first round pick Nylander = ? first round pick and a prospect Hmmmmmmm I think we get more for Nylander.
  18. I agree if turns out to be as advertised im happy with that but if becomes Lui 2.0 then what does that say about our team?
  19. Alf how can you say its complete. we are two D and one top 6 forward away at minimum
  20. Be bold my son courage is whats needed sweep out the old and in with the new . Clean out the toy box . Time for new and shiny
  21. I say package them both and trade for D help