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  1. 20 minutes ago, Big Time said:

    Thank you.  People seem to forget it's not just about the bad moves he's made, it's about the good moves he has failed to make.  For example:

    • Failed to trade Hamhuis and Vrbata at the TDL and let them walk for nothing.  And don't come at me over the NTC's.  That is pure nonsense.  If he had been proactive in trying to trade these players, he could have got them to waive as he did with Garrison.  That's what a competent GM does.
    • Rather than recognizing how terrible Grudbranson was, he doubled down and signed him to an extension, which he ultimately then traded for another underperforming overpaid player.
    • Consistently over pays in price and term to 4th liners:  Beagle, Schaller, Dorsett.
    • Failed to recognize when a player's prime has past, and does not move players while they still have value - Tanev, Edler.
    • Outside of Gaudette and Demko, does not have a single roster player drafted outside of the first round on the team.
    • Every player in Utica regressed last year, and Benning is still bringing back the same staff
    • Regularly overpaid in trades with draft picks
    • Failed to weaponize cap space
    • Places inordinate value on intangibles such as being good in scrums and in the room
    • Appears to be on the verge of signing Myers to a boat anchor contract

    Benning has been lucky in the draft, but even his overall body of work in the draft is vastly overstated here.

    The question I keep asking is is this the GM you want at the helm going into the prime years of your young players?  Because quite frankly, there have to be at least two dozen other potential GMs out there that would AT LEAST be the same, and more than likely, have more vision and general management skills than Jim.


    Bravo  .This is what the fans want we want great not good enough!

  2. 9 minutes ago, Jester13 said:

    I don't think anyone is arguing fans don't have the right, but rather than they're flat out ignorant with their often baseless (or at minimum misguided/skewed) opinions.


    There seems to be two consistent narratives among Canucks fans: 1) One that sees things in a realistic way and will praise or critique as necessary; and 2) One that incessantly sees things negatively. 


    I agree that if JB brings a cup to Vancouver everyone will revere him, but what's sad is that the latter mentioned will b & m until he does, all while missing all the positives along the way. 

    Don't get me wrong I gave him a B grade . Thats pumping his tires . But we all expect more and want more its his job 

  3. 1 hour ago, IBatch said:

    We simply won’t get this unless we draft it, sure anything’s possible...the odds are just so far against it.   Maybe we have one already in Hughes (one can hope), BUT the saving grace is there are some recent example of teams going to the top four and even winning cup(s) without them too.   The best we can hope for is a well balanced defense that’s augmented with the right UFAs and possibly a trade.   JV is the low handing fruit (plus picks) to acquire something to help that’s decent ... without losing a core member or making a lateral move. 

    And JB will never draft  this because he cant see forest for the trees

  4. 3 minutes ago, aqua59 said:

    Great post. Just remember most fans have no clue.

    Remember its the fans that pay the bills wanting more and winning is what the fans want . All the fans have an opinion and have the right to express them. Fans live and die by their team . If JB brings a Cup to Vancouver  the fans would revere him. But for now they will criticize  him ,its their right.

  5. 12 hours ago, Dixon Ward said:

    I am not saying he can't, I just don't get all the hate.  He has done more good than bad by far imho.

    Yes Has he done enough thats the question , Do the fans think he has done enough or could he have done more. We shall see. I for one think his rebuild should have been just that gut it and start over, the lack of second round picks and the lack of Defense is what concerns me. I give him a solid B rating could he do more yes I think so . Do I like where we are at yes , Do I think JB will bring us a cup ? Nope Its been 50 years and still waiting cheering on the future young stars.

  6. 22 minutes ago, Jimmy McGill said:

    yes there are a lot of 'haters' I don't disagree there, social media is a toilet. 


    But look at it this way: Green is trying to build a culture where everyone digs in and does their job. Now you have a 'star' openly complaining about his ice time and how he's used. So if Green allows that, then why not allow everyone else to complain?


    I don't disagree with Loui, I do think he's been mis-used somewhat, but I don't agree that he should have complained publicly. He should have simply requested a trade. 

    Loui had his chances and didn't produce how many does he need. Decline in talent thats what happens to older hockey players

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  7. 1 minute ago, IBatch said:

    Palmu was definitely a few tiers down but I get what your saying.  I was very surprised we didn’t take a defenseman with our second two guys for sure were left with a lot of upside, and large bodies.   Either Benning simply went BPA on his list or they have other plans on our D that hadn’t matetialized yet... ei another trade and or using some cap space for a solid UFA vet(s).  We simply have very little in the system on the right side even with Woo...our left side is probably sorted with Hughes, Hutton, OJ and two or three depth guys.  Maybe he knows Tryamkin is coming back with a lot of certainty (they are keeping in touch) ... 


    Absolutely not celebrating at all, in fact was responding to another poster indicating that second line is his ceiling and that his also has a high floor and he won’t likely be playing with EP.  Plus he’s not built like him at all, a little tank is more like it, his fitness and strength are not a weakness.   Weight and strength matters more then height when it comes to hitting etc...Peca comes to mind.  


    To me he’s an energy guy with great hands, could add offense as third liner ... maybe Honey Badger would be his ceiling...don’t know where you got Johnny Hockey from this...might as well call him St. Louis, although he’s two inches taller.

    Yah good points Johnny Hockey reference was about size and skill not direct comparison anyway Dman was what I wanted at this pick oh well we shall see.

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  8. 10 minutes ago, R3aL said:

    Think you are being ignorantly harsh hear.


    Podkolzin @ 10 is a homerun swing 

    Hoglander is far from a smurf, the kid is a stud. 


    All prospects may never play. We took two kids that have played with and will continue to play against men in their respected pro leagues. Both work incredibly hard and are relentless style players with fantastic conditioning. Hoglander slayed the combine. His size will not be an issue. His SHL production for his age was fantastic. 


    Have you even watched either play a game or footage on them? They are very good players with high floors and high ceilings.  

    No need for name  calling , We shall see , they may have high celling's but there are a lot of GMs who think other wise. Our First ,There is the Russian factor he may not want to play here or leave Russia KHL. Our Second small and skilled may be JG or Maybe JS who knows? my opinion 

  9. 5 hours ago, scheif16 said:

    You really want hoffmann and his wife in VAN?:unsure:

    Karlsson wanted out of Ottawa because of them 


    5 hours ago, Trebreh said:

    I think after we acquired Miller, the Zucker interest is gone. I do hope we still go after Hoffman If Panarin signs with the Panthers.

    yes no to Hoffman

  10. 20 minutes ago, IBatch said:

    There were other options available that teams were more interested in.  Seven guys were displaced from the first round for starters and teams ahead of us ate up most of those guys, heck some lucky duck got a fifty plus goal scorer in the CHL as a 17 year old...also there were other good D options still available, including the one Vegas took just after us a Vlasic etc.   So what I’m saying is he was a good pick and yes on some lists he was supposed to go in the late first round, but there was still a good number of guys we could have picked too that we’d be talking about instead.


    His size is not at all an issue IMO, he’s built like a little tank, hes almost a year older then some and is already playing in the second or third best league in the world and went from 7-14 minutes over that time.  He’s a solid pick, has energy player written all over him.

    It seems we picked a kid not long ago with his size and where is he? (Palmu) another comes to mind JS, so lets not celebrate too loud and anoint this kid the next Johnny Hockey. a 6 foot 3  right shooting D man would have been my choice.

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