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  1. Podkolzin has way more skill in his left foot than Booth and Virtanen
  2. The only thing that will wake Jake up is a trade, 3rd line fodder.
  3. JB needs to get his trading cap on and pick up some second round picks at least two , 32 and 33 for , one of the following each Stecher , Bartschi, or Tanev,
  4. Package Tanev with a prospect and Virtanen for a first. Buffalo's first
  5. They trade for oilers pick Draft 8th and 10th Pick Broberg and Seider defense is done and the Canucks can concentrate on forwards.
  6. Sign and trade Ferland Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Connolly Roussel Gaudette Leivo Lucic Beagle Reaves Edler Ristolainen Gunnersson Myers Hughes Schenn Rafferty Sautner Ericksson 6 free agents 3 trades Lucic, and Oilers 2nd and 3rd for Canucks 6th and Granlund and Stecher/Hutton Ristolainen from Buffalo for Tanev and Virtanen and a conditional pic based on Tanev resigning Reaves , from Vegas for Motte a condition pick. The rest traded for picks Sign Ferland ,5x 4.5mil Connolly 4x 3.5 mil Edler 6x 3mil Gunnersson 3x 4mil Myers 7x 7mil Schenn 2x 1.2mil
  7. LOL go ahead, Should be a fun two weeks
  8. Edler 6 years 3 mil each year take it or leave it front load
  9. my thought is pay Edler 3.5 mil for 6 years front load it
  10. no the more you draft and have success with your picks the better you will be , lucky drafting teams win cups
  11. No too many small Dmen Big D with size wins in the playoffs. No to Stecher trade as soon as you can.
  12. After watching the playoffs I would say the best big defenseman available to many small D and you wont win the same as last year.
  13. Why would they do that Horton helps their cap space
  14. After watching the playoffs its clear size matters
  15. Jake ? no proof he will be a playoff performer , trade for an upgrade package Yes Please
  16. Trade Jake now when he still looks like he has upside.
  17. Ferland can still play but I would also acquire Lucic if Edmonton retains 2 mil and while your at it pick up Petrovic and McQuaid that way if you need toughness you got it