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  1. Sign and trade

    Ferland  Pettersson Boeser

    Pearson Horvat Connolly

    Roussel Gaudette Leivo

    Lucic    Beagle   Reaves


    Edler         Ristolainen 

    Gunnersson      Myers

    Hughes     Schenn


    Rafferty Sautner Ericksson



    6  free agents 3 trades 

    Lucic, and Oilers 2nd and 3rd  for Canucks 6th and Granlund and Stecher/Hutton

    Ristolainen from Buffalo for  Tanev and Virtanen and a conditional pic based on Tanev resigning 

    Reaves , from Vegas for Motte a condition pick.

    The rest traded for picks 



    Ferland ,5x 4.5mil

    Connolly 4x 3.5 mil

    Edler 6x 3mil

    Gunnersson  3x 4mil

    Myers 7x 7mil

    Schenn 2x 1.2mil



  2. 1 hour ago, nuck-lifer said:

    I like that final scenario.

    You  have 2 experienced guys to bring a balanced D and O. Hughes will hopefully be our Krug and log big offensive minutes while Juolevi can run the 2nd PP or swap out with Edler.

    The only concern would be cap space signing both Edler and Myers to say 7M contracts, and then Hughes, Tram and Juolevi contracts coming up soon after.

    It could put us over the 30M mark for defense which would put us in a crunch position, but our D could be top 5 when the kids get a couple years under their belts.

    Could see Stecher traded for a low cost RD as 3rd pairing guy to hang on to the rest.



    4 hours ago, khay said:

    Man, this is an excellent post. 


    I don't think we need to sign an LHD unless it's Edler or one of those defensive defencemen on a shorter term deal. 


    With Hughes to be the main guy and Juolevi in the pipeline, there is no space for Gardiner, beyond maybe next season. Gardiner will want term and as soon as Juolevi makes the team, we will be regretting signing Gardiner. Assuming Karlsson is unattainable, I'd first try to re-sign Edler to 3-year (at most 4 years) deal because he brings solid defence as well as decent offence and in the last year (or two) of his contract, he will be a 3rd pairing defenceman playing a responsible game on the defensive side. Concurrently, I would target Myers as he is basically Edler but on the right side. I don't know what JB's plan is on the RHD if we don't sign say Myers. Nothing in the pipeline and not many assets to trade to attain a quality RHD.







    Then, once Juloevi makes the team and say we bring Tryamkin back,






    No too many small Dmen Big D with size wins in the playoffs. No to Stecher trade as soon as you can. 

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  3. 5 hours ago, Hindustan Smyl said:

    I disagree.  A deal centered around Lucic for Eriksson would net us more assets since Eriksson Hans more perceived current value than Lucic.   Not only would we possibly receive a higher draft pick (8th OA/10OA swap), but we would also get someone that would be more valuable to the Canucks.  Lucic is one of the toughest guys in the league, and we wouldn't see more Matheson/Pettersson type situations in the future as a result.   Guys like Pettersson and Hughes need to be protected......especially come playoff time.


    Furthermore, I think Lucic being surrounded by friends and family would help get him going again.  The guy hasn’t been the same player since his father passed, but I think being around family and friends might help that.   I also suspect that there’s a part of Lucic that wants to repair his relationship with Vancouver.

    This nailed it

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