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  1. I would but I’m not a Leech.
  2. What are you talking about? There are pages and pages of people on these boards singing both his and Golobin’s attributes. I don’t get it. In my estimation neither of them have the right stuff. Total wastes of natural abilities.
  3. He’s taller than Bobby Orr Alf......And he’s a better skater than Quinn Hughes.
  4. We should all be sympathetic when it comes to Alf. His over the top projections of players is weird. God bless his enthusiasm though. I hope it makes him happy.
  5. I was not offended Rob, and trust me I’ve been around more than most, I guess I just don’t appreciate that type of adolescent humour. No need to apologize.
  6. I usually quite enjoy your posts compared to most of the rubbish on these boards. I was just surprised that you decided to be crude. No big deal.
  7. Tacky comment. You’re better than that Rob.
  8. I think that was a well thought out and very fair assessmant.
  9. When Quinn the Eskimo gets you....Everybody’s going to jump for joy!!!