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  1. Krebs would compliment the core that we are building splendidly. He may never be a star. But he’s the kind of player that we would never regret drafting. He’s the kind of player that you win with, in my humble opinion.
  2. If I’m going for the home run pick ( which I would probably be too gutless to make ) I’m picking the Mad Mouse Caufield, That little bugger is bound to score 50 goals. Would you bet against him ?.............How much ?
  3. I agree but don’t think for a moment that it hasn’t been discussed by management.
  4. That was a silly comparison. If you care to disagree at least make a valid argument. You know very well that I was alluding to the Russian factor. There are a good percentage of people that would be pissed off if we took him. I’m not one of them by the way. Think before you write.
  5. The draft is in Vancouver. Can you imagine the crowd reaction if we take Podkolzin.....Never mind talk radio or the chat lines? The pressure is too intense at the moment. I think they will make a more amicable selection.
  6. I think you’re pretty close. Although I believe Colorado goes with either Cozens or Dach and then LA takes Byram. I’d love to see Boldy or Zegras sitting there at 10.
  7. I apologize, but think about it, as other people have suggested, it was an extremely naive proposal.
  8. I’m sorry, But........Never mind, you wouldn’t understand.
  9. Just a question.....Would you know how many empty net goals Jake scored?
  10. I wanted MT as well.....But the jury is still out on that one. LE was the only UFA signing of any significance that hasn’t worked out....And that looked pretty good at the time. Guddy has turned into Pearson, which is a wash. Sutter has been riddled with injuries. Sure, let’s blame that on Jim. I didn’t like the Gagner signing particularly. But, that was hardly significant. Virtanan......That’s open for debate. My point is, given what he had to work with Benning has done a credible job. Everyone makes the occasional error in judgement. I don’t see LOTS OF MISTAKES.
  11. Could you please give us a few examples of these “ Bad decisions on all fronts “
  12. Thank you. My sentiments exactly. Look at that 2013 lineup people. What was he supposed to do with that roster? We are one or two decent free agent signings and another astute draft pick away from being very competitive.
  13. How do you think he got all the cap space?........By being smart. What kind of shape were we in when he got hired? He made one SERIOUS mistake........And nobody was complaining at the time. I know he comes off like being a bit of a bumpkin......Not a verbally slick guy. But he has tremendous hockey sense in my opinion. I’m tired of people beating up on him. I like him and I trust him.