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  1. I realized that right after posting. What about a 4x2? Surrender a 2nd?
  2. Scratch that. woukd have to be 4x2 bridge deal so we don’t surrender a first.
  3. What’s everyone’s thoughts on a Darnell Nurse? Seems like Edmonton is in cap trouble and wouldn’t be able to match an offer sheet. 6yrs x 5m?
  4. Hendo1987

    World Junior Eligible players this year

    How is Pettersson eligible?
  5. Hendo1987

    (Proposal) Van - Buffalo

    They need a goalie so I think the deal would have to include Markstrom. Markstrom/Lind/2nd?
  6. What’s everyone’s thoughts on acquiring Sam Reinhart? Markstrom/Baertschi/2nd for Sam Reinhart.
  7. Hendo1987

    (Proposal) Van-Detroit

    Stecher is one of my favourite defensemen but if trading him for Andreas saves us from an atrocious UFA signing all while giving us a young skilled C with speed and skill I’ll take it.
  8. Hendo1987

    (Proposal) Van-Detroit

    Good point. We’d definitely need to replace Stech in free agency. I was just thinking Andreas Athanasiou would be a good fit for us. Big body that skates well and has plenty of skill. The rumoured names were after to address our lack of center depth scares me.
  9. What’s everyone’s thoughts on a Troy Stecher for Andreas Athanasiou swap?
  10. Hendo1987

    (Proposal) - Canucks/NYR

    Ok well if you think McDavid and Dahlin aren’t generational talents you’re ridiculous. Glass was rated the 4th best prospect outside of the NHL by TSN. Jordan Kyrou at 15.....apparently not blue chip. When TSN calls these players blue chip I think I’ll take their word over yours.
  11. Hendo1987

    (Proposal) - Canucks/NYR

    So McDavid was the only blue chip prospect in his draft class?
  12. Hendo1987

    (Proposal) - Canucks/NYR

    Sorry to break this to you but McDavid, Eichel, Mathews aren’t prospects.
  13. Hendo1987

    (Proposal) - Canucks/NYR

    Ohhh Sorry I didn’t realize blue chip and generational were the same thing.....
  14. Hendo1987

    (Proposal) - Canucks/NYR

    Do you consider Glass blue chip? As as far as I can see the only difference is draft position. Kole Lind is a heck of a player that plays with a bit of sandpaper. Started the year with mono, got a concussion and still managed to be top 10 in WHL scoring. What do you consider blue chip?
  15. Hendo1987

    (Proposal) - Canucks/NYR

    That’s potentially Lind, Merkley and Pouliot for Bouchard.