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  1. I hope they finish 9th in their conference. Why wish a good pick to them? They're not the Oilers, the Red Wings can draft
  2. I was disappointed we got Hughes instead of Zadina for about 5 minutes. Then I watched his highlights and forgot who Zadina was
  3. Yes because I'm basing this notion off of just this 1 game. Demko has been a nobody until tn right? LOL
  4. I agree, but if the right offer comes up by TDL I think we take it. Demko is more than capable of putting together a Murray, Vasilevsky, Binnington type run IMO
  5. What would you guys be willing to sacrifice to rid ourselves of the terrible contract? I think I'd give up a Juolevi and/or some picks. Sadly that wont be enough IMO. How does 1 get sudden allergies to equiptment?
  6. I love Markstrom but I think Demko is ready. I wonder what we can get for Marky with his stellar play lately... "I think you are all going to want to hear this"... Ok ok a little much, but a 2nd rounder + prospect is realistic
  7. Thought I'd make a video for our new captain!
  8. Thanks man. I downloaded a video editing app to make a video for this YouTube channel I watch for a promo they have and got a lot of positive feedback and its encouraged me to start a YouTube channel. This is my first official video so hopefully they get better from here. As for Bo.. he is going to become the first captain in Canuck history to hoist the Stanley cup. Hopefully his number is hung in the rafters when all is said and done!! He may not be the best young player we have, but there was never a doubt who the majority of our fan base wanted to get that "C" and it's our boy, future stanley cup winner, Bo Horvat
  9. I wouldn't be shocked to see him start the year with us. Benninghas always rewarded guys for their good play and will make the room if need be. I think he's almost a lock at this point
  10. I think we are, but let's just see how this year pans out