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  1. When I seen that live I was so happy for our future. Then he left....
  2. I have a laptop but not sure if it's good enough for the programs I'd need. Youd be amazed with how little I had to work with to make those beats LOL Here are the other 2 beats I uploaded. Theres still a couple more I need to upload.
  3. It is my first time and the beats I can use are pretty limited right now. Itll deffiently start getting better after I learn more. I threw these together in a pretty short amount of time off of an android app. I've started to get into video editing a bit before I dabbed into this. I was making player highlight videos but I kind of put that to the side and started making the beats. Any suggestions on good beat apps for android? I dont currently have a PC but I'm saving up for a good 1 at the moment. Thanks for your feedback!
  4. So I decided to pick up a new hobby and start making beats. These are the only 2 I have uploaded atm but I am planning on making 10-20 per month and posting them on beatstars. I should have the rest uploaded by the end of the night, but these are my 2 favourite that I made so far.
  5. Hopefully Babcock dont wind up with a divisional team and makes us regret not going after him. Green is a slightly better WD IMO. Babcock is the kind of guy you hire when you want to win now. He wont tolerate losing and has a very good resume in utilizing talent. His time in Toronto didnt go well. Neither did any other coaches since before my time LOL
  6. Anyone still laughing at my fire Green for Babcock comment? On a more serious note. DO IT NOW!!! This team is way too good to blow it this year. Babcock is the absolute best option for our team moving forward
  7. With the way were playing this month I dont think we need to speed up the process Tank for Luke!!