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  1. Rychel and Subban are interesting. I always liked Jordan Subbans game
  2. Well he would be that much better when their rivals got him LOL I hope we sign him soon because I'm getting anxious about it
  3. I think I'd match and then trade him to them for the extra 1st lol Actually I take that back, I'd trade him to their rival for less
  4. I am a huge Boeser fan and I am on record saying I believe this guy can become a 40-50 goal scorer 1 day. That being said there is no certainty and there is a bit of injury concern there. I'm down for a 2-5 year show me deal around 6-7M per, but if someone offers him 7 years $10M+ per should we just let him walk and collect the 3 1st round picks? At least I believe it's 3 1st rounders We could collect the picks in hopes of them becoming lottery picks and hopefully use that money on Panarin
  5. So Eriksson+Miller is better than Panarin? Over $11M between those 2 guys
  6. I would of rathered trade that 2020 1st to offload Eriksson than trade it to get Miller from a cap crunched Lightning team. I never seen Miller play much but he doesn't strike me as the player to make that kind of offer for
  7. If we sign Panarin for $10M per I just don't understand how we sign Hughes, Pettersson, Boeser, etc
  8. If it's moved to the following season is it lottery protected? I don't think we will have to worry. But an injury or 2 and you never know.. trading future 1st round picks in a lottery ERA is a dangerous game