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  1. Are there any teams that are vacant or any GMs not too active willing to give up their squad? I was having a good time in EKL but the league has since shut down. Looking to get into another CDC league
  2. Just watched some Drysdale highlights and I'm just thinking about how him and Hughes would look together on our backend. He really kind of reminds me of Quinn in the way he skates and hes a right shot with a bigger frame. Is there any scenario that could see us getting this guy? Possible trades? Would Podkolzin be enough and if not what should we add if anything at all? Miller Petersson Boeser Hoglander Horvat Virtanen Lind Gaudette XXXXXX XXXXXX McEwen XXXXXX Hughes Tryamkin Juolevi Drysdale XXXXXX Woo Demko
  3. I'm not disagreeing with you wanting us to go far this year. I'd love to see it too. What I dont want to see is a first round exit and the Wild get that pick. I'm a huge Canucks fan and nothing would make me happier than seeing them finally win a Cup. I just dont like being called a troll because I ask a legitimate question that a lot of fans have about their teams for this play in round. I'm just not that type of person to be politically correct all the time and speak like a robot. I speak my mind like everyone should wether it a popular or unpopular opinion. Trust me I'm as big a Canuck fan as anyone on this forum. Anyone who knows me would tell u the same thing
  4. I'd take Lefreniere over anyone in our top 6 not named Pettersson and Horvat (Lefreniere is better, but cant trade our captain). If we cant pay them all we can make a trade (Boeser, Miller, Podkolzin, Lefreniere) down the round and fill a hole somewhere else. Idk why yall seem to think getting Lefreniere wont make us 1 of the best teams in the league. Maybe I'm being "trolled" hahaha
  5. "Not sorry" kind of gives away you read further lol You think were winning the cup this year? I'd be shocked if we made it out of round 1. That's me being an honest Canucks fan. Honesty doesnt make me a "troll"
  6. This is true, but Hischier was never hyped like Lefreniere. Hughes was hyped, but idk if he was ever hyped like this guy. I just feel if we get Lefreniere we are destined to have a cup in Vancouver sooner than later. He is legit imho
  7. How is it being a troll by asking a legitimate question? I'm a huge Canucks fan, but realistically we wont go far this year. Realistically if we get Lefreniere we will have arguably the best top 6 for the next decade Am I going to wear a Wild Jersey? Absolutely not. Will I be sad they beat the Wild? No Would I be upset if Wild beat us? Not this year because we got a 1 in 8 shot at possibly the next McDavid. People love to accuse people of "trolling" a lot on here if you dont agree with what they're saying. Internet has made people so soft these days It's a legitimate question. I think the majority of Canuck fans secretly want to lose for a shot at Lefreniere. I'm sure theres even Penguin fans that want to lose to MTL to possibly get their Crosby replacement. It's natural for a fan to wish the best for their teams in the long run. NHL screwed up by doing lottery before the play in rounds because all play in teams now know if they lose they could come out the real winners. Didnt know wanting the Canucks to become a potential power house would be "trolling" I'm sorry
  8. I got faith that this stock will hit $15+ by FEB-MAR next year, and even it it doesnt it should atleast be $7+ easily unless they dilute the crap out of the shares. With no debt in the company I dont think that's likely. However I'm new to this so there very well could be other factors that could cause them to dilute the shares that I'm unaware of. Everything they've done the past couple months is looking good for the future of the company imo
  9. Wouldnt a shutdown increase the Kartoon Networks views? I dont think its available on apple devices yet, and the majority of people own iPhones over android. I'm holding until atleast FEB-MAR to see if that Stan Lee show becomes a hit
  10. Gnus up almost 60% today and I am finally green!!!
  11. GNUS up over 30% today and possibly an even bigger jump Monday?
  12. I want us to be a dynasty. Lafrenière with our young core is that possible dynasty. We beat the Wild and I'll root like heck for them in the playoffs. However Lafrenière > playoff experience (no cup)
  13. This is gold hahahahahaha
  14. No fans in stands really brings down the intensity level. We aren't winning the cup this year. We might be able to surprise and make it to round 2 but I doubt we go any further than that. Lafrenière will set us up to be contenders for the next decade
  15. I think they had a 50% chance in 1970 but the Sabers won. I'm not 100% sure though