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  1. TO VAN Laine TO WPG Boeser Picks With Laine and Boeser still seeking a contract it got me wondering if we could possibly get Laine from the Jets. I love Boeser, but your fooling yourself if you think he's better than Laine. I don't know how much we would have to add to Boeser, but it's an interesting thought none the less. Miller Pettersson Laine Pearson Horvat Virtanen
  2. I think that goal was number 12 on the top 50 list i seen. I was disappointed with Orrs being #1 just because its iconic. I dont even think it belongs in the top #100 let alone being #1. Thats just my opinion, and it seems a lot of people agree. The goal was iconic but far from a great goal. Bieksa's game 5 OT winner should be up there too if clutch goals are rated that highly. Oh and we can't forget the slaying the dragon by my man Burrows
  3. Please enlighten me on how this is a troll post. And how would I be seeking attention? I guess making this thread about a Bobby Orr goal will make me famous on here. Damn if i had of known i would have been making Orr threads a long time ago
  4. Just watched a video of the top 50 NHL goals of all time and they had that Cup winning goal by Orr #1.. I may be a Bruin hater but that goal was nothing special. I could seriously find 50 Sedin goals that are better. Curious on what you guys think.
  5. Did I click on the Sutter thread? Man I need to lay off the weed. I thought this was the Tryamkin thread
  6. People call me crazy but I think Hughes and Tryamkin are already better than Trouba and i was hoping we wouldnt give up anything for him. Im on the over rated side of the fence, hopefully for the Rangers sake he proves me wrong
  7. Will you like it if teams did that to us with our young guys? Habs are my 2nd team and they deserve what's coming to them. That offer sheet was so dirty lol
  8. Trade him to the Penguins to be with his brother and then KARMA will send Jack this way in 4 years when he goes the college UFA route
  9. You don't sign with the Clippers when you grew up a Lakers fan lol. It's deffiently between the Raptors and Lakers (my 2 favorite teams). Im hoping its the Lakers, i just cant see him staying in Canada. They did everything they could to keep him, but a man wants what a man wants, and that's to go home and play for his Lakers I would say Lakers 70% chance, Raptors 25% chance, and Clippers 0%. 5% chance he signs somewhere else with KD or Kyrie
  10. If Kawhi sings for any less than 4 years I will be shocked
  11. With Kawhi's injury history he is NOT signing a 1 year deal