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  1. Well I'm the Leafs so idk what is worse. Personally I hate Bruins more but I believe majority of our fan base would say Leafs lol
  2. @Sharpshooter I'd wish you the best, but I cant allow myself to root for the Bruims. Even in a fantasy league
  3. Pretty sure @canuck2xtreme is looking for 1 or 2 people
  4. I'm predicting Vasilevsky scores the OT winner. Now that has a 2020 vibe written all over it
  5. F that I want all these trades to be announced and see Benn and Seguin cry like the babies they are!
  6. They really could/should have let this series play out as a normal series. No real need to rush it imo
  7. Why is a Canucks forum seem to be cheering for the Stars? Lol You know the 2 POS named Benn and Seguin play for them right? Go Lightning
  8. I guess we will see. There are plenty worse than Eriksson out there. Ignore the cap hit and I think hes still an NHL talent. Just not a $6M per year talent
  9. You said hes useless. He is not useless or he wouldnt even be playing playoff games. Hes a solid defende. Yeah hes useless on offence, but hes still not completely useless. He would be on A LOT of teams PK1
  10. He is still a top end penalty killer. Might not be the goal scorer he once was but he is still reliable defensively
  11. He might but I think it has more to do with his contract being front loaded. If he was truly getting paid 6M per season the next 2 years theres no chance he would retire. He may though because I believe his actual money owed is significantly lower than the cap hit
  12. I think if it were up to JB that contract wouldnt have been signed. I truly believe the retooling was owners idea. They wanted playoffs over rebuild