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  1. Newhook or Soderstrom .. I think if both are available I'd take Soderstrom, but I think he's gone by the time the Oilers make their pick
  2. This. I was over the moon excited thinking he may be that piece the Sedins needed to have 1 more shot. Any GM would have made that move with the aging Sedins
  3. Alex Newhook is who i want if we cant trade up for Byram, Kakko, or Hughes
  4. What's everyone's take on Alex Newhook at 10? Just seen his stats and they look insane, and his scouting report says he's an offensive force with a lot of speed. Sounds like a nice winger for Petey
  5. Fixed, and Juolevi is like a more offensively gifted Tanev IMO. He's not going to WOW you like Hughes, but he will be a solid top 4 someday
  6. Virtanen - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Sutter Baertschi - Gaudette - Leivo Roussel - Beagle - Motte/MacEwen don't under estimate Virtanen. He's going to break out next season or the following season. I really believe itll next year A full year of Hughes and possibly Tryamkin might be all we need to be a playoff team next year imo
  7. #1C - Pettersson #2C - Horvat Goal scorer - Boeser #1D - Hughes #2D - Tryamkin, Woo, Juolevi Tough guys - Virtanen, Tryamkin, Woo Goaltending - Demko/DiPietro But your right Hughes Tryamkin Juolevi Woo Looks like a pretty solid top 4 for the future to me
  8. He shouldn't be suspended. The Bruins deserve it
  9. How can I forget Motte! Baertschi I feel should be traded for a 2nd this year. I like him, but I see him as a Hansen type 3rd line guy, not a 1st liner. I think it's time we moved on from him tbh. Zack McEwen is a very intriguing guy to give a shot to next year. Don't sleep on Juolevi either, I think a lot of people are over looking him, especially since we got Hughes
  10. Seriously? Lol Pettersson, already a capable #1C Hughes showed he can already be that #1 offensive Dman. Boeser, 30-40 goal scorer But there's no skill and none coming?