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  1. [Signing] Panthers sign Troy Brouwer

    I would trade Eriksson for Seguin
  2. Frank Corrado hahahahaha
  3. I don't see the upside to this trade other than selling tickets for next season. He won't be the same player when our young guys enter their prime, and will demand enough $ on an extension to give us problems signing our young core. However if we were to make a deal it'd have to be something like this: Baertschi Stecher/Gudbranson Hutton Granlund/Goldobin 2019 1st (top 5-10 protected) Couple picks between rounds 2-4 Pettersson Horvat Boeser Hughes Virtanen Gaudette Juolevi Demko Dahlen All players above should be out of any discussion. We are finally completing our rebuild and giving up 2-3 of these guys for anyone over 24 is not a good move. If the Sedins were here I'd say maybe let's go for it because I respect the hell out of those 2 and would do anything to win a cup with them, but they're gone so I don't believe we should make the deal, unless they take something similar to what I proposed. Which I highly believe will be outbid by another team. Besides, we have our future Karlsson in Hughes baby!!!
  4. No because I see something special in him, I always thought Cassels was overjoyed especially after that series against McDavid
  5. I said it then and ill say it now. Should have traded him after he shut down McDavid for an entire series. Was pulling for him (still am) but knew odds were he wouldn't make it and we could have gotten decent value for him at that time.
  6. CDC Fantasy keeper league

    Looking to do a 12-16 team keeper league on Yahoo. H2H one win per week league. Scoring categories: Goals Assists Points PPP Hits Blocked shots GWG Wins Saves Sv% GAA SO 4 team divisions with division winners being awarded top 3/4 seeds. 4 divisions if i get 16, 3 divisions if i get 12. Deep rosters: 3 - C 3 - RW 3 - LW 4 - D 2 - UTI 2 - G 6 - bench 2 - IR KEEPER RULES: You can keep up to 4 players. The way you keep these players is up to you. Each year you have a $50M cap space, and you cannot go over. So spend wisely! Can't sign a player for more than 3 years, and after that contract is up they will be entered into the next draft. Unless you want to use a franchise tag on him, but you can't use one on same player in consecutive years. Only keeper players count against your cap. Tier 1 contracts: *undroppable players or drafted in first 2 rounds* 1 year contracts: $15M 2 year contracts: $25M 3 year contracts: $30M Franchise tag: $50M Tier 2 contracts: *drafted in rounds 3-6* 1 year: $10M 2 year: $15M 3 year: $20M Franchise tag: $40M Tier 3 contracts: *All others* 1 year: $5 2 year: $10 3 year: $15 Franchise tag: $30 Can't keep more than 5 players/goalie per year, and no more than 1 goalie per year. Draft positions TBD, thinking of a way to make it fun instead of random. Was thinking maybe have an NHL 18 tournament on the XBOX one to determine. Open to other ideas! We can either do the draft in yahoo itself or on here and I can manually enter the results. Please only apply if you are willing to participate fully. Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions!
  7. Quinn Hughes | D

    Hughes = Housley 2.0 Pettersson = Gretzky 2.0 Boeser = Ovi 2.0 Stanley cup here we come!
  8. Quinn Hughes | D

    I think you underestimate that part of his game. I've seen clips of him getting caught pinching and he uses his excellent speed to catch up and defend. He is actually very good at angling off players and forcing a turnover and then rushing up the ice creating scoring chances. Go watch his shift by shift highlights, he's the real deal on both ends of the ice
  9. Quinn Hughes | D

    Just because he's so gifted offensively doesn't mean he lacks defence. He is actually a very good defender. The kid is dangerous, and I believe will win a Norris or 2, maybe 3 in his career
  10. Quinn Hughes | D

    Imagine if we took Hayton at 7 over both Hughes and Zadina. Coyote fans must be furious. If there's actually any out there lol
  11. Quinn Hughes | D

    I love Dahlin more than most and he is an amazing player, but man I don't think we missed out that much as I initially thought. This Hughes kid is the real deal, and very well may be just as good as Dahlin, maybe even better. Yeah it's a long shot, but the fact it's even possible is amazing. Please never let Jim go, he will have us competing for years with his drafting ability
  12. I wonder what they would look like if you changed the yellow/orange with blue and white
  13. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    Black skate jersey easily. Also I'd like to change the teams colors to black blue and white. I'm not a fan of the green
  14. Battles at camp

  15. [Roster]Opening day forward line up

    Virtanen deffiently won't be a 3rd liner. Virtanen Pettersson Boeser Or Boeser Pettersson Virtanen