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  1. Brock Botanen

    Quinn Hughes | D

    Might want tok go back and watch some film from his Vancouver days and he's only gotten better. Very under rated
  2. Brock Botanen

    Quinn Hughes | D

    Tryamkin is a better defender than both of them imho, and Juolevi could be a lot better than you think
  3. Brock Botanen

    Quinn Hughes | D

    If we are playing the dream game here's mine Hughes Tryamkin Juolevi Stecher Hutton Gudbranson Upload Tanev and Edler for 2 1st round picks. Win Jack Hughes, let JB do his thing with the mid to late 1sts Go into next year with... Hughes Pettersson Boeser Virtanen Horvat XXXXX XXXXX Sutter XXXXX XXXXX Beagle XXXXX Hughes Tryamkin Juolevi Stecher Hutton Gudbranson Markstrom Demko And a pretty deep Prospect pool. Once we make the playoffs I believe this team will really start to climb the ranks for the next decade. JB has done a beautiful job!
  4. Brock Botanen

    How good has JB drafted in his 5 drafts since taking over for MG

    2022 - Canucks beat Rangers 4-2 2023 - Canucks beat Islanders 4-3 2024 - Canucks beat Bruins 4-0
  5. Brock Botanen

    How good has JB drafted in his 5 drafts since taking over for MG

    WOW I'm shocked at how many are picking 2014 as worst draft class. Yeah the 2 1st rounders didn't turn into Pettersson and Boeser, but don't sleep on Demko and Tryamkin. Even if Tryamkin don't come back to NA he was still worth the gamble because he has elite potential. That's the 2nd best draft class for us IMO
  6. Brock Botanen

    How good has JB drafted in his 5 drafts since taking over for MG

    Ya I completely agree. Pettersson alone gives 2017 the win but other prospects are still in that "hype" part of their careers. DiPietro is looking like Demko is not such a sure thing for us anymore too, that kid is looking special. I love the top 4 picks, but Pettersson and DiPietro are my favorite
  7. Brock Botanen

    How good has JB drafted in his 5 drafts since taking over for MG

    2014 this was my favorite draft class and our best all the way up to the beginning of this season. Virtanen might be slowly progressing, but he is and he's not going to be that 100pt player, but he is the exact type of player you want in the playoffs. He's not the reason that draft class is such a good one, as so far Virtanen's proved to be an "OK" grab at #6, it's who came after him that makes it pretty special. Demko and Tryamkin are 2 legit great prospects, Tryamkin is still in my future outlook for us and he does have elite defensive/tough guy potential, and Demko is a potential future vezina winner, but still has a lot to prove. McCann is another OK player so far and he's a potential candidate to fall to the AHL level in a few years, Forsling is OK and probably in the same boat as McCann. 2015 Boeser and Gaudette are the big names here and what a steal both of these guys were. I remember this year, the year I joined team tank in hopes of getting McDavid, but instead we make the freaking playoffs! Lost to the freaking Flames! Could it get any worse? No McDavid, lost to Flames, and pick 23rd? Then Brock Boeser happened, future 40-50g scorer. WOW! Bravo JB you are the man! Gaudette, still unproven, but man he has great potential for a 5th round pick. Brisboise was looking very good from what I've read but I havn't heard much lately to say for sure. Zhukenov is another guy that looked pretty good right after we drafted him but I havn't heard much on him lately either. 2016 Now this draft is one where I got what I wanted, it may pay off, but it doesn't look good so far. Thachuk is looking very impressive, but I still understand why we passed on him. I'm still a huge Juolevi fan and I still see him being a solid top 4 guy, but still has top pairing potential. He's not explosive like most recently drafted Quinn Hughes but man he is very calm with the puck and has the potential to be a great PP QB. Outside of him and a good but not great Lockwood, this draft isn't that great. If Juolevi doesn't pan out it'd actually be a very bad draft. Just wasn't JBs year
  8. Brock Botanen

    Quinn Hughes | D

    Would it be considered tampering if Quinn convinced Jack to tank for us? I just can't see us tanking for him working out lol
  9. Brock Botanen

    Is Datsyuk under rated?

    Happened to stumble across this while watching Pettersson clips. I know he's a great player but I never consider him among the best like the Gretzky's, Orr's, and Bure's. After watching this can you not make that argument? Those dekes are a whole lot of filthy and I couldn't even pull it off in NHL19 lol. I think he's arguably the best puck handler in NHL history, deffiently top 5 Hopefully Pettersson can bring us some exciting highlights like these
  10. Brock Botanen

    [Proposal] 1 last run

    Let's just start this off by saying I can almost guarentee this will never happen, but boy I wish it would. So before I go babbling on I just want to say that this thread is about 1 more run for our beloved Sedin twins. Think of how good Peterson would gel with these 2, if we had these 3 all in their prime it would be the deadliest line in the NHL. Peterson don't need the Sedins in their prime to actually bring out the best in them. They may have slowed down but their hockey IQ and sedinery still exists. Peterson also brings that sedinery playmaking ability, but he also has a great accurate shot. Them 3 together even now would be magical. So say they come back, how do they fit into the lineup? Sedin Sedin Petersson Virtanen Horvat Boeser Goldobin Gaudette Roussel Eriksson Sutter Beagle Hughes Tanev Tryamkin* Stecher Juolevi Gudbranson XXXXX Pouliot Schnieder* Nilsson/Demko Trade away: Baertschi - Schnieder Granlund - 3rd or 4th + 5th/6th Edler - 1st or 2nd (hopefully active tdl) Gagner - 7th Hutton - Schnieder Markstrom - Schnieder TO NJD Baertschi Hutton Markstrom Couple picks between rounds 4-7 TO VAN Schnieder That's if they're willing to let him go. I think it's in their best interested to trade him, he hasn't worked out there. I know it'd be hard to trade him back to us knowing what we have in Horvat, but at least they're getting 2 solid young players, an avg goalie, and a couple lottery picks. It all boils down to if they still believe he can turn things around there, and I believe they may see Kinkaid as the better goalie. Getting Schnieder would be key to talking the Sedins out of retirement. No matter how good Petersson is you can't win a cup with just avg goaltending in this league. Another good and favourable option for me would be to convince Luongo to come back and also convince Florida to trade him. I'd do Baertschi+Markstrom, but I don't think I'd pay what was offered for Schnieder (unless we were forced to). Not only can both those guys be that elite goalie to turn a team like this around, but they would both be the PERFECT mentor for Demko and DiPietro. I prefer Luongo simply because I think Demko will be a full time starter in 2 years and I don't think Schnieder will like to ride the Bench in Vancouver anymore. How will this team be able to win it all? It will take a lot of what ifs to happen, but that's like any contender any year. Here is why I believe this team could actually make a serious push for the cup! OFFENSE Sedins with Petersson will be magical and they will be putting up a lot of jaw dropping highlights and just tire popping teams lines down with constant pressure in the offensive zone. The 2nd line is very solid with Horvat centering breaking out Virtanen, and deadly sniper Brock. Those 3 would make an excellent 2nd line. The 3rd and 4th lines are mixed with experienced vets and hungry youth that play solid defence. Even if they're not scoring they will wear out the opposing team's. DEFENCE Now this is the thing that's really been holding us back since our last run. Our defence is terrible. You know who is very good at defence? Tryamkin. Tryamking was an absolute BEAST defensively in his lone season here, and I've been following his progression and he's only gotten better. This guy is no joke and Sedins or no Sedins we have to convince this guy to come back. I never in my life felt so comfortable with an opposing team going down the ice with a 2 on 1 as I did when we had him, this guy is insanely good on defence. Him alone would significantly reduce our goals against total, with or without improved goaltending. So with that 1 guy our defence just got a whole lot better, and Juolevi is also quietly very good at defending. Is that all though? Not quite. What else are we missing on our defence? oh yeah, a offensive threat and a PP QB. Look no further than Quinn Hughes!!! That guy will be turning heads similar to how Petersson is turning heads this year. Hughes is an elite offensive Dman, and he's also very good at getting back on D if he gets himself in trouble. He will do wonders for our PP and just the overall production from our backend. You know who else could emerge as a solid PP QB? Juolevi. That guy might not be electrifying but he plays the game very smart and has a very good eye with his break out passes. GOALTENDING Not even team Canada would win the Cup with Markstrom in net. Ok maybe a little exaggeration but y'all know what I'm saying. If we got Luongo or Schnieder they would instantly make the team better. Schnieder looks bad lately but I think a reunion would do wonders for him turning things around. If we are to make a run possible this is a big area to fill, and I believe these are our best 2 options, unless Roy or Brodeur will come out of retirement lol. HOW MUCH WOULD YOU LOVE TO SEE THE SEDINS TO COME BACK FOR 1 MORE RUN?!?!?!
  11. Brock Botanen

    Jacob Markstrom Poll

    He has improved but no he's nothing more than a good backup goalie. I want Luongo back and I want him to mentor Demko like he did Schnieder. Wether Florida is willing to trade him back is another question. I'd do Markstrom+3rd/c level prospect People seem to not like the thought of bringing back Luongo but I love the idea as he'd be a perfect mentor for Demko and he would give our guys a chance to win every single night.
  12. If that happens I'll send you $3000 via pay pal