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  1. Bo, Brock, AND A 1st?!?!?! Idk if I trade Bo or Brock straight up for Hertl tbh Try a 1st, Baertschi, and Stecher. 2 young players and a 1st to a rebuilding team for Hertl would be fair for them. Then they could unload their vets for more picks and tank the season and hope to hit the lottery. Not saying my proposal is good enough but thatd be my initial offer if I'm JB and we could work from there
  2. Hes just trying to be respectable. It's like a dad playing hockey against his kid. You dont try hard
  3. Exactly. I wonder if anyone would trade those 2 for Matthew's. I love JB, but man I wish we took Tkachuck over Juolevi. Petey - Hughes - Tkachuck looks lit
  4. 8-0 Pacific while I'm watching. Turned it off at 3-0, turned it back on at 5-5. Pacific should get a shutout next game guys!
  5. Were that young high flying team no1 will want to play. Were not a top 5 contending team, but if we get in this team could make a serious run
  6. We not cup contenders? Were currently leading our division
  7. Just seen he got 3 hat tricks in 4 games. I never even knew he existed until now holy crap!
  8. Fox or Ekblad. Need a Dman in my fantasy league and both are available. I want Fox, but I'm having trouble passing on Ekblad lol
  9. Didnt he pass through waivers twice? They couldnt have been that interested
  10. Ill buy you a ticket every week for the whole decade if you inbox me the numbers!