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  1. Anyone looking to get a CHEL squad going in NHL20? EA Access should be putting it in the vault once this current sale is over. Looking for people that play right and not try to do it all themselves
  2. This battle royale is way better than the others. You can win your way back in if you win a head to head death match, and if that dont work your team can buy you back in
  3. 12-5-1 with randoms. Could be even better with a good group of team mates
  4. I currently have 31pts in 12GP (with randoms, no communication). Looking for people with similar or better skill level
  5. I play center so I need to fill the rest out. I want to be competitive so I would like people who can actually play good and as a team. So in order to join you must play me in online vs, or show me stats to show me how good you are. Only have NHL19 until EA access puts NHL20 in the vault so anyone interested let me know and when i get the game I will start putting the actual club together.
  6. "If Public Health called you today and told you that you tested positive for COVID-19 and had to list all the places you had been and all the people you had been in contact with for the last 14 days. Would you be proud of yourself or embarrassed? No need to comment, just think about it." #socialdistancing #flattenthecurve
  7. I have a bad feeling the whole season and playoffs will be cancelled
  8. Do you know about the Spanish flu from 100 years ago? That came in 3 waves. I dont understand why this flu couldn't do that. Theres already cases of people being infected twice, and it can jump species to species. Apparently a dog recently died from it (not sure how true it is hence the word "apparently"). This isnt just some ordinary virus, theres a lot unknown about the potential it has. It is a strain of SARS but it's not SARS. I am not claiming to be a scientist and 100% know things. I'm just trying to make people understand the seriousness of the situation and hopefully prevent some people that dont take it seriously from going to beaches, vacations, etc. That nonsense needs to stop. The self isolation were doing is good but it will only slow the spread, not stop it. I was at Sobeys today and seen a man touch multiple packages of meat looking at the prices. Just put this into perspective: 1) hes already infected and has now put the virus on not just 1, but 5 or 6 packages that a family is going to take home to eat. 2) he wasn't infected, but someone that was touched it yesterday. Now hes spread it to other packages plus if he touches his face hes infected. The money he hands the cashier infects the cashier. The cashier then infect the customers they handed change too before washing their hands 3) likely but not guaranteed, no infection spread. Felt like I need to say this or the replies will be "oh you forgot to mention this" instead of focusing on the point So that 1 careless person has past it to multiple people. Those multiple people pass it on to multiple people and the course continues. 14 days later when symptoms start arising the positive testing will be through the roof because none of them had symptoms and felt like they were taking the right precautions. By this time the virus spread so much it's pointless to continue the self isolation as we are now and the government will decide to shut EVERYTHING down and put Martial Law into place. WHY WAIT UNTIL THAT POINT? Kill the virus before we lose our loved ones! We have the hospital capacity to treat the critically I'll now, we wont in 2 weeks, and that's when the death toll will sky rocket. Dont believe me go ask someone from Italy how serious this virus is
  9. The US will be in Martial Law soon too. I'm sure they'll lend a helping hand to their friendly neighbour. With Martial law it dont matter if you want to abide or not. Leave your house and get locked up on sight. Your choice I have a few careless people I know of not taking this serious and if something happens to my older relatives because of them their rights wont save them. people that have recently travelled and refuse to self isolate should be thrown behind bars for manslaughter. Same with the ones going on spring break. Do they not realize they are literally killing people. Last I checked accidentally killing someone is manslaughter Also just said something to someone at the grocery store today for touching meat packages and putting them back. He literally laughed and walked away (guy in his 50s or 60s). People like them are going to spread it because we are not enforcing self isolation, we are only encouraging it. Theres inconsiderate assholes that dont care and its really beginning to get on my nerves Italy just had over 600 people die yesterday from this. It's only a matter of time that people will be dying here like that, because of those inconsiderate little $&!#s.