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  1. I was alive but I actually used to be a Canadiens fan as a young kid. Kind of forced on me. Been a die hard Canucks fan since the Naslund/Bertuzzi days
  2. I think we should sign and trade Markstrom tbh. At the same time I know Demko hasn't showed enough for most fans to accept letting Markstrom go. I think we try and get a Schnieder type deal done at the draft for Marky and sign a veteran back up that can take some pressure off of Demko. I understand the win now mentality and the want to keep Marky, but it's the smartest long term play imo. Demko could and probably will make a huge leap next year. Especially if we manage to get Tryamkin in to help vastly improve our defensive play. I've always been on the trade Markstrom keep Demko wagon for when it got to this point. Unfortunately Markstrom is finally playing to his potential and I understand why some people wouldnt see my thoughts as the smart move. Demko really is that good. I guarentee you in the next year or 2 he will be as good or better than Markstrom
  3. Buy out Louie please.. I was a huge fan of this signing, but at this point this might be the most disappointing UFA signing in not only Canucks history, but NHL history. Feels like we just gave him a big fat retirement check. Or like I like to call them... the Yankee contract LOL
  4. Really believe we should've gave him more of a leash. Hes got top 6 talent for sure. Just needed more consistency imo
  5. Just seen earlier that he will go back to Sweden if he doesnt make the team
  6. I'm not playing CHEL much but I'll play you in a game if you want. I'm getting into HUT recently
  7. I'm looking at getting into trading stocks. More so day trading than long term investments. Any idea how this could effect taxes? Also I'm a seasonal worker, could this also effect unemployment?
  8. So this is how my self isolation is going Theres a clip in there that should remind you of a recent Canucks goal that you all should remember. If I noticed before I uploaded the video I would have added the actual goal to the video
  9. Kind of sucks only half the league is active. I think it's really fun and if the whole league was active it would be that much more fun. Always love talking trades (even if 1 dont get done) and the more people active would add to the trade discussions
  10. Just opened this one now this time the 8 gold player set. My luck is on fire! Cant wait to get my Elite 2 SB rewards!
  11. Just pulled this bad boy by trading in 8 silvers
  12. Anyone looking to get a CHEL squad going in NHL20? EA Access should be putting it in the vault once this current sale is over. Looking for people that play right and not try to do it all themselves
  13. This battle royale is way better than the others. You can win your way back in if you win a head to head death match, and if that dont work your team can buy you back in
  14. 12-5-1 with randoms. Could be even better with a good group of team mates
  15. I currently have 31pts in 12GP (with randoms, no communication). Looking for people with similar or better skill level
  16. I play center so I need to fill the rest out. I want to be competitive so I would like people who can actually play good and as a team. So in order to join you must play me in online vs, or show me stats to show me how good you are. Only have NHL19 until EA access puts NHL20 in the vault so anyone interested let me know and when i get the game I will start putting the actual club together.
  17. "If Public Health called you today and told you that you tested positive for COVID-19 and had to list all the places you had been and all the people you had been in contact with for the last 14 days. Would you be proud of yourself or embarrassed? No need to comment, just think about it." #socialdistancing #flattenthecurve