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  1. was useful to read, tnx. Personally I think today it's more profitable investing in your own business than in real estate market. I read here https://spdload.com/blog/cost-of-mvp/ how much doest it cost to build an mvp to reduce all risks. Wanna start my own business too one day.
  2. Finally getting into The Witcher now. There are still bits where I don't understand what they're on about but I stuck with it and on episode 3 finally got interested.
  3. Saw Bad Boys for Life yesterday. Decent enough action movie with a quite basic story. Smith and Lawrence played of each other as usual and did a fairly good work at that. Some decent jokes during the movie too. 6/10
  4. WilliG


    sad news. I love to watch tennis and Andreescu is one of my fav tennis players. I always check tennis results on xscores where I can click on any flag to open a new window with the tennis games of the selected country only. That's convy.
  5. Currently watching Suburra on Netflix, came across it looking for something else
  6. Misery (1990) Great nail-biter... very claustrophobic. The less said the better! Kathy Bates definitely deserved that Oscar. 8/10
  7. That's interesting, tnx for the info. I want to invest in my own business. I found specialists in financial software development from EffectiveSoft Corporation. They work in close collaboration with many financial companies and know the industry well enough to avoid all possible pitfalls.
  8. Secondhand Time by Svetlana Alexiovich. 5/5 It's a compilation of interviews of Soviet peoples and their experiences. You get a good idea of what life is like for these people and the pain and sorrow they've endured through communism, during the transition, and adapting to capitalism. Not a pleasant read by any means but a damn good book. Though not one I plan on going back to any time soon.
  9. Just finished watching Mr Robot. Absolutely wonderful television.
  10. I saw Star Wars:Rise of Skywalker yesterday, so much better than the Last Jedi. Some silly things being done during the movie but I enjoyed it much more than the previous two movies in this series. 7/10
  11. Just returned from my trip to East Europe. There are so many beauties. We even attended local massage parlours in kiev with hot massauses. It was really cool experince, now I'm a big fan of massages, so relaxing.
  12. Too Funny To Fail - v interesting doc about the ill fated Dana Carvey show in the mid 90's - launched the career of lots of folk such as Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and Louis C.K even though it bombed - well worth a watch - availabe on Amazon Prime to stream
  13. Binge watched Marvelous Mrs Maisel 3, I really enjoyed it but its not quite as good as series 1 or 2.
  14. Final Fantasy 7 on the Nintendo Switch. Talk about a nostalgia bomb. The music in this game makes me so emotional Also I like noice or brand Ice Hockey Betting. It's quite entertaining and I can easily win some extra money .
  15. Watched The Haunting of Hill House over the last week and really enjoyed it. A few sad moments and as much as I think jump scares have ruined horror, there was a jump scare that worked well and my pants nearly needed changing.