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  1. Realistically once it’s going again (which is soon) the leafs are going back to back cups with no offseason moves and selke winner reider
  2. Sorry buds, I got back from vacation and then got really sick . Finally I’m getting back into life, and will get the ball rolling back into sims too. Please send rfa/ufa offers so we can get the FA going!!
  3. Sorry for the slowness lately! I've been back and forth for work before i set sail for vacation. So as the draft is getting started, feel free to ask me about prospects or whatever before I leave Sunday 3 EST Pumped for season 2
  4. Western Conference Finals SJS wins 4-1
  5. Eastern Conference Finals TOR wins 4-1
  6. Conference Finals Michael Del Zotto is dealing with an undisclosed injury and may return this series if it goes deep Tom Wilson (typical) has received a 4 game suspension @Master Mind