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  1. I just know his a better prospect then Virtanen! Why? His relentless determination and work effort! His Nickname ....The Russian Lion !!!!!
  2. What happens if we miss the playoff and the pick finally in Canucks 50 years history become the 1st overall pick??
  3. P.K. Subban to Devils for Steven Santini, Jeremy Davies, 2019 2nd-round pick, 2020 2nd round pick!
  4. We are not the Oilers, dont need to rush our prospects. Its like asking a kid to shave but he doesnt have any hair on his face, so he shave his balls and he cuts it....
  5. Vasili Podkolzin it is!!!!
  6. What a steal, was rated top 3 prospect 8 months ago.
  7. When the Canucks are up to pick 10th overall, and both Caufield and Podkolzin are still on the board, who would you rather us take? Caufield or Podkolzin? Podkolzin was labeled as a cant miss prospect just behind Hughes and Kakko, suddenly saw its stock dropped out of top 3, then top 5, now suddenly on some list out of the top 10. On the opposite end, we have Caufield who wasnt event consider a 1st round pick early in the year who have soared up the ranking top a top 10 ranking and some have him in the top 5. Which player would you take a chance?
  8. Omg, Jason was such a great journalist and fun radio personal. RIP, you will be so missed.... Life is short, hug your family tonight....
  9. I would move Horvat as part of the deal. If u got Hughes and Petterrson down the middle, u don’t need Horvat as your 3rd C when u also have Adam G.
  10. Benning will be making the call to the Devils!
  11. Yea im imagining Jack and Quinn Hughes. Dont see a Mcdavid or a Crosby in next 2 year's drafts
  12. thats where the value is, a high 2020 first round pick. if is a low first round pick, Devils will say No for sure. but if we gave them a 10th overall this yr and 6-12 overall next yr and a late 2021 late first round 20-25, then maybe Devil sees the value?
  13. Adam Gaudette Thatcher Demko 2019, 2020 1st rounds 2019 2nd round
  14. What will it take to make a deal with the Devils? Benning was interviewed right after the lottery. His opening comment about the lottery "it will be nice to have both the Huges brothers " , then he was asked if he will pull a Brian Bruke and trade up with the Devils, he then replied with "it will be really hard". How hard will it take? Should we really consider getting Jack Hughes?