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  1. Read a story in the news today in the US. A father was play wrestling with his 4yr old son. His concealed handgun fell out of his holster and discharged. Shot him and his son in the head. The father is expected to recover while his son is in critical condition. Can't fix stupid.
  2. Like the emotion. Want to see the pack mentality.
  3. I'm liking JV on Petey and Miller line. More tenacity.
  4. Miller!!! The gift that keeps on giving!!!
  5. I want Hughes to have a multi-point game. So he can be first in rookie scoring.
  6. MIN is saddled with bad contracts in Parise, Zuccarello, and Suter. One more can't hurt if they are in full rebuild mode. LE + Demko + Baertschi + 2nd for Dumba + Stalock
  7. That's more like it. Just shoot it on net and good things will happen.
  8. Just shoot it on net. Stop with the pretty passes.
  9. No snow last night MetroVancouver. Main roads clear.
  10. Up to 20cm of snow tonight. Stay safe.
  11. There needs to be more hits from everyone. Not necessarily bone crushing hits but enough to be noticeable. It makes the other players slow their game down a bit and keep them honest. Plus bone crushing hits gets players off their game. Cuz sometimes they're looking for a revenge hit instead of making the good hockey play.
  12. Telework is finally getting some steam as that is the direction Private and Public work are heading towards. However, before that happens, the infrastructure needs to be in place (laptops, VPN, etc). All of that is a cost. And some are slow to adapt the new changes. But Telework just makes so much sense. So long as there are metrics used to prove work is being done.