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  1. My preference would be to build refineries and have the refined products shipped to each provinces. So that Canada is more self reliant and not as dependent on external oil producers. But what do I know. Everyone is out to make a quick buck.
  2. Is there a freezer bag available? I didn't see it on the website. Biggest size I saw was a half gallon. I think I would need a 1-2 gallon for marinating meat overnight.
  3. That new refinery is in AB. So how does that help reduce gas prices in BC? Most cars run on regular not diesel.
  4. Lol. Do you really think they would sell cheaper gas to BC if they have the option of selling more crude oil overseas? BC will still get the same amount of gas supplied from AB. BC will continue to buy gas from US to make up the shortfall. Edit: Also. I have never heard AB supplying refined gas to support all BC needs (current and future) so that BC doesn't have to buy from US again.
  5. The existing pipeline is transporting refined products. The NEW pipeline is not.
  6. From the Transmountain website... The existing pipeline will carry refined products, synthetic crude oils, and light crude oils with the capability for heavy crude oils The new pipeline will carry heavier oils with the capability for transporting light crude oils. So again... how does a new pipeline reduce gas prices?
  7. Gas prices have dropped from a $1.60 high this year to a current $1.45 (and I have seen $1.27 recently). And no Transmountain pipeline has been built. Also, isn't the pipeline to transport crude Bitumen?? How does that equal lower gas prices?? Anyways...the pipeline will be approved. It was always going to be.
  8. I already assumed they were going to try signing him after a strong showing last year.
  9. People probably confusing him not waiving his NTC with his desire to stay in Vancouver. He does have a young family. But there's a difference between being suddenly traded somewhere versus choosing the next city to live in.
  10. Tanev (50% retained) + Goldy for Zaitsev + Kapanen Would this work? Gives TO some cap space. VAN gets an overpaid RHD and a legit top 6 winger. Bonus Russian factor to lure Tryamkin back.
  11. Benning is showing Broberg but picks Soderstrom. It's high stakes poker!!!
  12. BPA BPA BPA If that's Broberg, then it's fine with me. Especially if the pick is backed by Gradin. He has an eye for the Swedes!!
  13. There's a deadly crash just today in Burnaby (Kingsway and Nelson) around 2pm. People need to slow down and drive carefully.