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  1. Google Daily Hive NCIX. Apparently NCIX did not wipe servers and hard drives of customer information and credit cards when they sold them at Able Auctions. Just found this out.
  2. Pouliot will stick with the team. Increases our chances for a top 5 pick next draft.

    Glad kid is safe and sound. Stupid mother though.
  4. Not Aliens. Cuz Trump didn't tweet about it. "OMG the Aliens are coming. "
  5. Canadian Armed Forces Thread

    I truly hope so. Revitalize the ship building industry in Canada. At one time, it was among the best in the world.
  6. Umm. That's probably a good thing.
  7. Hutton + Pouliet + Goldobin + Baer for Nurse. They get 4 guys for only one dman holdout.
  8. I wonder if there will be an inquiry on the vetting process on this refugee. To see if it was done properly. If it was done who knows how many bad guys have slipped through. Glad they caught the guy. I tend to think children are precious and must be protected at all costs. I'm not opposed to the death penalty if the victim is a child.
  9. US Open- Congratulations Naomi Osaka

    Naomi is a true champ. Even going as far as to say "sorry" and to the fans for watching the match.
  10. I'm surprised Trump hasn't called everyone that doesn't agree with him "Fake American".
  11. So what did you think of Tim Thomas not visiting the White House when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup?
  12. Why didn't the journalist provide a link to the said report? So people can make an informed opinion.
  13. Fortunately that guy is being charged for killing that man.
  14. Where's the good guys with guns to take down the shooter?!?