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  1. All of the cases are linked to a medical professional in his 50s from the Campbellton Regional Hospital who contracted the coronavirus outside the province. This person, who travelled to Quebec for personal reasons, "was not forthcoming about their reasons for travel upon returning to New Brunswick and they did not self-isolate as a result," Premier Blaine Higgs said on Wednesday. After his trip, the man saw patients for two weeks at the Campbellton hospital and possibly other locations, forcing Higgs to order that region back into the orange phase of recovery. ****** Yikes!!! What an idiot doctor. Probably thought Covid-19 was a hoax and didn't take necessary precautions. Guess what...he's the vector that spread the virus to NB.
  2. Basically twitter has implemented a "Fact Check" to his tweet. Would you really be OK if Trump start spouting that the "Earth is flat" and the "Holocaust never happened"? But hey...free speech.
  3. Right. The letter I received just stated 2 days. But with only 7 kids in the class returning (assuming Monday and Friday class) that means no kids from that class will be returning for Wednesday to Friday.
  4. Hmm...maybe I'm mistaken. Pretty sure my kids school was only twice a week and half days. I'll get back to you if I can find the info that says otherwise. Maybe it's different for every school district. Dunno.
  5. From that link, one of the reason to stop the re-opening is... The shortest route to our second wave is to send our children back to school; at the risk of our children, our teachers & everyone they come in contact with. This is not an acceptable risk. That is a poor excuse as that risk will still remain in September. So what will the position be then? Close school entirely and go with online education?
  6. If it's 4hrs in-class sessions, I would imagine that the kids would be ready to go home. Not sure where you are getting the idea of letting them play during lunch hours. And yes...kids are already playing with their own small group of friends. I've seen it at the parks.
  7. 7 kids in one class room with 1 teacher for 4 hrs. I think it should be somewhat easy for the teachers to manage social distancing using X or chairs or placemats. Teachers would need to be a bit more stricter to maintain the 6ft social distancing of the younger ones. This trial run will help staff decide the September class placements, # of students, staggering of times, etc. And help teacher plan the curriculum for the next school year as well. Unless you want the schools to throw a hail mary in September (when all kids will be coming back to school) and hope everything works out as planned.
  8. At my kids elementary school, from what I gather/heard, it is about average 7 kids (that are going back for 2 half days of in-class sessions) per class/teacher.
  9. Sorry...was looking for the Trump thread but stumbled into a Trudeau thread.
  10. I've been preaching FB is evil for years but nobody listens to me. PS. I don't have a FB account.
  11. A colleague of mine in Ottawa lost his father to Covid-19 last week.
  12. Was at Metrotown this afternoon. Some stores are open to the public. I would say about 50% were properly social distancing and wearing masks. The ones not wearing masks were typically under 50. The majority not wearing masks were teens / young adults. Oh. T&T had box of 50 masks for $30. Limit 1 per family.
  13. Trump’s Press Secretary Displays One of His Checks in a Little Too Much Detail https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/05/22/us/politics/coronavirus-trump-press-secretary-check.amp.html The $100,000 check was made out to a government agency. This time his account and routing numbers were clearly visible. ******** Lol. Hires only the best people.