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  1. Not quite but he tried. That's what I want to see more often.
  2. Bad shot attempt by Teves. Stupid Biega falling down for no reason.
  3. Lol. Trade a 7th for Luongo. Trade Markstrom for BUF 1st 2019. Throw Demko into the deep end (Sink or Swim). Pray Ian Clark can work another miracle. Ride a tandem of Demko and Luongo.
  4. Would rather trade it to COL for Makar and both (OTT + COL) 1st 2019. Lol.
  5. Just checked Colorado top prospects. I do this: VAN: Makar + Timmons + COL 2019 1st. COL: Hughes + Virtanen Makar and Timmons would bolster our D depths. Then we can focus on getting top tier wingers.
  6. Lol. "I have a trade to announce... you gonna wanna hear this. NJ trades 2019 1st round pick to Vancouver for Markstrom" .