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  1. Too greedy. WPG Sutter Tanev Goldobin LE VAN 3rd
  2. If Guadette impresses, does Van try trading Sutter or Beagle? Or someone else gets pushed out and Guadette plays the wing?
  3. Yep. Black coffee in the morning. Another coffee around 10am (if I need it). Eat lunch at noon. Drink lots of water. Snacks in between to settle the hunger. Dinner at 6pm. And one last snack (shake/smoothie) at 8pm. Drink water at night until I go to sleep. I allow myself one cheat night/morning on the weekend. To have popcorn while watching TV/movie with my wife on Saturday night. And to have Sunday breakfast with wife and kids.
  4. I had the nexus pass before. But let it lapse cuz we forgot to get it renewed. Also cuz we stopped going over the border. Maybe once or twice a year cross border shopping. We did it together (with kids) at the downtown location. Interview with a CAN and US agent. Pretty generic questions I guess. Nothing that i remember as weird or difficult.
  5. I just learned that apparently JT said it was "one time" but in reality it was multiple times. I have a problem with that as it makes his apology disingenuous.
  6. JT would have been around 27-28yr old (still prime drinking and partying age) at the time of this incident. Even at that age I was doing stupid stuff once in awhile but slowly gaining wisdom and experience as I got older. There are plenty of things I would apologize for now that I reflect back. As I got married then had kids, you really understand how many stupid things you did growing up and pray your kids don't make the same stupid mistakes you did. And hope (and teach) your kids be a better person than you were. JT apologized for his lapse in judgement for this "brownface" incident. I think it was sincere. There are things that can be forgiven and things that cannot. For me, I think this can be forgiven and it's time to move on. Your past does not define you.
  7. It was pretty stupid of management to have JV and McCann rushed into the lineup. Both should have stayed in juniors / AHL until they were ready. I think rushing them in hampered them a bit. Maybe develop bad habits as well. That being said...PF usually take time. So let's see how the season unfolds for JV.
  8. I know it's just a pre-season game but
  9. If LE retires, his cap hit disappears. Frees up 6M. That's why people are hoping he retires instead of riding the bus in Utica (if he gets waived and sent down).
  10. Wouldn't be the first time a reporter twists words to get a sensational headline. Click-bait.
  11. I can't see VAN letting go of Petey and Bo as they are #1C and #2C and possibly Hughes if he becomes a bona fide #1D.
  12. I learned it the hard way. A few summer ago, was out for a run and felt a nagging pain in my leg. Decided to push through the pain and keep running. Ended up pulling something as I walked with a limp that whole summer. Same thing when pushing through the pain during a shoulder work out. Ended up tearing it. 2 years and the shoulder still not the same (reduced mobility). Now my weights are more of reps than lbs. And cardio is at a pace where my legs and lungs can cope.
  13. 2nd week of Intermittent fasting (noon-8pm). Combined with weights Monday + Tuesday + Thursday + Friday and cardio on Wednesday + Saturday. Sunday is my rest day. Today was a bit much. Biked to work and ran a 5km before noon.
  14. He's a member of the team until he's not. Thus people are advocating trading him, waiving him, etc. 6M cap hit for being defensively sound and not scoring doesn't really make sense. If he makes the cut, then fine. TG must see that he still has some worth to the team and is ahead of the others that were cut.
  15. I think a lot of people here would need to eat crow. I don't think I'm one of them (pretty sure I just entertained the possibility of trading BB) but if I am...