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  1. Woo Hoo! I’ll be there tonight. GO NUCKS GOOOOOO 4-2 nucks
  2. I am a huge Canuck fan living in Manitoba, I had the opportunity to spend a few days in New York state this past weekend and it was beautiful. I did get a chance to go into Utica, but it was on Sunday and of course the team store was closed. I ended up checking out several outlets and sporting goods stores but it turns out the hardest place to find a Utica Comets hat is in Utica lol. After snapping a few pics of the Aud, it was time to leave even though i failed to acquire a new hat, the drive was still worth it.
  3. Flew down from Winnipeg for this game and this guy was having supper at the table beside us after the game!!
  4. The girlfriend and I headed down here to St. Louis from Winnipeg for this one. Gonna be great to see all the young guns, hope Demko is in!! GO CANUCKS GO!!!
  5. As a Canucks fan living in Winnipeg with my Pettersson jersey arriving today and tickets for Thursday’s game purchased, I am very pi$$ed but I wish Petey a speedy recovery and am very glad it’s not worse. Go Canucks Go
  6. I was at that game in Karlstad, the penalty was for a jersey infraction. His jersey wouldnt stay over his pants.