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  1. he is safe for this season and the next. the fallout over the summer from the changes to the roster dropped the team expectations down to where they are retooling now.
  2. just this summer NJ devils fans where literally screaming how ferraro was a total genius and built a cup contender overnight. isnt the top two centres of that team under 5' 8" lmao? ferraro thinks he is amazing and smart but is not.
  3. fat lady hasnt sung yet. keep your eyes peeled on twitter peoples!
  4. I was wondering why dorrion was in attendance for Sundays game. Also with the most frugal team in the leauge it makes sense they would literally wait again until the whole team was in town before making a trade (Anders last year) so the real question is what the hell would Jim be getting back?
  5. Neither at this point they should be digging keenan out of the grave for another run at a Stanley Cup. he won it with a $&!#tier rangers roster
  6. it is called a panic trade. PANIC TRADE
  7. So when will the bench boss and his two minions learn? the 40foot drop pass does not work and results in risky turnovers/breakaways they are telling petey not to dangle his way across the blue line,let alone have him go to the sweet spot and hammer the puck. DO we really have to live thru more years of Nowelle brown with his X's and O's? dear god
  8. Nowell Brown is terrible, I have been banging the table on getting him skidded beginning of last year. drop passing attempting to gain zone entry every time? just stand up at the blue line and that doesnt work at all. one point i will mention back in the good ole days with Vinny a slightly slower canucks team then this constantly got breakaways and odd man rushes. you barely see this today with the current coaching staff we have. get Guy boucher on the horn the nucks need an offensive coach RIGHT NOW
  9. everyone screaming the barn is burning and bla bla. team has good pressure once they woke up and just had terrible puck luck. They have recovered from getting lazy (like chicago) so now they can realize the success they had easily before will not come again. I havent lost faith in this team yet.... yet
  10. confirmed by andrew walker. CREDIBLE SOURCE you know the same guy who touted tanev for a 4th the first time he was allowed in front of a camera?