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  1. confirmed by andrew walker. CREDIBLE SOURCE you know the same guy who touted tanev for a 4th the first time he was allowed in front of a camera?
  2. he would be a huge upgrade over bulldog at the 7th floater D. he is better then MDZ and guddy thats for sure and they could land him at a piss cheap price,he could also teach the whole blue line how to be hated in the leauge which is something they have been totally lacking and never really had.
  3. mike "the bum" babcock isnt a good coach. he has $&!#ty offense only systems that dont make it past the first round in the playoffs
  4. Jim should announce his 10th pick is for sale. this year is a deep draft and honestly &^@# the lottery, NJ,rangers and chicago? what a joke
  5. in all honesty thou. I would much prefer Willie D coaching utica over cull the mongaloid. willie could pump the kids up with what its like to play in the big leauges ect, plus he loves playing dusters over vets on the top line so they would get tons of exp.
  6. that is code for "open up the chequebooks boys"
  7. one thing is for certain. nucks managment have zero excuses to keep nowell brown as the offensive coach this summer with the likes of so many potentials in the market now
  8. that was the most epic meltdown i have seen since.. i cant even remember. the hockey guy is gonna be spinning in his chair blowing spit bubbles keeping up with all of these firings lol
  9. watch the panthers-black hawks do a Carolina-calgary type deals this off season if that's the case
  10. if coach Q went to florida and they signed bobrovsky? hoooooly smokes