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  1. Iam not overly concerned about Erickson atm. Buyout for him seems highly unlikely. Gagme can hit the trail though. Rather redundant at this point with the likes of Goldy and Dahlen waiting in the wings. Given the nasty run of bad luck concerning injuries. I have little doubt those young guns get a chance to play regardless of Gagme being here.
  2. Absolutely! Elias’s shot amazes me. How he generates so much power in his shot. Kids gotta have that wiry strength.
  3. Hughes shot is weak but, from what I’ve seen he gets it to the goalie. More important than having a huge shot imo( see ankle buster Edler). If he can continue to sneak shots thru at the nhl level maybe we see a resurgence of Erickson cleaning up the garbage around the net.
  4. Agree with Gadj. It’s part of his game. I have no doubts that Horvat can do it or any of our highly skilled players. Just hadn’t noticed net front presence as being a big part of their games.
  5. Burns has an excellent shot. Weak wrister was a poor choice of words. Should have said he takes a lot off his shot to get the puck through traffic. Not sure who we have to play that gritty net front presence. Tipping pucks in or grabbing greasy rebounds.
  6. Iam quite hopeful we can get Beagle! I would like to see Bo’s defensive duties reduced a little. Few more ozone starts ect. Although Fortunatly for us Iam not so sure Bo would like any of his current duties reduced.
  7. Yes sir! Sooo bright Also like the fact that a number of our prospects seem to have that extra big game gear. Petterson, Dahlin, Juolevi just to name a few.
  8. Kinda thought the extra wieght set him back at prospects camp last year. Juolevi rebounded nicely imo. Sami can only benefit our d prospects. I hope the nucks can get him over here. Think he would be far more useful to us here as opposed to Finland.
  9. Yes I can see the Karlsson comparison. Very smooth skaters. The best part is Quinn has lots of time work on his shot. Perhaps Petterson can show him how to unload. Still amazes me how much stank Petterson can get on his shot.
  10. Quinn may not have a booming shot but, in the vids I’ve seen he seems to have a knack for getting the puck to the net. Maybe more important than a hard shot. How many goals has Burns got with that weak wrister that he always seems to get through a crowd?
  11. Any chance we can pry coach Salo away from Finland to coach our, up and coming dmen. Think Salo could really help Hughes and Joulevi.Particularly with getting hard shots too the net.
  12. Awesome! For a moment there I thought we were getting Zedina. Hughs could step in this year and make an impact.