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  1. Tyson Barrie please I would even consider moving Boeser for Barrie ( if Barrie agrees to contract)
  2. Nashville and Arizona are the only teams I see us winning against
  3. if we miss the playoffs and Arizona does as well. I making deal with the Devils. To Devils Virtanen, Sutter, Eriksson & rights to stetcher To Van Arizona 1st rd & Severson Don't know if that is enough
  4. I would rather not re-sign Markstrom he's going to want 5-6 yr deal at 6 mil plus. I would much rather keep Demko and go sign a older, experienced goalie cheap. Looking at ufa list I would look at Elliott, Howard, Crawford or Talbot 1-3 yr at 2 - 3.5 mil per this gives Demko the starting job also leaves us some cap space.
  5. Assuming we don't deal Boeser, To Sens Sutter & Benn To Van 2nd & 6th rd 2020 To NJD Miller, Pearson & Eriksson To Van Butcher, 1st rd 2020 Van or Arizona & rights to Bratt This would free up 17.641,667 assuming we don't re-sign tanev,toffolli & Fantenberg it would go up by around 10 mil Re-sign Markstrom 4yr/20 mil 5 per Virtanen 3yr/9mil 3 per Bratt 3yr/9 mil 3 per Gaudette 3yr/9 mil 3 per After this we would be left with around 13.590,667 Enough to go sign Tyson Barrie 5yr/25 mil 5 per Johan Larson 1yr/1mil Patrick Maroon 2yr/2mil 1 per That brings us to 6.5 enough to do 1 more cheap signing around 2.5 Cause Benning likes to have some cap space. What ever holes are left are filled by prospects.
  6. Depending what we could get I would consider moving Boeser for Seth Jones or Damon Severson Or maybe clear more cap space Boeser & Eriksson for Shea Weber & others
  7. Here is it what I think if we land the first overall To Sens 1OA, Ericksson,Demko & Boeser To Van 3rd,5th & Chabot if that does not work take out Chabot & Boeser Then trade To NJ Boeser To Van Severson
  8. anything more than 5 mil no thanks unless 1 year deal. I would offer 4 year 3.75 per + 1mil performance bonus if he gets 25pts or more a season.
  9. I can see hawks winning Seabrook should ready to go by playoffs.
  10. I was thinking Demko to Sens or Det If going to Det I know a 2nd rd pick would be nice, but I would like to get Micheal Rasmussen even it we have to add something. At 6'6 and born in Surrey would be a nice addition. Also if we can bring back Tryamkin next year talk about size Myers 6'8 , Tryamkin 6'7 and if we get Rasmussen 6'6.
  11. If we end up missing the playoffs depending where we land in the lottery, I would consider moving Boeser & Van 1st to the Sens for the Sharks pick or Sutter, Boeser & 1st rd 2020 for Sharks 1st rd 2020 & NYI 2nd rd 2020
  12. After watching TSN I would enquire about Byfuglien depending what it would cost. but before that I was looking at Det To Det Stecher & 5th rd 2020 To Van Helm & Daley Both have won Stanley Cups
  13. To Buf Boeser & Stecher To Van Ristolainen To Mtl Sutter & 2nd rd 2021 To Van Armia & Ana 4th rd pick 2020 Ristolainen would be a #1 or 2 in our d Armia #2 or 3rd line winger Both from Finland at 6'4 they adds size to line up and both under 28
  14. I wouldn't move Virtanen but I could see Stecher,Gaudette & 3rd rd 2021 for Severson or Bigger Deal Sutter,Stecher,Gaudette,Baertschi & Condiotonal 1st rd 2021 for Severson, Zahca and Simmonds (Conditons if Canucks make it to the West Finals or Finals) If we don't make it they get 2nd rd & 5th 2021. Also if Simmons re-signs with us they also get a 5th round 2020
  15. I'm looking Canes & CBJ To Canes Tanev & 5th rd 2021 To Van 1st rd 2020 conditional ( if Canes miss playoffs and Tor pick is top #10) We get both 2nd round picks 2020 Rangers & Canes To CBJ Sutter, Schaller & 3rd or 4th rd 2020 To Van Jenner Don't know if these would work and would still need pick up RHD to replace tanev