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  2. happy b-day turtleman have a nice one

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  4. happy b-day!!

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  7. Eastside hockey manager = dope

    Okay I got sick of my Pens franchise so I made a Canucks one I hired Pat Quinn as coach and Paul Coffey as his assistant, and fired Vigneault, because I think he sucks in the game I traded Morrison for Drury and Mair. So far that has turned out to be an excellent trade as Naslund and Drury both lead in scoring in the league I signed Peter Bondra to a 1 year 2 mill deal and he has been rocking with the Sedins, 4th in the league in scoring I traded Marty Schmidt to Philly for Nittymaki, and he's been a solid backup, plays better then Luongo sometimes I picked up Eric Cairns off waivers, cause I needed a checker and he's a real good checker I traded Willie Mitchell and a 2nd round pick to Calgary for Regher, they were shopping him so I went for it. So, here's how my lineup is Naslund-Drury-Cooke Sedin-Sedin-Bondra Bulis-Kesler-Linden Mair-Rypien-Burrows Ohlund-Regher Salo-Bieksa Karijicek-Cairns Luongo Nittymaki Right now they're 13-3-2