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  1. Podkolzin, Hoglander, Woo, Rafferty, Rathbone, Juolevi, and Lind. That's the ones Benning had in mind!
  2. Whomever the canucks pick this year, one thing is certain. Given the closeness of the players in the 3--10 range, and given that teams picking ahead of the canucks will have varying assessments and priorities, when the canucks pick there will definitely be someone there whom they have rated higher than tenth--maybe even 3--4 places higher. Perhaps their choice may even be a total surprise.
  3. He doesn't seem to be limping in that clip, even carrying all that gear so it looks like the injury is not a concern.
  4. "Defence was something Gretz left to others, he was a one dimensional player and the best one dimensional player of all time. He didnt really back check, he didn't block shots etc. He did steal alot of pucks intercept passes." Actually not true. I watched Gretzky in person many times. While obviously he couldn't move people or win board battles he always came back hard and positioned himself well, getting in the way in passing lanes, intercepting passes, and stealing pucks with his stickwork.
  5. If you think Petterson is a better stickhandler than Gretzky, watch a few minutes of this video to refresh ypur memory.
  6. Couldn't help myself. That's what screeching on a blackboard does to me-makes me do crazy things.
  7. "I seen him lose 4 in a row" There is no such thing in English language usage as using "seen" that way. I'm not trying to be a grammar policeman but just trying to help. If you speak or write that way you will mark yourself to some people as being under-educated. The past tense of "see" is "saw". The past participle is "seen" usually used with a helper verb such as "have", "is", "was"," are". I saw the coyote in the park yesterday (simple past usually requiring a specific time frame-yesterday). I have seen the coyote in the park before (past participle with helper verb "have" referring to an indefinite time in the past). Just trying to help.
  8. I think that if you kept the skill-set of Dahlin and Hughes the same but exchanged the height and weight then Hughes would have been the consensus number 1 overall. The kid is that good! The size of the players is what controlled people's assessments.
  9. 'to assume he will be as good as the Sedins let alone some of those other names is very optimistic ' The Sedins did what they did as a tandem. EP is much more talented than either Sedin on an individual basis. He skates better, shoots better, has better dangles, back-checks better, is more tenacious and intelligent in the defensive zone and more. There's a reason some have high expectations. It seems more a matter of when than if! t
  10. It looks like I stepped on the toes of some McDavid fans with my last post. I didn't intend to disparage McDavid or suggest that Pettersson will be better than him. Clearly we'll have to wait and see what EP becomes. I was only pointing out that in certain areas EP has abilities that exceed those of McDavid in that area. What perplexes me is the degree of the skepticism some people have towards EP and the under-appreciation of his level of talent. When someone dominates the Swedish elite league in his first year at 19 years of age, that signals a superior and elite level of talent and to me is much more impressive than starring in JuniorA in your third year(not referring to McDavid specifically here). My own eyeball test tells me that EP will do well in the NHL and within a couple of years will be the Canuck's leading point-getter whether he tops out at 70 points or wins scoring titles with around 120 points. I don't offer any opinion on this. I think that with the way EP plays and with his particular skill set, his effectiveness is enhanced synergistically when playing with better players and I think that the faster pace in the NHL dovetails nicely with his quick-processing, reactive and instinctive way of playing.
  11. Someone recently said that Pettersson is not McDavid. Well yes, McDavid has talents that EP doesn't have. He's bigger and skates faster and accelerates quicker than just about anyone and his ability to create separation with his skating gets him space and time that results in points others wouldn't get and EP won't get. But EP has talents McDavid doesn't have. He seems to be more maneuverable in tight and even though McDavid processes the game quickly I think EP processes it even quicker. Ep's hockey IQ seems about as good as I have seen and his awareness in all zones seems better than McDavid. And he plays with a tenacity all over the ice that I don't see in the other guy. Then there is his shot and sense of when and how to use it where he is better. So EP will get his points his own way. Of course the caveat is that he hasn't done anything yet at the NHL level. True, but he has also been playing at a higher level than McDavid prior to coming into the NHL. Some guys when they come into the league are swamped by the higher level of play and sink. I think EP has the type of talent that will benefit from playing alongside more skill and pace as it will augment his own extraordinary abilities. I'm guessing that he will do more than just fine.