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  1. JLD

    Dealing with Depression and Other Mental Illnesses

    I don't suffer from depression or anxiety but something is going on with me that I think could qualify as a mental illness and I'm wondering if anyone has gone through the same thing. I have had two emotionally traumatic, though not incredibly serious, events in my life related to sex. And I've recently been diagnosed with a nerve disorder where the nerves in my 'special area' hurt when touched. But there's nothing wrong with the nerves themselves, it's that my brain sends a pain response when it shouldn't. There's not that much research that's been done with my condition, but psychological events can be a cause. Has anyone had similar experiences where emotional trauma manifests itself as a physical condition? Any advice for me on strategies I might be able to use to help me recover?
  2. JLD

    (Newest) 2018-2019 Time Capsule thread

    The last game of the year we win on a PP goal by Brock from Elias that squeaks us into the playoffs, one point ahead of Calgary in the standings and pushing them out. We beat Arizona in round 1 only to lose to winnipeg in round 2. Loui asks to be traded after the pre season when no real fit is found for him with any different/ new linemates. Elias scores 65 points, but doesn't win the Calder because Dahlin and the eastern bias. That's all I've got for now for specific predictions.
  3. A lot of ideologies suffer from stupid people tacking something onto it that shouldn't be. In my mind feminism is supposed to be about giving women power in areas of their life where they previously had little control. If we need a new word that's not tainted just so stupid people can wrap their minds around what feminism is supposed to be about then so be it, I don't care if the end result is good. Nobody cares about what this pageant is doing, participation is voluntary so it's not like they were forced to parade around half naked. And I'm not judging them either, they should be free do what they want. Men have had their own damage done to them by the way society treated them. It's hard to explain exactly what it feels like, because even though we have as much freedom as men here now in this country, there's this lingering feeling we need to get over that we should back down if we're intimidated. Anyways I'm rambling from point to point now, I just felt this thread lacked a little perspective from one side.