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  1. Don’t think enough has been said about Edler signing a very team friendly contract. Sure he gets to choose where he play and he makes shiploads of money, but it’s still way below market value and the term is just simply him doing what’s best for the team. Good on him and good on JB. Also - if he doesn’t sign that contract and as early as he did, how many of Miller, Ferland, Myers, Boeser and Benn would be on the team now?
  2. As long as OJ is healthy, plays most games and gets better for each game I for one am happy
  3. Playing with Edler has a lot to do with these stats - including high d zone starts % - but he’s been good in his own right as well. Edit: Edler and Myers actually have 60% o zone starts so far, so tweet seems incorrect.
  4. I guess it's worth noting that Boeser has been terrible the first two games, Ferland has been meh so far and while EP hasn't been great by any means he could still have had at least 1 goal and an assist in the first two games. So let's give it a few games. I really like Miller with EP, let's see how that goes.
  5. Back to Linus, maybe?
  6. I think the VISA break is good for Goldy. Hope he reloads and goes down and dominates. He does have issues away from the puck, but I think it’s a confidence issue as well. If he realizes he’s allowed to make the odd mistake as long as he constantly battles he’ll be a constant fixture in our top 9 for years. I’m not convinced that will happen but still hope so.
  7. Great to see these clips of OJ. Considering he’s probably a bit rusty I think he looks fine. Crisp passing, great hockey IQ, poised. A little off in some battles but that’s expected this early. Really hope he gets at least until Christmas in the minors no matter what so he can get into gear again.
  8. You don’t argue with a name like that.
  9. We need Motte on the 4th line to ice a balanced roster, he’s been missed the first two games.
  10. My takeaways: - Sutter, Boeser, Taney and Stecher all had really bad games IMO, I know it’s early but still troubling - Bottom six is nowhere near the needed level for a playoff team, I don’t understand how JB and the coaches don’t see that, we do have lots of better options than this lineup - good to see Lucic already becoming an anchor for the lames, what is it, 4 years left with a NMC? Good luck with that one.
  11. He needs to improve his shooting %
  12. I would like to think so, but I just don't see any skill or playmaking on that 3rd line, I don't think it will work with 3 shooters. Although Miller is a playmaker and Bo has skill, I'm not sold on them with Pearson either. I'm fine with our top line and the 4th line (if Schaller can play with some consistency unlike last year), but I am a bit worried about the middle 6.
  13. Don’t get the rational for people saying AG could/should play wing. He’s spent 0 shifts this preseason at wing, not happening.
  14. Either that, or he takes 20 games or so to adjust and then plays like at least a great second pairing D in his first pro season.
  15. I like the idea of a 3rd line with Gaudette and Baer with maybe Sutter as a defensive winger. That leaves LE - Beagle - Leivo for the fourth line and Motte and Virtanen (as well as Schaller and Goldy) off the team. I like that although maybe a bit soft? If I’m reading Green correctly though the 3rd line opening night will be LE - Sutter - Leivo and a 4th with Beagle and Virtanen. Lineup for last preseason game will be interesting!