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  1. Hm, Ehlers appointed top clutch performer? But but, Virtanen will show his worth in the playoffs right?
  2. Can we skip the ref reviews already? In a series like this you get the calls you earn in the long run. Sure some of the calls/non-calls in game 1 were questionable but overall minny was better and earned the win, no question about that and I say that as an avid canuck fan being pissed off ever since the loss. Let's focus on the team, the great players we have and winning game 2 instead.
  3. Scoring with gio in the box would represent at least some justice IMO
  4. Hope the referees sees the replays at least and learn MT:s act, if that's not embellishment I don't know what is.
  5. Oh no, when Ehlers retaliate after MT diving you know things are bad...
  6. I think OJ is on the opening roster vs Minny if he plays well tonight. Both the pairings during last week of training camp and the fact that he's starting in the one and only exhibition game indicates that. So let's go OJ!
  7. EP > PLD by quite some margin. You don't trade an elite 1C unless you get equal value back and judging by the old motto of "the team that gets the best player in a trade wins it" that's not the case here. You can't sum up all parts in a trade and score it from total value, hockey's not as simple as that. If it was, please give me PLD *or* Jones for Stecher, Virtanen and Pearson instead ;-)
  8. Man - what a player, really does it all.
  9. You guys realize that we must first cheer for the oilers against the jets tonight? Brutal but that’s the life of a fan.
  10. It’s an interesting thought. My guess would be Green is replaced in the off-season if we miss the playoffs, but if for instance they see Gallant as a long term fit you can definitely make a case for it to happen now if we lose this one. Making the playoffs this year is a vital step.
  11. I would guess Jake wants his 24 shifts and 14 mins of ice time over LE 13 shifts and under 10 mins. The numbers also clearly indicates LE is out if Beagle returns before any more injuries.
  12. Getting really tired of the LE top six argument, he had the least ice time of any player last game even though he played PK. (Not pointing your post our, just a recurring theme...)
  13. I think Motte is in if healthy. Pretty sure Jake is on the 3rd line. I do think Green wants the 4th as a strictly defensive line so my money would be on Mac sitting and LE slotting in there.
  14. Agree on this. Pp2 also have more of a shoot first mentality which might suit Brock better.
  15. They will lose his rights anyway April 30 as I understand it. Refusing to release him probably is not a good move then if they want him back in the future. one thing not mentioned is that Nik’s probably a bit down after being eliminated from the playoffs, so could be a few days before he’s mentally ready to make a decision for this season if he hasn’t already. He could also be banged up etc which could play a part in his decision. That said - can’t wait to see him rag doll opponents again...
  16. I will definitely forgive him if he's wrong on this one though - that would mean Big Nik is coming!
  17. True. Just wanted to answer poster with an example of why many seem to feel Dhaliwals credibility has fallen, myself included. In the Edler case he was either being played by the agent or just reporting misc speculations that all turned out to be far from the truth. Not a good look, anyway you see it. I don't know that he's been wrong in any more factual matters, so I agree there's a difference, but at least for me I no longer trust that he knows what he's tweeting about and that he's not just repeating what some other source has told him.
  18. Most famously this one (after also reporting that Edler was seeking a long-term deal at a higher amount if I remember correctly...): https://twitter.com/dhaliwalsports/status/1140653004540076033
  19. 12 mins would rank #7 among forwards for ice time in the Canucks last game. If before the season someone would have asked me if I would be happy with pod getting that kind of ice in the khl playoffs this season I would have answered that it would be great. And it is.
  20. Tampa leading Flames 1-0 on a PP goal. Tampa looking tentative and not good at all IMO. Watched half the bruins game and that was just on another level.
  21. Gonna watch Tampa take on Flames at home. Tampa’s lost 4 straight so good luck getting any points tonight flames...
  22. Leafs down 3-1 in the first, Andersen with 3 saves on 6 shots, good times...
  23. Gotta get that puck out Gaudette, no time for a drag move...