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  1. As long as we're discussing losing Hutton or Baertschi I don't really see the need to convince Seattle to take somebody else. Also - GMJB did it well last team only risking Sbisa and Gaunce of (limited) value so I have some faith in his manouverings here.
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    Sam Gagner | C/W

    Feels like the situation is getting a little toxic, so would be nice to find a new home for the unhappy fellow. Problem is that even though he was ok for the last call-up I don't really see who would be interested in him at that price tag and with what surely must start to amount to some question marks around his character. Might be best to just leave him with the Marlies and forget about him, please don't recall him again... As for the optics regarding future free agents and such, I think it does look kinda bad in that it was a bad signing, but it also sends a nice message to potential floaters and cash-ins to stay away.
  3. He's supposed to play a heavy game but the only thing heavy about him I see is his skating.
  4. Scoring would be nice but it’s not necessary for the role Schaller should play. But I expected him to be be responsible on D, motivated, aggressive and to hit. He has not delivered and I agree that so far he’s a bad signing and could easily be replaced by Gaunce.
  5. He takes losing "personal". I like that. Very common attribute for winners. Yzerman, Forsberg, Ovechkin, Crosby, Bergeron, to name but a few.
  6. Unlike Roussel he's been very unremarkable. Might play a positionally sound and heavy game, but I just don't see how he makes a difference. He should also have something to prove this year, but maybe he's a fringe player on the 4th line and it's as simple as that. He's ok on the 4th line but by no means elite. Honestly hope we can get rid of him at the TDL.
  7. DId a search on "years away" within this topic just for the fun of it. Lots of posts like "3-5 years away from the NHL", "need time in Utica", "years away from being a center in the NHL", "will not be a 1st line center" etc. Hindsight is everything but nevertheless I think he's looked pretty ok at C this year ;-) Even spotting a 44% face-off percentage which is quite ok for a rookie.
  8. Yeah I can agree from the eye test as well that he's been fine for the most part. If he just starts putting the puck in the net once in a while on some of the EP feeds nobody will complain.
  9. Nah, not so far. EP of course could do both offense and defense from the start, Bo and Boeser got it pretty quickly, but most rookies don't. As I said I agree that Green doesn't tolerate cheating on D, and that makes it that much more difficult to be in a position to score for a new player. In Gaudette's case I'm not sure what his offensive ceiling is, time will tell, but I also agree that a stint in Utica soon - scoring in a 1st line role - would probably be good for him.
  10. There are young players that can do both offense and defense of course... But not saying you're wrong in general, I agree, and I think it's one of the reasons why Goldy hasn't produced as hoped while instead being a much more competitive and effective defensive player this year.
  11. Think people are forgetting how much better Goldy is playing compared to last season. Especially defensively and with a much improved compete level, but he's taken strides offensively as well. I say let the kid play and later on in the season we'll know if he has a future here or not.
  12. Hutton looked pretty bad a few times against Buffalo, and still has problems with positioning when forwards come at him with speed. He's obviously been much better than last season but I wouldn't count on him being on the roster next season. But let's see how the season unfolds...
  13. Yeah Stecher’s been good. DP hasn’t been awful overall defensively actually, but I cringe every time he has the puck. Also getting very sheltered minutes which helps stats.
  14. I'm sorry, I know DP was +3, had the game winner and played 25 mins last night, but he just isn't an NHL player in my eyes. Misses assignments, regularly coughs up the puck, his passes are almost never on the tape, he completely disrupt any flow on the PP etc. etc. He's just not fast enough in his processing and thus his passes and decisions are always just that tiny bit late. Guess coach Green sees it differently, though?
  15. Nah, would’ve been better if he had started slow and not been on that list ;-)
  16. Yeah he looked really pissed and for good reason too
  17. Nice problem to have though with deserving players waiting for their chance... Mac’s time will come if he continues to perform
  18. Way too early too tell is my opinion. Mac looks like he’s ready now but that’s in the minors on a hot streak probably. The major’s a different level. Gadj can make the step in 2020 and be ready for prime time in 2021 when we’re contending...
  19. Really hope Mac and Gadj pans out. Love EP, QH, Goldy, Dahlen etc. but we need some grit as well.
  20. Like someone mentioned Baer would look really good on a contender’s third line. Maybe with the nucks in due time... Suppose both Baer and Roussel are LW but would like to see them on a line with EP playing C.
  21. Not saying you are wrong but Karlsson earned his spot with Torts and Columbus as a defensive forward before he went to Vegas. Somehow I don’t see Goldy doing that ;-) But agree on Goldys potential.