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  1. He’s definitely not getting the bounces and to some extent he’s been frustrated by tight checking, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him doing a bit better numbers wise going forward But I agree, we really can’t complain either way... EP talked in the off-season about being ready for 82 games so I think he’s playing more paced by design, almost like a vet already. Playing with Miller probably helps as well. The one thing I don’t like is that he gets loads of shifts with the 3rd D for some reason, which means he rarely gets the puck on his stick with speed. That’s a shame since he really is flying when he picks up speed.
  2. J-P

    Anton Rodin | RW/LW

    Saw Anton play live with Brynas in SHL last night. He's still a good player but nowhere near the player he was 2-3 years ago, especially his skating is clearly not at the same level anymore after his injuries. So pretty likely he'll play his remaining years in the SHL now, nothing wrong with that but his bad luck still stings a bit, should've been a Canuck!
  3. Top 6 wingers is arguably the team’s weak spot now so trading Boeser doesn’t make sense, also think getting equal value would be difficult, a pick in the 5-15 range is not enough IMO. It’s interesting though that Boesers trade value might be the highest it’ll ever be right now. He’s been good overall and is around top 20 in the league for points. Would love to be wrong but I think that’s about his ceiling. I’m kind of surprised by his overall game this season though so hopefully he’ll continue to impress.
  4. He looked like a legit star against the Nucks. Imagine in a few years...
  5. Getting really tired of the LE is lazy stuff. Guy is ripped and has a constant effort both on the forecheck and on D. That said, he has lost a step which was apparent at the worlds last season and definitely this season. It is what it is, he’s far from the only FA signed to a long contract that’s just a cap waste for the final years. I’m sure Ferland and Myers will get there eventually (although their contracts were signed by a more experienced GM and easier to handle). Just a shame LE didn’t score 20+ goals for his first three seasons here, then I’d be ok with it and he’d probably have an easier decision to hang them up.
  6. Good 1st period for the devils. Nucks need to be better and need a little momentum but wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the second...
  7. Also hoping for that. And Fantom is a cool nickname.
  8. Demko could be the future but imo sample size is still way too small to say. If he keeps his stats at this level until the trade deadline we’re having a different discussion, but realistically he won’t. His start this year is definitely encouraging, though. Subpar goaltending can really destroy a team’s chances to develop, so I want us to hang on to both until it’s obvious Demko can be the no 1. Signing Marky for 3-5 years and losing him in the expansion draft might not be the worst idea and could be the cost for doing business and staying competitive in the cap era.
  9. Agree and I also like that he’s learning to push back with some hits and borderline stick work just on the right side of non-calls.
  10. Sautner looked good up until that point, and the hit was definitely on the late side, but he still got caught watching his own pass and that's something you just can't do in the NHL. Hope he's ok.
  11. The way I saw it Clifford was running around a bit going out of his way to hit and hurt people. Although the fight looked kinda staged, that stopped after the fight (even though Ferland was out of the game) and IMO that was why the fight happened.
  12. So Mathieson not playing or what? He's been in the lineup 9 out of 10 times according to the stats. Wouldn't mind seeing him take a hit or two. Plus he sucks so I wouldn't mind Petey deking him again either ;-)
  13. Doesn’t successful PP:s nowadays usually rotate dynamically? Can’t understand why we can’t have BOTH the current setup and the one-timer setup with Boeser/EP available depending on how the play develops.
  14. I think we lost the game on Horvat's weak play on the SH goal. Hopefully Bo himself recognizes that and realizes that as a leader you can't make a half-hearted effort like that on the ice no matter the situation. Not saying there weren't other factors as well - team laying off, Marky letting in a couple of questionable ones, PP not getting it done - but to me that SH goal is the definitite turning point in the game.
  15. I can see the logic for him making it out of camp, sends a good message , raises his confidence etc. Also don't mind him hanging around for a few healthy scratches to get the big league training and paycheck. Would have preferred to send him down a week ago or so, but no biggie, will be super good for him to join a winning team as the top center and play with skilled wingers and evolve his own game. As for the future - I'm not really sure what we have in Gaudette - time will tell...
  16. Not fair to compare Hischier to EP, Hischier’s contract is a very good one no matter what. As for QH vs Dahlin, we should be so lucky to have QH and especially at #7 and you can definitely make a case for him as #2 that draft, but Dahlin is the complete package, as good at least as QH offensively but big, physical and mean when he needs to and a definite #1D on any team in a few years. Doesn’t matter though, couldn’t be happier with QH.
  17. I think a lot of people are missing what a solid game EP plays overall. Sure, not as flashy as last year, but I think that's by design to some degree. He's been very good defensively and does a lot of the little things along the boards etc. that you need to do to win. His shot is a bit off though, and at times he seems a little frustrated, but if this is the sophomore slump I'll take it.
  18. Don’t think enough has been said about Edler signing a very team friendly contract. Sure he gets to choose where he play and he makes shiploads of money, but it’s still way below market value and the term is just simply him doing what’s best for the team. Good on him and good on JB. Also - if he doesn’t sign that contract and as early as he did, how many of Miller, Ferland, Myers, Boeser and Benn would be on the team now?
  19. As long as OJ is healthy, plays most games and gets better for each game I for one am happy
  20. Playing with Edler has a lot to do with these stats - including high d zone starts % - but he’s been good in his own right as well. Edit: Edler and Myers actually have 60% o zone starts so far, so tweet seems incorrect.
  21. I guess it's worth noting that Boeser has been terrible the first two games, Ferland has been meh so far and while EP hasn't been great by any means he could still have had at least 1 goal and an assist in the first two games. So let's give it a few games. I really like Miller with EP, let's see how that goes.
  22. Back to Linus, maybe?
  23. I think the VISA break is good for Goldy. Hope he reloads and goes down and dominates. He does have issues away from the puck, but I think it’s a confidence issue as well. If he realizes he’s allowed to make the odd mistake as long as he constantly battles he’ll be a constant fixture in our top 9 for years. I’m not convinced that will happen but still hope so.