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  1. DogOnABoneHorvat

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Columbus Blue Jackets | Dec. 11, 2018

    But if the Canucks had Pastrnk for the last few years, I doubt that they would have been drafting high enough to get EP or Hughes!
  2. DogOnABoneHorvat

    [GDT] Canucks @ Blue Jackets 4pm PST Tuesday Dec 11 2018

    What was the story with Mikael Renberg? Looks like he had a couple of great seasons and then fell off. A little before my time
  3. DogOnABoneHorvat

    [PGT] Minnesota Wild at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 04, 2018

    Check out some highlights of Philip Broberg. I've got him at #6 on my very amateur and uninformed drafting list.
  4. DogOnABoneHorvat

    [PGT] Dallas Stars at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 01, 2018

    yes, that is the magic line that we've all been hoping for to solve the scoring problems...
  5. DogOnABoneHorvat

    [PGT] Los Angeles Kings at Vancouver Canucks | Nov. 27, 2018

    I was expecting to see Burmistrov on this list, but forgot that was actually with Green last year.
  6. Man when they showed those clips last night of the Sedins in the shootout from last season... it was painful to watch. Unreal players in their prime (and yes, great people/great to the city), but slow slow slow and they just didn't have exciting personalities. I think this new core of the Canucks is going to be endearing to more than just people in Vancouver, we might actually get people from other cities to become fans
  7. DogOnABoneHorvat

    Report: Sam Gagner Didn't see his cut coming

    I'd be on board if the Canucks gave Yakupov a second shot at the NHL in a couple of years. He's putting up some points right now so maybe he'll start figuring out what he needs to do, and there's another Russian buddy to help get Tryamkin back over here as well.
  8. DogOnABoneHorvat

    [PGT] Calgary Flames at Vancouver Canucks | Oct. 03, 2018

    You definitely do not remind me of any distinguished English prose writers. Try some commas, or maybe the classic "period" to break up your sentences. To keep things hockey-related, I thought Markstrom stole the game, Gudbranson will earn his paycheque if he keeps playing the way he did tonight, and once teams figure out that they have to play Petterson as hard as they play Boeser, this season might open up and be pretty entertaining. ...But if unfortunate injuries pile up and we get another high draft pick, I'm alright with that too.
  9. DogOnABoneHorvat

    Best radio personalities for Canucks coverage

    Donnie & Moj is the only show where I could actually listen to them talk about anything. Otherwise, if the sports stations aren't talking about hockey, I'll usually try to find a tolerable music station. I was listening to Walker & Rintoul going off about tipping at restaurants for about 20 minutes last week and it was just embarrassing. Rintoul is such a dork.
  10. DogOnABoneHorvat

    [Discussion] New Canucks President

    I hope it's Pierre McGuire. That guy really knows hockey.