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  1. Man. I would LOVE for a win tomorrow. I would be on cloud nine. But if they don’t win, this run has been incredible. I haven’t been this excited for a Canucks team in ten years. Whatever happens tomorrow, I am super proud of this team.
  2. People don’t understand the job and usually go towards the “I know because I am related or close to someone who is a teacher.” They don’t understand the things, emotionally and physically, you take home with you. They also don’t understand how much planning goes into it. It’s not like the school year starts and everything magically is there. Do not say “oh well once you have a few years under your belt, you can use the same stuff over”. Every class is different. Different students have different needs. The majority of teachers work their asses off trying to help students with exceptional needs; it is a very hard task to do. Especially when funding is cut and you lose resources such as educational assistants.
  3. If we don’t make the playoffs, you have to admit this is pretty nice watching these games that mean so much. It’s been awhile. That being said.... LETS PUSH FOR THE PLAYOFFS!!!
  4. Pettersson was noticeably brutal tonight. This was a good opportunity for Demko and he’s blowing it. All in all, embarrassing effort.
  5. I feel like too many people are overreacting on Tyler Madden. It’s like that bald YouTube guy who said “well I like Tyler Madden!” when I can guarantee that guy has not watched one game of his. Yeah you can look at stats on hockeydb but Reid Boucher is ripping up the AHL and he can’t even crack the Canucks. Calm down and it’s a trade we will have to look back at whenever Madden is ready. If he’s ever.
  6. I was actually a flames fan as a young kid. I took interest during their 2004 cup run. It was the first time I was truly hooked to hockey. When hockey came back due to a lockout, I noticed I only got canuck games so I started casually watching. Into the 2006-07 season, I got extremely hooked due to Luongos amazing season and playoff run. Hooked ever since, can’t stand the flames now. The Canucks became a part of my personality. I am known as the guy that loves the Canucks and even have the Johnny Canuck with the V tattooed on my back. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Absolutely love this team and I always will.
  7. The refs are easy to blame and yes the officiating was bad. But the Canucks gave up and Markstrom wasn’t on his game tonight to bail them out again. Absolutely pathetic 20 minutes.
  8. Born in Fernie. Live in Lethbridge.
  9. Haha I know someone that had their ring put aside without their boyfriend knowing. She told him about it and practically forced him into “proposing to her”. He finally agreed when she said she would let him paint a confederate flag on his truck if they got engaged. Worst part is I am not making this up. Let’s just say it didn’t last too long.
  10. First year. And yes I agree Lou was unbelievable that year.
  11. I’m not overly opinionated in this pick due to never seeing Hughes play. However, I have faith in Benning and the scouts selecting who they feel will help the team the most. If this kid turns out to what they say his potential is, I’m very excited.