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  1. The refs are easy to blame and yes the officiating was bad. But the Canucks gave up and Markstrom wasn’t on his game tonight to bail them out again. Absolutely pathetic 20 minutes.
  2. Born in Fernie. Live in Lethbridge.
  3. Haha I know someone that had their ring put aside without their boyfriend knowing. She told him about it and practically forced him into “proposing to her”. He finally agreed when she said she would let him paint a confederate flag on his truck if they got engaged. Worst part is I am not making this up. Let’s just say it didn’t last too long.
  4. First year. And yes I agree Lou was unbelievable that year.
  5. I’m not overly opinionated in this pick due to never seeing Hughes play. However, I have faith in Benning and the scouts selecting who they feel will help the team the most. If this kid turns out to what they say his potential is, I’m very excited.