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  1. One of the most disappointing thing about Virtanen is that he does not seem to realize that he is wearing the Canucks uniform. He is a Canucks fan who grew up in the Lower Mainland. I don't know who was his favourite Canuck player but he needs to lead this team and become a core player. He needs to show his B.C. pride. If the love of his childhood team cannot motivate him then it is time to move on.
  2. I agree. I don't want to put words into your mouth but Gaudette is not ready for this level of competition. Overall I thought Canucks played an OK game. Canucks D played well. As a skill oriented team Canucks' passes were off. They need to simplify their game and avoid making complicated plays until they regain mid-season form. Markstrom should have saved both goals. Roussel and Pearson need to control their emotions. Neither teams scored 5 on 5. Minnesota got some bounces and the Canucks did not. I would not be surprised if the Canucks got some lucky goals next game. People are singing praise for Minnesota D. Lets's see how good their D is when they are down 2-0.
  3. $4 million x 8 years with max signing bonus upfront
  4. Praise to Travis Green once again for walking the fine line between playing the kids and playing the experienced veterans. I was happy to see that physically Juolevi belongs in the NHL. His size helped. He did not shy away from physical contact. He seemed poised and calm. Knowing his own physical limitations he did not try to do too much to show off his skills. His stretch passes were noticeable. I hope we can lock him up to a long term contract at bargain cap value.
  5. More likely scenario is that he will become a cheap bottom pairing pucking moving D for the Canucks, which the team needs in the long run to support Hughes and Rathbone on the left side.
  6. Jake is immature and lacks certain professionalism. He will eventually mature and reach his potential. If Taylor Hall can mature I don't see why Jake can't. The problem is whether the Canucks can fit him under the cap while waiting for him to mature mentally. My personal preference is to trade Jake if he is asking for fair price this off season. If he wants to stay he better take a hometown discount.
  7. I think you may be gravely mistaken to assume that certain Canucks D men will remain healthy in August. I fully expect Rafferty and even Juolevi to eventually play out of necessity.
  8. Next year’s draft is reputed to have good D prospects.
  9. Assuming that O.J. recovers physically to 100%, he would have a career in the NHL. His ceiling would be dependent on his hockey IQ. If his recovery is not 100%, it gets dicey.
  10. If J.B. recognized Judd Brackett's gift and promoted him to head Canucks' amateur scouting department, wouldn't he be able to find a capable replacement for Judd Brackett? If Judd Brackett is one of the best in the business, why didn't 29 other NHL teams fire their directors of amateur scouting and hire Judd?
  11. If Tryamkin is good enough, J.B. would have signed him and paid him what he wanted. He is not good enough. We all know how much J.B. loves big physical D men. He traded for Gudbranson. Since Tryamkin left NHL, the Canucks added Hughes, Stecher, Rafferty and now Rathbone. The 2021 draft is reputed to have more capable D prospects similar to the draft of 2018. The team could not just wait for his return from KHL and now he can't afford to wait for the team.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised for J.B. to receive a call from Boston inquiring about the price for Rathbone.
  13. To be conservative, somewhat less accomplished than Adam Fox. A solid second pairing D like Torey Krug or Jared Spurgeon (for me he is second pairing D).
  14. His former teammate at Harvard is Adam Fox. you can compare their stats. Rathbone is a somewhat less skilled version of Adam Fox. However Rathbone is reputed to be more physical. Jim Benning, the former Boston vice president said that Rathbone reminds him of Torey Krug. Compared to Quin Hughes, Rathbone's hockey IQ and skating are not as high. Rathbone is however more physical, just as good defensively if not better, and has a harder shot than Quin Hughes.