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  1. I'm a Trevor fan so I'd back him before Jim but to not give the guy credit for some of his moves is unbalanced criticism at best.How come your not a GM yet ? With all your wisdom you should be..lmao
  2. "win and lose too thanks to Tampa getting the best of JB." lmao..ya JT Miller is a chump.Typical Vancouver bloggers..can't even give credit where credit is due.Jim takes a lot of shots by so called fans..perfect ?..hell no but what GM is.He's managed to stock the cupboards for years to come and the team is back on the rise.Oli haters are going to eat crow as well as the kid looks to be over his health issues ( blame that on Jim too..lmao )Also ,when was the last time we had to decide wether to sit a 18 goal scorer due to depth issues ?
  3. So much for the is falling on signing Rathbone..0 for 5 on their predictions of losing NCAA draft picks so far.
  4. Here we go again with the " he will sign elsewhere " propoganda.First it was Boeser ..then Gaudette ..then Will clowns are 0 for 3 so far and about to go 0 for 4.
  5. I'm feeling there will be a one time exemption to dump some of these salaries ( Erikson,Baerchi ) that are preventing teams from keeping under a lower cap next year.The union will sacrifice the few for the many..I'm betting this is going to happen soon
  6. Lol..virus killed him.60% of those infected have already recovered..this is getting way overblown."Cut of your nose to spite your face" The danger is for elderly and those with already compromised immune systems.
  7. Playoffs ...not with this trash defense.They look like keystone cops out there tonight..bring up Rafferty and sit Fantacrap...limit Myers minutes
  8. That's on Green for putting that trash out to defend ..Myers has been terrible defensively...costing us games