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  1. He is too dangerous. Anything conceivable is possible. They thought Obama was the antichrist, maybe...
  2. Megalodon


    I am curious, what happens now in the timeline for the new Seattle franchise?
  3. Maybe it’s “No Name”?
  4. Should we now continue on to a five or six game win streak, I wonder at the responses on these boards.
  5. I agree. Why it’s why I think special teams would be more up his alley. Leaving deployment and strategy to another.
  6. To my untrained eye, it seems to me Green is a “ tweener “. To good for the AHL, but, not quite there for the NHL. Nothing against the man but maybe his ceiling is assistant coaching. He’d probably excel as a special teams coach.
  7. The sfrength it must have required both mentally and physically to perform at an elite nhl level...I cannot fathom. Our teams players have shown fortitude of epic proportions, Brock, Marky, etc. The support given by players and management must have been, likely still is huge! I am proud to be a Canucks fan! That level of loss and sadness can be all encompassing, stay strong Marky, and all Canucks and fans alike. Your losses and fights are shared by us all. R.I.P
  8. It’s only the first game of a new seven game series, relax.
  9. He ran the same life risks as we all do. Some succeed, most do not...
  10. Did well in preseason I thought...hope he surprises. Another treasure may have been found!