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  1. Team sends it to his agent who prints it, brings it to Lockwood, he signs in wet ink, gives back to agent, agent/his assistant scans it in and sends back to Canucks.
  2. Honestly none of the forwards have been very good at all through the first 2 games. The Horvat line puts pressure on but generates nothing, Bo has looked bad. Petey looks legitimately awful and disinterested. I know most here are blaming everything on Boeser but he's at least had a handful of shifts where he's driven the play. Petey has done nothing. He needs to focus less on decking himself out in Gucci with Loui and get his head right. You haven't earned anything yet in this league EP. On the plug, Quinn looks great and Myers was a legitimate offensive driver all night, and save for his terrible giveaway, he looked solid.
  3. This is the outfit he was wearing on the plane. His C went to pick him up and take him out for a drink as soon as he landed. What a bromance!
  4. Boeser is playing with EP. Management has already confirmed it.
  5. And if he performs well over the next 3 years, grows into a 40 goal scorer, and signs a deal for $10M per year on a medium-long term, then he's going to be far better off than locking in his prime years at a discount. This obviously was a risk that Brock was comfortable taking for his future.
  6. Yes, this is very likely he and his agent's mindset, but if that ends up being the case, that's a great problem for the team to have.