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  1. The difference being that 1) it was a regular season game and the team cannot play without a goalie, so the Canes had no alternative choice and 2) Ayers at least played semi-competitively at goal. Here we're talking suiting up a journeyman goaltender as a skater for a playoff game, just to fill out the roster. Playing Domingue as a skater would be akin to playing a rec league player out there. It would never happen. Green would play short up front and double shift a few guys to make up the difference.
  2. Absolutely hilarious for you to think Domingue could play an NHL playoff game as a skater and hold his own.
  3. Minny just did to the Nucks what Nashville did to AZ in their first game. Look for Minny to come out flying next game and will probably score early.
  4. That's fine, but it's not going to happen. Gaudette will definitely be in ahead of Mac.
  5. Ferland hasn't really brought much of either to be honest. Especially tonight. Gaudette will be back in before Mac is. They need his offense on the 2nd PP unit.
  6. Despite the frustrating play after he loses it/turns it over, he's one of the only players generating any offense. Moving him down would be ridiculous. Miller is much more deserving of a temporary demotion to the 3rd line.