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  1. Bobby James

    Olli Juolevi | D

    I agree I'm not sure where the pp critique is coming from. He is a very talented 2 way defender and all evidence points to him being strong in that role as that pp dman. I think in the scenarios shared above number 3 is definitely the most likely. He is very young, but his talent is clear and evident. With some more training and time he will continue to mature and become an excellent dman for the Canucks. It just feels like a lot of people/media is calling this kid a bust when he should still be getting a couple more years of development (minimum) before that discussion is even started. Also has shown he has a slick breakout pass which the Canucks desperately need
  2. Bobby James

    Which prospect are you most excited about?

    Pettersson is going to be very fun to watch. I'm also quite looking forward to Olli Juolevi. It feels like there isn't a lot of hype around him at the moment which is understandable with the Hughes signing (and the type of player Hughes is), but I think Olli is going to be one of our best Dmen for a long time.
  3. Bobby James

    [Poll] Logjam on Defense

    We have a good amount of young D men in the organization currently that I would like to see play next year. I think a lot of them are coming up to the "make it or not" moment and that should be a really good thing. While I agree with many that our D has been very weak overall and last season was not a highlight for much. A new season is coming, a summer of training is available to them and I'm looking forward to see who can get the work done in the off season and step up when October comes around. I think most can agree that we are currently hoping to have Hughes and Juolevi become our top 2 defensemen (not meaning they are paired together). Woo was a very exciting draft this year and I'm hoping he can be a solid top 4 down the road. Currently Edler and Tanev are our best D men on the team, but one will hopefully get traded and the other be taking a reduced role in the coming years (unlikely to trade both of them I think). I also hope we trade MDZ to a contender at the deadline and get a pick or decent prospect. So currently with our pool of young(ish) defensemen who do you think has the potential to develop into a top 4? Who into a top 6? And who may be in that 7/8 spot or even bust and not make it? Stetcher Gudbranson Pouliot Hutton