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  1. Brogan having another solid game with 3 assists so far tonight.
  2. That is the million dollar question. I have no answer as to how they might handle his return going forward. I do think that they will run with 14 forwards until closer to the trade deadline and if all of the forwards are healthy (an unlikely scenario); Graovac (once he is off the injured list) and Eriksson would be waived to make room for them. As for Sutter's deployment, a lot will depend on how well the Gaudette line performs over the next few games. Coach Green may opt to move players in and out of the lineup depending on who they are playing and also whether it is a home or away game. The next few weeks may get very complicated for management to navigate through and will no doubt create a heap of fodder for discussion here on the chat line.
  3. I am hoping that coach Green keeps the line combo of Roussel, Gaudette and Virtanen together for awhile. I really like they way that line is performing and feel it can still be better yet. Having a third line that is more than capable of scoring makes it much harder for the opposing team to cover them all.
  4. IMO; of all the acquisitions that JB made in the off season, J.T. Miller is by far the best of the bunch and well worth a 1st round pick regardless of which year it turns out to be.
  5. From the game sheet it looks like he is playing tonight. Hope he does well
  6. San Jose may have lost out to to the Canucks on the subsequent trade.... jury is still out on that one.
  7. I would be shocked to see Babcock even coaching again. Hockey is evolving and even the coaches are being swept up with the changes that are happening. I think that if anyone in the Canucks organization is on thin ice it would have to be Trent Cull. He was not their 1st or 2nd choice for the job but the others were snapped up right away by other teams. Not sure who they could find to replace him as his support staff is suspect as well. I do think that Jonathan Dahlen came to Utica with a sense of entitlement because of his previous year in Sweden. I also believe he will make it back to the NHL in the next few years once he has matured a bit. He has the skills to play the game but has to have his head on straight in order to succeed in the NHL.
  8. Smokes.... Your not getting old, just well seasoned like me
  9. Bo should be close by the 3/4 mark of the season if he continues on his current pace.
  10. It was a worthy assist but I don't give much weight to empty net goals
  11. For all the skill and compete this young lad shows he still needs to bulk up a bit before he plies his trade in the NHL; I think a year in Utica would benefit both the team and him. Gives him time to add body mass and adjust to the pro life as well. The future looks bright for him but lets not be in a rush, rather let him fully develop in Utica than possibly struggle in Vancouver. Training camp next year will more than likely determine if he is ready or needs more seasoning.
  12. If he gets those numbers he isn't going anywhere. Doubt he gets traded even if he doesn't get them. Since you seem to be in the know..... who do you have in mind that is better and that the team can fit in under the cap??
  13. While I seldom agree with a lot of what you have said about Loui, both of these statements are valid IMO. He does not fit the style of play and that is not entirely on him. The big issue going forward is what to do with him. His contract is a huge impediment to finding him another team that might take him. Waiving him and sending him to Utica, if he clears, which is almost a certainty, is the most likely scenario. Another possibility is a mutual agreement to terminate the contract but it seems that Loui or his agent are reluctant to do that. I do not see any other options for him and with a number of players set to return from injury, his days on the team seem very numbered.