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  1. Just a guess on my part, but would not be surprised if he wanted to be with his family right now as he is reportedly very close to his younger brother esp. with this pandemic going on.
  2. Definitely need to buy a package then I will have the satisfaction of when I use it that Trump is kissing my ###.
  3. The local grocery stores all have mandatory hand sanitizer stations at the entrance with security stationed to enforce it. The carts and totes are all disinfected after each use as an added precaution. Myself; I prefer to pay in cash so do not have to punch a keypad. I also have a lot of coinage in my pocket so can round up the tab without getting any change back. Have two very large change bins so should not run out for a long time. Other suggestions are welcome... unified and we can beat this.
  4. Still remember the look on Bure's face.... you could tell that he had enough of Churla's BS and it was payback time. Don't recall Bure ever being used as a punching bag after that.
  5. He was playing up until the 7th of Feb but have not seen him on the game summaries since then. Surmise he must have sustained an major injury but not sure.
  6. I think Alf is jumping the gun on saying that..... Last I heard they were still in negotiations but I am sure a lot of other teams would be interested in his services.
  7. We could not afford his $11.6 mil / yr contract with out gutting the rest of the team. I would rather keep what we have; besides we really don't need guys that go around flashing their butts in public. I for one, am glad he is in Laugher land.
  8. I tend to agree with that estimate but would define it a bit more: 6 yrs @ 6 mil or 5 yrs @ 7 mil. My thinking is that they may not want to go beyond age 35 on his contract and if he is still performing well at the end of his contract they can opt to sign him a year or two at a time.
  9. Not so much as to insulate but to provide secondary scoring. Of course Baer's trade ability depends on him staying healthy and concussion free for the duration of the season Time will tell but one way or another he is probably moved in the off season.
  10. I think you are wrong about that Alf. He will only have one year left on his contract this summer. I think with some retention of his salary and maybe even no retention at all; he can be moved.
  11. Trade him to Ottawa... they could use some skill and they have a plethora of picks to possibly trade.
  12. It would be nice to have them both if JB can make the numbers work
  13. His GAA and save percentage in college were very good. I have no inside knowledge to support my premise that he was affected by both the change from college to pro and also playing on a very poor team but that is what I think has happened to him. My hope is that he gets better support in Utica and finds his game as Di Pietro's backup. I do not expect him to suit up as the starter until Saturday when the Comets play Laval (2nd game of a back to back).