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  1. Grab him, we almost have enough 3-4 line fringe players to do a battle royal.
  2. Can never have too many goalies in the system
  3. Why even have an account? Why even spend the time? Why do you care? Pick a different sport or just yell at a wall.
  4. Yeah let’s bankrupt his family and Edmonton oilers his career at the same time.
  5. I’d be more than happy to “have a competitive most nights”.. assuming I’m deciphering that correctly..
  6. Someone make this guy an Admin.. he brings so much fun around here..
  7. So when are we getting Barrie again? Something exciting happen please
  8. Anyone want to trade up right now and take Kaliyev?.. or just me
  9. So let me get this straight.. in 2 years we get ovechkins rookie year?
  10. anyone but the the guy who makes toys during Christmas..