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  1. I'd be pretty happy with soderstrom as the top ranked RD but I've also never seen so much as a highlight package from him and this opinion is 100% based on him being the top ranked RD.
  2. Something tells me Bo had a conversation with the coaching staff at the end of the year
  3. 1. ur a loser for not being able to disagree with the post without the sarcastic remarks 2. it's how i theorize jim benning views the situation 3. it's not so outlandish considering we have 2 blue chips prospects in goal, a now decent prospect further along his development path signed out of college, and a jakob markstrom that seems to be reaching the potential he was always viewed to have.
  4. You havent really looked at the wiki leaks emails have you?
  5. *** BOLD PREDICTION *** Just wanted to put this out there before it happens. Jim Benning is planning on moving Thatcher Demko this off season. With the emergence of Markstrom, He views goaltending as a position of strength in the organization and is going to leverage that to fill a need, either for a winger or a defenceman. He trusts that Markstom can hold fort until Dipietro develops, and has signed Kielly as insurance, in case Markstrom faulters at some point over the next couple years. Edit: I didnt really read a lot of this thread before posting. I think other people are discussing this too. I'm quite convinced this is going to happen.
  6. Tbh it can also work out extremely well. See Brock... in year two he's producing about as well as he did in year 1, maybe slightly lesser. Lots of players go through a sophmore slump and then break out again in year 3. We'll likely sign Brock to a 3-5 year bridge contract and save a lot of money after year 1 of that contract as he continues to imporve, giving us more flexibility to sign our other emerging stars and a supporting cast. I agree that its possible you lose out on an extra year of low-cap hit ELC but when you factor in the above and other positive factors of bringing a young player in late in the year, such as a head start on development, giving them an idea of what they need to work on in the summer, and increasing player loyalty but rewarding them with some NHL time and money after a good year of progress and proving themselves, I think bring top prospects in at the end of the year is calculated move that more often than not ends up being a net-positive decision.
  7. People keep pushing this idea that small players are best put with large players not realizing that lines are generally purpose-built with matchups and situations in mind. Hughes and schenn play opposite games and this pairing will not happen.
  8. You care way too much about this. If all you care about is "what when why where" then Google it and please go away.
  9. Also, this is definitely the better move. I dont know how people were so convinced he was ready for the league. Sure, he has all-time wheels and skill, but watching his college highlights you can see him get pushed off the puck and lose board battles more than you'd want him to. He is often able to overcome his stature with a good stick and agility, but not often enough. He would had perfomed ok in the nhl but ultimately would have disappointed a lot of you based on what your expectations were. Dont get me wrong, kids gonna be elite, just not at 18.
  10. Shout out to all the chicken littles who actually believe that there is even a remote chance in hell that quintin hughes stays in college for 3 MORE YEARS in order to leave college a ufa. He literally has said nothing but good things and has expressed nothing but excitement about joining the canucks. John Weisbrod was literally in the room when he was born. You really think he going to stay in college for 3 MORE YEARS so he can turn his back on a family friend and a team that coveted him and aligns themselves with whats best for his long term development? Yall crazy fam.