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  1. You're disgusting and your take on this is bad. So are your takes on hockey so maybe I shouldnt be surprised. God, you're an idiot.
  2. You did say that in your first post! haha You're right that EP is shooting more this year. He leads in goals, but also leads in assists. Like I said, might be 50/50.
  3. He's definitely shooting more than he did last year. Idk. Might be 50/50 pass/shoot this year. I dont think I'd describe him as shoot first. I think at most he simply makes whatever the right play is in any given moment. That's the first time I've ever heard someone describe him as shoot-first though.
  4. Not sure a lot of people would call petey a "shoot-first" player.
  5. He's definitely above his ideal body fat % in that pic, and that's without even considering that he's a professional athlete. Average man wouldn't call him fat, sure, but the boy's puffy there.
  6. True, that's not the reason for those statistics though.
  7. It's not a matter of them getting hemmed in no less than other lines. That line has had horrible possession stats. I was a fan of that line at the beginning of the season but it's been noticeably bad the past several games, going back to the 7 game win streak. Schaller and Beagle have the worst +/- on the team. That line shares the bottom 3 spots for Corsi on the team out of anyone that's played more than 8 games this year. It's bad.
  8. That line has been horrible the past 5 games. Something's gotta give. They get hemmed in their zone multiple times a game. Sutter's ability to get out of his own zone would be a welcome addition on that line imo.
  9. The one thing I can't stand is how we play like we're on a PK in our own end when it's 5 on 5. ffs go after somebody. I've never seen a team play 5 on 5 defense the way our team does.
  10. His systems need work but he's bringing this team along. I'm hoping his systems grow with the team just as AV's did, because he checks all the other boxes as a coach imo.
  11. I noticed before the multiple goals in a row when the game was put out of reach that the boys just seemed tired. Like they hadn't gotten enough sleep or something. Weird mental lapses or picking up on things late that comes with not getting enough sleep. These things happen. They played a bad game against probably the best team in the league. On to the next one.
  12. I think he would also legitimately love to play his entire career in his home town for his favourite team growing up. he's said he'd like to play his whole career here and I think he realized his name was starting to pop up in trade rumours. JB even said something along the lines of "we really dont want to give up on jake, but if he doesnt put it together this year we'll have to look at our options", and maybe that's lit a fire under him.