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  1. maybe, but burrows spent more time on the canucks. he was also a far more integral piece of a canucks cup run than gelinas was. dont forget... he slayed the dragon. he also was also more than just a solid 3rd liner without the sedins. he was an elite 3rd liner. this thread was created at a time when the value of alex burrows was clear to everyone except for the one who made the thread. it has hit legendary status because burrows went on to exceed our expectations of him even at the time this thread was made. gelinas deserves credit, but in terms of canucks lore, burrows >>>>>> gelinas.
  2. Bo Horvat. He is our emotional leader. The glue that keeps this team together. when guys went down with injuries last year he stepped up and maintained his production despite a lack of support. He may not put up numbers like brock or petey as their careers progress, but he will be the one that wills us through the toughest of obstacles that stand in our way. He is our '94 Trevor Linden.
  3. Pettersson < H.Sedin Boeser < D.Sedin Horvat < Kesler Ferland < Burrows Miller < Samuelsson Sutter < Malholtra Baertschi < Raymond Roussel > Torres Beagle < Lapierre Pearsson < Hanson Virtanen > Higgens Leivo >Glass Edler < Edler Myers = Salo Hughes = Ehrhoff Tanev < Tanev Stecher <<< Bieksa Benn <<< Hamhuis Biega > Rome Fantenberg = Alberts or Ballard Markstrom-Demko <<<<<<<<< Luongo-Schneider
  4. Putgoalsin - alien - flow jt millions - ox - x man furrland - demigaud - lander of hogs it's the - 4th line - who cares yolevi - yung speedy big boi - Russian big boi woooooo! - tony snatcher
  5. bubble boy seems like a pretty reasonable critic tbh.
  6. Building through free agency is not that bad of an idea when you've already drafted your core and you know the US tv deal is coming up for renewal in a couple years and the cap could increase by as much as 50% before your free agent signings become ufa's again.
  7. wow a lot of pessimism. Canucks will be in the playoffs this year. petey will likely take a step forward. boeser will likely take a step forward. horvat will likely take a step forward. one of goldobin, baer, leivo, or Pearson will hopefully prove to be a legit top 6. We added a legit top 6 in jt miller = 5/6 legit top 6. pretty good when you compare league-wide bottom 6 will be strong, as it was last year. defense will actually be NHL level thie year. full year of Hughes and upgrades in Myers and Benn. I also wouldnt be surprised in stetch took another step forward. good potential for a strong tandem in net with marksteom/demko. and I dont think you can discount how hard travis green had this team working last year and his ability as a coach to get a lot out of his team. I'll go out on a limb and say we finish 3rd in our division.
  8. On a team he wants to be on and feeling empowered by the trust of Canucks management's belief in him, Tyler Myers takes a step forward in his play and is slightly better than expected. Quinn Hughes gets 40 points Elias Pettersson gets 85 points Bo Horvat gets 70 points, 35 goals Brock Boeser gets 35 goals Jake Virtanen gets 20 goals. Canucks fans start to come around on him, are glad he wasnt traded at the draft. Canucks surprise with a hardworking effort and end up in round 2 of the playoffs. Lose round 2 in 5 games to a strong team. Optimistic predictions but I stand by them. Could be many reasons to a happy Canucks fan this year.
  9. I couldnt imagine feeling any type of way about a thread on an internet forum being pinned or unpinned. People need to find better things to have opinions on.
  10. okok chill man. it was a joke Cool that hayley got in. defs a few all-time players that got passed over. They'll see their day though.
  11. I just want to take this opportunity to say that you can get the EFF outta here with that sig bro. may your future be filled with despair and hopelessness as atonement for your sins and if i ever see you IRL ima fight you.
  12. If the Canucks got JT Miller equivalent with a 20th OA pick it would be considered a success. The Canucks paid a 3rd and convinced the Lightning to graciously take on another contract to even things out (mazanec) essentially in exchange for a guaranteed hit at 20th OA, except you don't have to wait for his development. People are greatly over-valuing a p r o t e c t e d 1st round pick if they don't like this trade.