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  1. I'm sure theres a bunch of people who have influence on all picks, including scouts. Benning is the leader of the group though, and has final say. His father was one of the best scouts around in his time. He surely gained a lot of insight from him and surely deserves credit.
  2. I'd also argue that finding a player like Hughes (elite offensive defenceman) in a trade is much harder than finding a top 6, or even top line, winger.
  3. I that 3rd line turns out to be consistently good as it looked against Buf is that the best bottom 6 in the league? I think maybe.
  4. What a 5th round pick this guy was. Screw everyone that says benning's drafting has only been good because of top 10 picks.
  5. He's also only 22. I would be surprised if he doesn't have a couple 40 goal seasons in him.
  6. Tanner Pearson's on pace for like 50 points and 20 goals????????
  7. You're not wrong. He's not totally inept in terms of hockey IQ. I agree that that area of his IQ has always been strong, but offensively he's shot himself in the foot in the past because he was too north-south. The point I'm trying to make, is he seems to be getting better at using his linemates and it's showing in his stat line. Simply encapsulating that point as "low IQ" might have been a bit to vague.
  8. I see your point. I think his speed helps a lot in the regard. His takeaways often come on the backcheck when players dont realize how quickly he can gain on them. The lack of hockey IQ I've noticed from him in the past has come specifically with how he uses his linemates and he's been specifically better in that regard as of late.
  9. Idk. I've been a Jake supporter all the way through but imo that's definitely been his downfall.
  10. Tied for most goals in the league after 30 games. Great to see after a lack of offence last season. This team is definitely on the come up. %^&* the doubters.
  11. Jake's been showing a lot better IQ the last 10 games or so. Seems to have turned a corner, at least that's what we all hope... he's really been looking like a player lately though. Great shot for a rebound on Rooster's 2nd. Great play to get him the puck in deep as well earlier than that. Exciting to see.
  12. I actually remember when this thread was created (long time lurker- i've had a few accounts over the years that I forget passwords to)... i wonder what clutch is up to these days. Can't imagine how it would feel to be him to be honest, lol. Considering this thread has gone down arguably as a piece of Canucks lore and articles are being written about it as such, I wonder if it's a story he ever tells or if he never brings it up out of shame, haha.
  13. People acting like Edler hasn't put up 14 goals and 49 points over his last 83 games. He's not flashy but he's smart and it gets the job done. Agree that Hughes is better offensively, but those are solid numbers.
  14. So would a little sanity among the fan base/media. There's a reason we can't have nice things.
  15. The Canucks seem to have a policy in place that in general they release as little info about injuries as possible. Probably wise in a market whose media runs away with every little piece of info they can get and quickly turns thing into a $%&* storm.