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  1. tbh if you said "crosby ovi thornton" or "crosby ovi stamkos" then I probably wouldn't have said anything but patrick kane is especially overrated imo.
  2. He's an offense-only winger who has cracked 80 points just 5 times and 30 goals just 4 times over 13 years.
  3. Patrick Kane is not generational
  4. PSA: Come to terms with the fact that we are going to be getting rid of Virtanen this season and he will go on to have a 30 goal season. Be at peace with the fact that he didn't have the mental maturity to accomplish this in his hometown.
  5. I distinctly remember it this way too. Hodgson trade was a turning point. I remember thinking when the trade happened that it was a mistake because what we had going for us was 3 lines that could score, and sure enough our scoring fell off right after that trade. We tried to replace him with a defensive centreman at the deadline in Sami Pahlsson but he turned out to be a dud. It really was the trade that took that "special" element away from our team. Suddenly our team looked more typical. Less unstoppable. The Malholtra injury was a factor, but that happened in the regular season before our cup run. We still found success without him And like you said, Hamhuis played well after as well. And what you said about him being top 6 checks out too. He was playing on the 3rd line but was on pace for 20 goals and 40+ points over 82 games. Those are top 6 numbers.
  6. i disagree. He has 2 seasons left on his contract at this point, and a total of just $5M left to be paid in real dollars. If I'm a rebuilding team looking to stockpile assets and JB comes to me with a young, fast, big, middle six winger, a 2nd round pick, and a veteran winger who can shut down opposing lines and be a good example to the kids in exchange for a 7th and paying Loui about $4M more than he's worth for 2 years (when i probably dont care about cap anyway, cuz im rebuilding) then I take that deal and run. You're getting far more than you're giving up. It gets even more interesting when you consider he's a $6M/year cap hit but only a $2.5M/year salary expense until his contract runs out, and there's an increased chance a cap floor team needs some help reaching the cap floor due to the effects of covid.
  7. Woops you're right. I was looking at the 2005 numbers haha I would not take the 4 first rounders. It essentially means we restart the rebuild.
  8. If a team offers anything more than $5m on an offer sheet then they also have to pay 4 first round draft picks, so it's unlikely we have anything to worry about when it comes to someone like Hughes. Rarely does it make sense for a team to offer sheet an RFA because they also have to send draft picks,even for cheaper players. It's usually more draft picks than you would likely want to trade that player for. Edit: I'M INCORRECT. I was looking at the 2005 numbers. 4 first rounders is $10.something million and above... still usually not worth it.
  9. Some of his grades didn't make sense to me either. Juolevi rated more physical than woo is laughable.
  10. You cant look at it in these black and white terms. The point of this thread is the team environment and culture benning has developed, and make no mistake that he's done so intentionally. It's been his reasoning for making those moves all along. The Canucks don't go as far as they did this year without Benning bringing in the sutters/beagles... Hell, even the Ryan Miller move kept us from being completely disrespected during those lean years, and I agree with the OP, that moves like that kept the vets from getting jaded and helped the kids grow in a much more positive environment. Your comment basically ignored the entire point of this thread. Lol.
  11. The cap situation still isn't nearly as bad as people are making it out to be. We have the assets to afford to ship out Eriksson or some other dead money. I also don't think it will take as much as people think to move Eriksson or other dead money. We might lose a prospect doing it, but as long as their name isn't Podkolzin, Juolevi, Woo or Hoglander, I think the price is worth paying (Juolevi and woo mostly because were thin on d prospects, not necessarily because elite) I've proposed before Eriksson + Virtanen and a 2nd probably gets it done if you deal em to a rebuilding squad. That's actually a really nice package for a rebuilding team that isn't concerned about cap for the next couple years. And we save $8m right there.
  12. Odd man out is Benn. I think a team out there might bite on him as their 7th dman. Hell, do a trade of Benn + 7th round pick for a 7th round pick just to clear his $2M. Then you bring in Juolevi as your new ELC. stecher + juolevi could be a very very good bottom pairing imo. couple options from there if you really wanna improve to dcorps... could package virtanen + a 1st or 2nd for an upgrade over tanev... maybe you could even package virtanen + 1st/2nd + myers for an upgrade over myers and just resign tanev. benning's gonna have some decisions to make either way. I'm expecting a big splash this offseason. the time to go for it is now.
  13. Wait you guys haven't realized yet that the Marky injury wasn't just a troll job by a non-insider? Edit- nvm I see murphs tweet