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  1. I used the term COVID tourny only because I had to find a way to describe the format including the extra series before it's technically the playoffs. Didn't mean to imply that whoever wins this year wins any less than any other team any other year.
  2. The thing is, JB's constructed a team of players that separately, do actually have a lot of experience. We have 5 players who have played in the Stanley Cup Finals in Edler, Tanev, Toffoli, Pearson, and Beagle. The number of "key" players (which I'll define as Top 9 Fwd/Top 4 D) that have Stanley Cup Finals experience is actually equal to the number of players who have zero playoff experience (5 of each, no playoff experience = Boeser, Petey, Virtanen, Hughes). EDIT: nvm forgot about gaudette lmao Another variable is Marky, who also has no playoff experience, but I would put my money on him doing well. He's seemed to get better when the pressure is on this season. I don't think success is by any means guaranteed, but I think if there was a prototype of a team that was built to surprise, it would look a lot like this one.
  3. The Canucks are a dark horse to do damage in the playoffs this year, and dare I say, possibly even win the cup. Hear me out... Going into the series with Minnesota, the Canucks will have a completely healthy lineup. This combined with the Toffoli acquisition at the deadline, makes the Canucks Forward group one of, if not THE deepest in the league. Some experts have already said the the addition of Toffoli makes our Top 6 possibly the best in the league, and if Ferland can return after an extended break and play anything close to his potential, an argument could be made for our bottom 6 to be one of the best in the league as well. Miller Pete Toffoli/Boeser - regardless of who's RW, this is one the top lines in the league. Personally I'd love to see the lotto line back together. Pearson Bo Toffoli/Boeser - all 4 of these players were on pace for 25+ goals this year. This isn't a 2nd line. It's 1B. Ferland - Gaudette - Virtanen - This line is a wildcard, but it's 3 players who play hard and fast who could thrive together in playoff hockey. If Ferly fails, slot in Leivo and you still have a solid checking line. Leivo/Motte/Roussel/Beagle/Sutter/Loui/Macewen... - lots of options here. We'll certainly be okay if injury strikes our bottom 6. Roll with whoever looks good coming out of camp. Lots of these players could play 3rd line on some teams. Our defense is where we're a bit thin, but what we have is formidable. In an ideal world we'd have a bit more high end talent in the top 4 and maybe an upgrade over Fanta/Benn, but we do have a solid group of 6 that can get the job done on most nights. They will struggle to shut down top talent, but with a strong forward group and a healthy Markstom, it's possible the deficiency could be offset. Hughes - Tanev - Hughes was slowing down a bit around when the season ended. He looked notably tired, having played the most hockey he had in 1 season. The time off will rejuvenate him. Probably Tanev too, whom we must assume is playing injured at any given time. Edler - Myers - This pair was split up, but played well together in the first half of the season. If they can return to their early season form, our defensive deficiency is a lot less of a problem Fanta/Benn - Stetcher - Probably go Fanta over Benn. Middle of the pack bottom paring compared to the rest of the league imo. Things are a bit thin if injury strikes, but it's possible someone like Rafferty could come in and be reminiscent of a young Chris Tanev circa 2011 playoffs. Markstrom Demko Goaltending is obviously the least of our worries with these 2. Markstrom can steal us games and can be a workhorse if needed. Demko is probably a top 30 goalie in the league at this point who can fill in if necessary. This is a team that is lowkey deep and talented. They are young and inexperienced and that makes them a bit of a wildcard, but they're also a firey group that could catch a spark and run ablaze. They could surprise. What's your opinion? See poll above.
  4. I'm good luv enjoy
  5. NHL considering a return In August with no fans and not in an NHL city.
  6. Voted Burrows. Nominate Jovanovski.
  7. maybe that bit about his contract expiring at the end of the KHL playoffs is the key here... technically he's still under contract and it's up to the KHL club the release him before that? just making guesses at this point.
  8. The Canucks have some interesting roster predicaments heading into the Playoffs 1. Boeser is expected to come back from injury before the end of the season 2. Josh Leivo may return before the end of the season 3. Nikita Tryamkin's KHL team is on the brink of elimination and he may soon be eligible to join the roster. 4. Zack MacEwen is looking like he's ready for the NHL and could be a potential playoff beast. Here's my ideal lineup Miller Petey Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli Virtanen Gaudette MacEwen Motte Beagle Sutter Roussel Leivo Tough to leave Rooster out but it's tougher to leave Motte or Sutter out, as that would leave us short on strong Penalty Killers, a crucial thing to have in the Playoffs. Leivo left out too. Just too hard to fit him in over anyone after sitting out for so long. Really solid depth though. Edler Myers Hughes Tanev Trymakin Stecher Fantenburg Benn Myers scares me on a shutdown pairing but what can you do. The bottom 4 are potentially the best bottom 4 in the league if Tryamkin lives up to the hype. And again, really solid depth With Marky and Demko as our tandem this team looks like it could deep, in my opinion.
  9. You're right, I got that one wrong. Still though, considering it's a pro-rated contract, I would think it wouldn't be terribly hard to fit him in with some LTIR relief or something.
  10. Contract would be pro-rated. Easy to send down Benn and give Tree a pro-rated $2M contract (or less) to replace him.
  11. i was joking too, haha. we're good. Hanging out with the son of a HOF goaling is a lot closer to fame than I've ever gotten.
  12. hey man watch it, that's my family you're talking bout!
  13. Humble brag. My great grandma babysat Henri and Maurice as kids back in laval. Also got a 4th cousin in Gump Worsley, haha. RIP to a legend.
  14. it was actually a slipped disc and a torn hamstring before I moved on to being in business for myself but good guess