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  1. Green understands process. He also understands how to hold the confidence and respect of a locker room. He's honest when he thinks the team hasn't played well. He's also honest when he thinks they have played well but haven't gotten the results. I respect that and I think the team does too. If there's one thing this team has in spades this year, it's buy-in, and that's a big reason why. "emotion, some passion, and outrage" doesn't work. Think back to the disaster of a season under John Tortorella. Green is handling this with perfection.
  2. True that they were old by the time they left, but I'd argue their declined coincided with the decline of our team. Bieksa with a 40 point shut down defenseman with snarl. Extremely hard to find. Hamhuis was one of the best defensive defensmen in the league. We had the lowest GAA in the league with them as our shut down pairing. They were huge. I would argue we still haven't replaced them, and that they were far superior to our current shut down pairing of Myers and Edler, who are the best performing shut down pairing we've had since 2012.
  3. I would. were they replaced when they left?
  4. Daniel Hank Burrows Raymond Kesler Samuelsson Torres Malholtra Hansen Higgins Lapierre Tambellni Hamhuis Bieska Edler Ehroff Salo Tanev/ Alberts/ Ballard Luongo Schneider Coach AV This year we have a much better bottom 6 than that team. Top 6 is almost there, but hard to give them an edge when you tak 40 goal Kes into account. 2011 defense much deeper but our defense this year is solid.
  5. I feel like you just want to be the guy who gets to say he came up with the name, lol. It's lotto line. The opinions have been stated. The conversation was over before it started. With that said...
  6. Marky seems like a good team guy. I don't think his teammates would feel a type of way about him smashing his stick upon losing the game. I think genuinely think Marky loves his teammates (watch how his face lights up in the preseason locker room video when Bo's named captain), absolutely hates losing. I want that in a goalie. He's highly competitive.
  7. To simply say he was a back up and leave it at that does not even come close to telling the full story. I agree with you that it was a solid trade, though.
  8. He was a 1B (arguably a 1A) in tandem with Luo when he was traded. Definitely not a backup. With that said, an elite goalie is generally regarded less valuable than an elite skater in trades. Markstrom was the #1 ranked goalie prospect before he went pro, but his stock had fallen quite a bit by the time we traded for him.
  9. I think it's a product of player agents realizing the Dubas has very little negotiating skill.
  10. What a way to pay homage. Even got Burrows on there. Classy mask.
  11. Can anyone recommend the best place to buy cheap single tickets last minute? Been a while since I've been to a game. Decided I'm going tomorrow.