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  1. I'm good luv enjoy
  2. NHL considering a return In August with no fans and not in an NHL city.
  3. Voted Burrows. Nominate Jovanovski.
  4. maybe that bit about his contract expiring at the end of the KHL playoffs is the key here... technically he's still under contract and it's up to the KHL club the release him before that? just making guesses at this point.
  5. The Canucks have some interesting roster predicaments heading into the Playoffs 1. Boeser is expected to come back from injury before the end of the season 2. Josh Leivo may return before the end of the season 3. Nikita Tryamkin's KHL team is on the brink of elimination and he may soon be eligible to join the roster. 4. Zack MacEwen is looking like he's ready for the NHL and could be a potential playoff beast. Here's my ideal lineup Miller Petey Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli Virtanen Gaudette MacEwen Motte Beagle Sutter Roussel Leivo Tough to leave Rooster out but it's tougher to leave Motte or Sutter out, as that would leave us short on strong Penalty Killers, a crucial thing to have in the Playoffs. Leivo left out too. Just too hard to fit him in over anyone after sitting out for so long. Really solid depth though. Edler Myers Hughes Tanev Trymakin Stecher Fantenburg Benn Myers scares me on a shutdown pairing but what can you do. The bottom 4 are potentially the best bottom 4 in the league if Tryamkin lives up to the hype. And again, really solid depth With Marky and Demko as our tandem this team looks like it could deep, in my opinion.
  6. You're right, I got that one wrong. Still though, considering it's a pro-rated contract, I would think it wouldn't be terribly hard to fit him in with some LTIR relief or something.
  7. Contract would be pro-rated. Easy to send down Benn and give Tree a pro-rated $2M contract (or less) to replace him.
  8. i was joking too, haha. we're good. Hanging out with the son of a HOF goaling is a lot closer to fame than I've ever gotten.
  9. hey man watch it, that's my family you're talking bout!
  10. Humble brag. My great grandma babysat Henri and Maurice as kids back in laval. Also got a 4th cousin in Gump Worsley, haha. RIP to a legend.
  11. it was actually a slipped disc and a torn hamstring before I moved on to being in business for myself but good guess
  12. nah dude you're just taking me way too seriously. I'm actually not mad at all. sorry if it came across that way. was just making an observational comment. I'm cool tho. I gym. i get laid. thanks for your concern.
  13. heard me the first time? bro this is my first time posting in like 3 days... because i stay away after the team loses and these boards become chock-full of 40+ year old men who project their hate for themselves and dissatisfaction they have in their own lives towards a bunch of men who lost a game, whilst telling everyone how much better they could've done it. The whole thing reminds me of working on a construction site. Everyone hates their own lives so much that they revel in other people failures and point fingers as a way to distract themselves from their own misery. They love to talk about how stupid the government is, how the man is bringing them down, or how their local sports team is a bunch of bums. I ain't bout it. Also "It's not likely you'll be missed" LOL good one dude
  14. really hoping for a win tonight so all the whiners in this thread can go back in their hole for a few days