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  1. that's like some kinda hockey Shakespeare, really, really good. Miller is the best, most complete player we've had here including either single Sedin. Often he looks likes he's confident and willing to take on the whole opposition by hisself. JB adding 4 or 5 more like him would see us truly in the hunt. We're a bit away yet, but love what's cooking down in our Utica and College kitchens. Next year mebbe; 2 years absolutely certain. How can anyone knock what JB's building? Can't you remember the horror of Norris years?
  2. I found it telling that Elias has been overtaken on the Canuck points leaderboard. First time since he laced 'em up here, he's no longer leading in either category of goals scored, assists or points. Yet, he is leading the team in plus minus with a healthy +13. This kid's learning it all, when he muscles up a little he'll be the next Sundin. If Canucks org are willing to pay the price to protect that progress. Big if tho. They haven't looked like valuing that at all.
  3. Big win for the boys is right. Gotta great mix of talent and snarl. Utica fans gotta be loving it. But why oh why can't Canucks hire some decent developer coaching? Boucher lighting the lamp for fun these past two years. With that snipe of his, he can't be missing more than a tweak or two to become NHL calibre?
  4. Well, the 1/3 face offs we win only risks over-exciting fans momentarily before we skate over center ice, dump possession back to the opposition, head off for a line change. Better perhaps to hand over puck possession early, tone expectation down a tad, avoid any invention attempts. The stealthy power-play drop-pass somewhere back to our own blue-line once we arrive at theirs, being the cream atop our sad coaching philosophy. That sweet Dallas goal (albeit disallowed by an offside) was hockey construction of perfectly-timed team discipline, one we souring Canucks fans'll never get to cheer. Wot a pickle we're in.
  5. Fact: What Cherry said was "You people". Fact: You have the freedom to read into his words what you believe. Fact: 'Inclusive' means everyone's opinion allowed.
  6. Completely agree. In a kinda, whole being the sum of its parts, way. We built a great-to-watch, skating identity during those early games albeit against equal opposition. Would have been interesting to see how that game might have held up against the better teams. Now, I'm a huge fan of Green but when injury struck I think he missed a golden opportunity to continue that identity by replacing like with like. Neither Lou or Sven want any part of hitting or hustle but we do have a couple of great skating, hungry prospects down the farm who enjoy banging. That's on Green, playing safe. Black mark for him but its caused our hard-earned swagger to evaporate. All we got again is that old fragile team-psyche where nobody's sure of where they should be on ice. Motte, Ferland and Roussel's return can't come quick enough for me, but really, does that actually say more about our existing team-leader's character-wilt? Mr Benning, please, please say you got this.
  7. Wow! We're watching the most motivated, team-oriented Canucks' play in many years. As a collective grit glitters throughout the roster, some folk here still want the pacifist pair of Bear and Goldy back up? They won't even dominate in Utica and even Boucher remains Comet's top forward. Jasek tho ..... But... if you're trashing Leivo, then Zack please. If he can get by Motte or Roussel. Thanks to Benning, mebbe happy-hour hockey is here again.
  8. Every confidence in the Benning/Green combo still, though assistant coaches might need some re-evaluation. Early days yet, but we'll soon need to begin separating opponents from the puck more, before appeasement becomes the norm. I believe that'll come with line-mate confidence. Keep experimenting within the existing roster for heart and character, until perhaps after the next road trip. Then, I think we'll see some serious tweaks. NHL has its trends - last year's St Louis model gave us all hope.
  9. What? So many posters overlook Tyler when listing their 'ideal' roster, its beyond hockey logic. Some even suggested him on waivers before Bear n Goldobin. Nobody but nobody in this group, gives every shift his all like Motte. Even our Honey Badger didn't have Mottte's motor. Or finish. So many of our group could learn from this guy. That list reaches up to our top three.
  10. The scrappy, untidy rcmp evidence that we're shown suggests more that they've been played by someone more so than had accomplices. Being generous, the eye witnesses appear to be high, while the photo-ops of them ambling through grocery stores along the way seem too convenient. Why isn't there cam shots of them getting gas at the pumps? They couldn't drive that distance without filling up at least twice. We're never shown pics of the couple actually driving the Rav4, maybe at stops, the real driver sent them inside purposely to pose for the cameras. Could be they were simply hitching after their truck broke down and these kids just fell in with what promised to be an adventure, oblivious to the killings before jumping in. I think they bin dead a while now.
  11. .... neither did the cop see any guns during his vehicle search. Really, no dashcam? From the initial presser to the almost daily additions of 'factual' discrepancy, its beginning to resemble a first script draft for Fargo2. How long before politicians ask for the rcmp chief's badge?
  12. Timelines given by the rcmp are a bit confusing, beginning with the guy who found the couple saying he waited 4 hours for any rcmp to show up after calling it in. The two losers apparently drove halfway across the west in less time. ...... dead owners can't call in their stolen vehicle. ...... the two suspects were last seen in the Gillam area last Monday. That's 4 days with no updates? ...... Why would the town check incoming trains? Once away from Gillam they ain't likely coming back. On a train, ffs. If they found the Rav4 still burning, then exactly how far could these two get on foot from there? And why is it photographed upturned on the second photo, but upright when it was first burning in the first photograph? I'm sure the local Cree would be more than willing hunters of these two yahoos, and wouldn't need much persuading. They're not there, or if so, they've been dead since Monday.
  13. Y'know, Utica is proving to be a really good test for life as a pro up in Vancouver's pharmaceutical city. Didn't Try fail this one too? So perhaps it didn't matter after all, that he wouldn't report to learn good habits in Utica.
  14. This could be the most important, hidden upgrade by GMJim, with his very impressive summer signings. Players like LE have for too long appeared comfortable in their contracts, protected from rewarding management (or fans) with any great effort. Perhaps now, they will receive some serious player accountability when floating back to the bench from continually timid shifts. Those real pros who bleed pride, aren't usually shy about calling out shameful performances from teammates. An agent's smallprint has no locker room protection. The roster's suddenly looking stacked with some serious pushback, let's hope it begins in-house, right from first lace-up. If the new guys prove up for it, then we could expect the likes of Jake to up his game in response. He's intimidated no-one thus far. Can't we at least dream for team '19 to reincarnate our character boys of '94?