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  1. I am sorry I have not been around the last month or so I have had some heart problems and have finally won the battle to see my son and have the system recognise the fact the my Ex lied to exclude me from my son's life. I still have a lot on my plate but I will put some effort into my team in a few weeks To those who have sent me PM's I will get to them ASAP
  2. I agree with the top line. Second line has a little bit to much inexperience with both Goldy and Pettersson on it. Third line seems ok. Fourth line would be effective if Loui could regain some of his scoring ability.
  3. Beagle,a guy that has won a cup, heart as big as Pharlaps, great bunch of rookies who need to learn from players like Jay and you do not understand his importance of the length of his contract ? Even I an Aussie who knows far less about hockey than most posters here realise why Jim signed this guy and for how long. Takes time to learn any trade. Over here trade apprenticeships are 3- 4 years
  4. I would love to see Goldy make it. Drafted him in fantasy a years back, that second round Russian risk.He does have the talent, however as others have pointed out does he have the grit and determination to succeed at the top level.
  5. I hope you are right. Had high hopes for Eddy at the start of his career, as we all did, but oh well, some players pan out, some don't. Left the forum due to events in my personal life, however it is so good to be back , talking hockey and sharing the passion for our team.
  6. He is good and is going to be great. I know generational talents do not come around often however I would like a generational offensive D- man. Do you think Hughes can evolve into such a player ?
  7. Hoping for big moments from this young man during the season, as we all are.