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  1. here ya go buddy
  2. I agree. Get him for the masks alone.
  3. Let's be honest. This team has passed it's window of opportunity and straight up does not even have a 30-goal scorer this year. We've become too predictable.
  4. that cutie on your sig .. that you? marry me?

  5. Why thank you, my precious.

  6. Cool Sig you got there.:)

  7. If you're selling tickets to game 5 or 7, let me know. Thanks!

  8. Great sig. Hottest Canuck fan ever!

  9. Can I marry your sig haha?

  10. HELL YA. How good would it be if he was on our team to start the year?
  11. Whatcha gonna do Jeff? Whatcha gonna do?! You and your straaategies..

  12. Who's the third girl in your sig? Got a link to full image? Never seen that one before.