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  1. As much substance as your reply. Why rebut something that makes no sense? Aho >>> Boeser so $8.4m does not equal $7m and the situations for the players are completely different. And the Marner ramble is complete fantasy. The Leafs are not trading him to the Habs so why even go on about it?
  2. Your post makes zero sense from pretty much start to finish.
  3. Pretty sure you read it right, he said Tarasenko/Boeser. Tarasenko is good for roughly 35 goals and 35 assists over 82 games, which is averaged over his 6 full seasons in the NHL. Boeser would have an adjusted production rate (due to his 2 injuries) of 34 goals and 35 assists over 82 games over his 2 full NHL seasons. Seems pretty close to me.
  4. And neither is it for a 21 year old kid who has 19 NHL games under his belt.
  5. Nylander has a better PPG rate than Virtanen and considerably more skill. Virtanen is a middle 6 at best whereas Nylander is a top 6.
  6. Exactly. Virtanen had 14 pts in his first 65 games. Nylander has 6 in 19.
  7. Pretty sure Buffalo wanted ready now prospects, not ones locked up in other leagues for next year and beyond. And Nylander is as much a bustaroo as Virtanen.
  8. How many prospects do the Canucks have that have the potential of Nylander?
  9. Maybe the Canucks don’t make the playoffs this year and the pick slides to 2021.
  10. Isn’t the 2020 draft class fairly strong but relatively weak on defence prospects?
  11. I’m guessing the Canucks preferred a player who has a combination of skill and grit; one willing to go into the dirty areas to retrieve the puck for Pettersson and Boeser as opposed to strictly an offensive guy (115 hits vs 39). As mentioned by another poster, the Canucks were very interested in Nyquist, however, the recapture penalty associated with Loungo put the brakes on that notion. As for the draft pick, there is as much a statistical chance that you get a player who never plays top 4d in the 20+ pick of the first round. Since 2013, the following were taken in late round 1: Mueller, Theodore, DeAngelo, Juulsen, Larsson, Carlsson, Cholowski, Johansen, Vaakanainen, Joseph, Jokiharju, Merkley, Miller, Johansson, Bernard-Docker, Beaudin, Lundkvist, Sandin, and Alexeyev. Of those 19, I’d say 1 is a bonafide top 4 and 2 are on the cusp.
  12. Fair enough but Miller plays a completely different type of game from Nyquist.