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  1. The team needs you consistently whining and complaining.
  2. The English dictionary is licking its chops at you.
  3. Gudbranson is slow? For his size, I'd say he moves very well and I'm sure the Calgary forward who he swept the puck away from on the partial breakaway would agree.
  4. So the guy who got waived and went unclaimed was not only a better option but a much better option? Ah huh.
  5. Yeah, stud AHL coaches are always an upgrade...just look how well the Oilers did with Eakins, oh wait.
  6. My original comment to which you replied was " As someone mentioned earlier, the NYI waived Scott Mayfield, who is pretty much an identical player to Pedan. Same age, same size, same skillset." Who cares who has won more they not play the same role?
  7. So one KO equals intimidating presence? I guess Kane must be an intimidating presence for knocking out Cooke. Bickel doesn't look intimidated to me.
  8. So I'm curious how you quantify "intimidating presence".
  9. # of fights per: Pedan - 6'5", 213lbs 2015-2016: 3 in AHL, 2 in NHL 2014-2015: 12 in AHL 2013-2014: 3 in AHL Total: 18 in AHL, 2 in NHL Mayfield - 6'4", 225lbs 2015-2015: 2 in AHL, 1 in NHL 2014-2015: 8 in AHL 2013-2014: 7 in AHL, 1 in NHL Total: 17 in AHL, 2 in NHL Seems very similar over the past 3 years to me...
  10. Yeah cause fighting plays a huge role in todays game...
  11. Or a team claims Pedan...
  12. Ahh, thanks for the clarification.
  13. Not sure why Sbisa got tossed in here....coming off the World Cup, yet to play a preseason game yet you're already throwing him under the bus. Well done, sir.
  14. I'm not disagreeing with what you've said but maybe there is some longer term thinking involved. Pedan is on a 1 year deal as is Larsen. Biega is signed through 2017/2018 and only requires 19 games to meet the 70 games over 2 year threshold to be exposed in the expansion draft. I also think Larsen was kept in case the Stecher magic wears out when the regular season starts,