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  1. RIP to a legend. But there's still a chance for Mel Brooks to live to 2000 years old !
  2. How is this the case ? Are the losing teams not ordered by P% ?
  3. Who's going to give Markstrom that money in a location he actually wants to go ? I suppose Chicago could if they LTIR Seabrook; or Carolina if they can move some cap.
  4. One interesting thing I noticed with regards to goaltending for both teams is that their presumed starter , Alex Stalock, appears to be at his best on 4+ days of rest while Markstrom seems to perform best on 1 day of rest. Given the play-in/off format you would think this is in Markstrom's benefit as the majority of games will be on 1 day or at least <4 days rest. Of the 31 goalies that started > 32 games Markstrom was #1 in save% in starts after exactly 1 day rest (.938 in 18 games ; .910 being the median of the 31 goalies). Stalock was 19th (.908 in 19 starts).
  5. If you watch the 2018 draft table video Bracket actually proposes taking a goalie in that spot and Benning opts to take a forward iirc.
  6. I think what he's saying is that we're primed for a run to the finals next season !
  7. To cheer for a young guy's dream to be crushed just so the optics of a trade appear better is absurd. The deal is already a success on our end, what happens with the pick is irrelevant .
  8. I glanced over it and it seems sincere to me. The heavy handed dismissal of "stats nerds" is a little over the top and the whole message seems to be tinged with a bit of anger which isn't really necessary. I do think there is something to be said for thinking critically about some of the public analysis of the team; I just think it could be done more intelligently and dispassionately.
  9. Big no to NT @ 3 mil. . I'm not sure he is even in a position to demand half of that.
  10. If he doesn't kill penalties I'm not sure where he fits on this roster. If he can be trusted to do it even for 1 min./game maybe he can find a place.
  11. So apparently JB always wants the wrong player...and the scouts plead with him ....and he relents and takes their guy....every ...single ...time.... Upvote my 1K post bastards
  12. I know, right? I remember after the Hughes pick...the man was absolutely crestfallen!
  13. I think this will be the case, especially if they go 4-5 years on term. If they don't - for some reason- re-sign him I would have to think that they would want to invest in a quality back-up. I think it's possible that JM wants some assurance that he is in their plans beyond this season before he makes a commitment; if he is given that assurance I could see him going as low as ~4.5 X 4-5 . He's been great but he hasn't won a Vezina or even been a finalist and the market isn't great for him right now for a number of reasons so I just don't see how he can command/receive even close to Hellebuyck money (~6.2). I could, of course, be totally wrong though.
  14. Has anyone actually looked at the market conditions to see who the competition may be for the services of these players? I took a look and it appears that for Markstrom at least they should be in a pretty good position to retain him- and possibly not have to pay too exorbitantly . Teams with the combination of need, room to acquire, and that may have appeal for JM are not too plentiful outside Vancouver. Buffalo, Detroit , Ottawa could all use a starter but may not satisfy the criteria. Chicago may need to sign 2 goalies but they are cap-strapped and would have to move money to make it work. I could also see Carolina wanting to upgrade their goalie position but they would in all likelihood have to move one of Reimer or Mzarzek (sp?) to make room. Lehner is available via free agency (among others) and I could see guys like Georgiev/Allen/Raanta being available in the trade market so there are other options available to teams needing something more than a back-up. Anyway, something to chew on for now. I will probably take a look at the potential market for Toffoli/Tanev at some point.