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  1. I absolutely love them. He loves scoring more than anything in the world you can tell haha
  2. This teams PP is quarterbacked by a 20 year old and our best player is in his second year. Lay of the expectations man. I’m very excited for this team and there are so many bright spots but this is an absolute joke to think we’ve arrived as some sort of contender (thats what it feels like your saying) Its the first year I’ve actually said ok we are starting to come out of a rebuild and trajectory up this standing and possibly make the playoffs. Basically your telling me we’ve had success magically Garbage
  3. Fire them all. This seasons been a joke. Only like top 10 in most categories. Too much talent here being wasted. Should be in first spot right now. 25% PP not good enough. We need to be 30% obviously Fire Benning too
  4. Yes it was awesome tonight. I’m not on the Fire Newell band wagon. I just thought I’d be funny. I’m pretty neutral about it actually. Not a huge fan of him but also acknowledge the fact we have a young team. Talented of course but very young
  5. I respect your opinion but there is always someone for people to rag on. Nothing’s perfect especially in hockey
  6. Do what you will with Bo’s line. We all know it’s another rodeo this year. But changing the top I’m all against that. Love you Green but either change my mind tonight or go back to the Lotto line. id rather have 1 line clicking then none
  7. Expose that defence let’s go. It’s time to beat these fools. On my way to the game wooooooo. Not from Van so I’m very excited
  8. Fair enough my friend I get it. But what people have to understand is we haven’t accomplished anything other then a terrific start. I love this them but the talent is very young. That is what I meant and there is a lot of learning happening. The PP is clicking over 20%. People just want someone to blame when the facts are we are just coming out of a rebuild. Players like Petey and Boes don’t get Really good for a couple more years. This is just the beginning. Enjoy it.
  9. I don’t think we have That much talent to be honest. Give it a couple more years and I’ll agree with you. The way people talk about Petey and Boes you’d think they were 25 years old
  10. Basically had 3 real PP’s tonight. Scored on one = fire Brown Not a huge fan of the guy myself but c’mon
  11. You all cry a lot. Sometimes things just don’t go your way. They played reasonably well. They just needed to stay out of the box tonight. Killed their momentum everytime. Refs were calling everything, gotta adapt
  12. Lost out on this one guys. He scores a couple goals and your in the playoffs just ask Oilers management