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  1. We will never get first overall. Move on and cheer for your team!!
  2. 4 or 5 years? I probably didn’t really grow up and stop partying like an idiot till I was 26. Im rooting for him too. He made a poor decision and I never discredited that. But it’s ignorant to expect the world of everyone on the team. Someone is bound to slip up somewhere
  3. We can talk what if’s all day long. My point is people make mistakes and some people are just tired of being locked up. It’s only human nature to be an idiot once in awhile especially for a fella in his early 20’s, all I’m saying.
  4. It was a crap trade but sometimes trades turn into not much for either side
  5. I remember being young and stupid. Not the easiest thing to be locked up and everyone’s eye is on you when you step out of your house. Hope he’s ready for hockey. That’s all I care about as a fan
  6. Never minded the guy. It was Megna I couldn’t wrap my head around. Good for Chapooo
  7. At this point I’d prefer they just say seasons not going to happen. No sense hanging onto something that more then likely won’t happen. Take our first this year and prepare for next year. I would guess we are 3 months away from things being normal again. Sad but pretty realistic imo. They don’t shut borders down and everything back to normal a month after. No way
  8. I’m surprised LE didn’t get it first. Wouldn’t that be the icing on the cake for Canucks fans Poor guy
  9. No kidding. I hope you’re right Deb I’d be totally cool with Summer hockey!
  10. Fair. I guess I’m just going with that so I’m not disappointed more then I already am lol
  11. I like the thread but it doesn’t matter. Season is most likely done. Green will be back. If things don’t go well he will be gone and we can blame the next guy. Playoffs are an absolute must next year so JB won’t be just letting it play out. If theres uncertainties he will be gone. Unlike some I will be cheering for him to be successful and see how it goes
  12. That’s true. I suspect the season will be postponed and eventually cancelled. It’s not going to be just a few weeks of suspension that’s for sure. This is just the tip of the ice berg. It’s going to get worse before it gets better more then likely