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  1. Everybody, just look at this thread. It's a microcosm of the outside world. NONE of this is "bringing people together" or helping anyone at all, in any way shape or form. It's doing exactly the opposite. Turning people against each other. It's designed to do just that. and it's working. Have a good day everyone. Hopefully next time we can actually talk hockey, which is what we SHOULD be doing in here.
  2. People can't express themselves when the ability to do so is taken away from them. And the reason why it was, is stated in my last post. They need to control this narrative and tow the socio-political line, or face the "woke mob" THAT IS pathetic sad and weak. period. and Evander Kane? Is some spokesman for human right now? the same guy who was dodging rape charges a few years ago? And those other 2 clowns with him have had numerous issues in the past as well. These guys are using the woke bandwagon to get attention, nothing more nothing less.
  3. I came here to talk Hockey but I see that's not going to happen here either.... even sportsnet has turned off commenting because they know people are CHOKED about this, but they have to control the narrative.... so pathetic, weak, and sad.
  4. It's not the pairings. It's his mantra that you should allow 40+ shots to win a game, and make sure 25% of those shots are from high success areas. Same as Trudumb saying "if you kill your enemies, they win" Hint: don't put people in charge, that panic and run out and mass buy toilet paper because they heard on TV that there's a bad cold going around.
  5. NOLAN BAUMGARTNER you can't blame our D. that idiot has had forever here, and no matter who they bring in, aside from Huggy, the look like garbage. It's not the players fault their coach has rocks in his head.