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  1. Looks like it's official: Freshman on campus for fall and seniors for spring. Rathbone will be a junior, so he won't have any academic activities on campus next year.
  2. LW/ C | 5'10" | 185 lbs Shoots | Left Born | 1995-07-31 NHL Rights | Vancouver Canucks/ Signed 2020 Hobey Baker Finalist: 2020 WCHA Player of Year: Welcome to the Canucks!
  3. Some good chances for Podz in OT:
  4. It's not aimed at you but the whole thing seems like a winless argument. Unless someone thinks the trade is a massive overpayment or a steal of the century, there's no way to definitively say whether something is slightly above, below, or exactly market value. Barring full access to BriseBois's office and seeing all the offers on the table, how does anyone know if the deal couldn't have been a first and a fourth, or a first and a second? It's like criticizing the 2017 draft. Maybe Benning could've gotten the extra second and still get EP40 after moving down. Or maybe we'd be watching Glass or Mittelstadt in Utica right now. At the end of the day, these moves worked out, and whatever little extra that could've been squeezed out are effectively inconsequential. It's confounding why anyone bothers to spend energy putting down a trade that resulted in a win for their own team.
  5. First goal of the playoffs for Rathbone: Also led both teams with 10 (!) shots.
  6. Baffled by the last couple of pages. Does anyone think it wasn't a worthwhile trade now? No? So what's the problem here? If GMJB played real hardball the third could've been a fourth? Maybe we toss in a mid-level prospect like Brisebois instead of a pick? Because the trade deadline has shown that you're not getting a top six power forward in their prime, on a good contract, without dealing out a first or a blue chip prospect. So the only real variable is that third rounder. When TSN updated its draft pick analysis in 2018, picks in the #63 - #72 range (Canucks gave up #71) had a 8.8% chance of becoming a top 6 F, top 4 D or #1 G. Hardly the most valuable of assets.