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  1. Hope you didn't break an ankle jumping off the bandwagon...after just two losses fair weather fan
  2. Daddy's dead...and thank you for your support ....don't worry I'll happily spend it all before you can collect any
  3. I'd be willing to contribute to a ticket for ya
  4. Congrats Elias many more to come no doubt. Only bigger surprise than Hansen on this list is Torres....that said I miss Jannik, wish he could have ended his career here.Darn expansion draft
  5. deus.ex.makina wrote with Baertschi and Goldobin at 2ppg in AHL, it's time to bring them back and address the 2nd line issue and the 2nd pp unit as well. But it's Utica. We need to look no farther then Reid Boucher to see AHL success doesn't always translate to NHL success. I like our line up right now.
  6. why didn't someone beat the cr*p out of him for that. I miss Schenn
  7. For 1 year at 700K !!!!....obviously we didn't actually want him...or he really didn't want to stay here...too bad..really liked him
  8. I don't get the angst over the the 1st round pick. If we are in the lottery next year then the pick moves back a year when hopefully it's a later one. JB protected the pick next year and is betting that we get a lot better with the kids developing and whatever other moves he can make, then it's a leter pick for Tampa. The sky IS NOT falling
  9. When he first came here he played with the twins and didn't produce (and a player like Hansen did) so I don't buy his whine about not being placed in a productive role ...that's a big cop out for his lack of production
  10. and this... "he has decided to call it a career, citing lingering injury issues." I imagine his body is pretty thrashed considering the way he played the game with such high intensity no holds barred
  11. Sundstrom 175th Hansen 287th. Hansen wins
  12. Vancouver should have signed him last year, The SOB's in San Jose never gave him a fair chance. All the best Jannick. Hardest worker ever. Finishes a champion
  13. Hits by Vancouver Defensemen 4...Hits by Luke Schenn 4. Re-sign that man. Looking forward to 53, 40, 6 and 43 next year
  14. Markstrom was friggin' amazing....good game all round by the guys. 7 hits, 4 blocks.....who are you and what have you done with Luke Schenn ?