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  1. So Travis... we lost to a bunch of fat guys??? Hungry for wins??? We aren't hungry for wins? I like Green but what a total bulls%$t statement.
  2. Very disappointing effort. Demko was both excellent and awful but he has to make the easy saves not just the hard ones. Hopefully he can find consistency or our playoff hopes may be dashed. The second key is that Petey has to return to form. It kind of feels like a repeat of last year when he tailed off during the last third of the season. Really wasn't expecting that to happen this season....and where would we be without JT Miller? Last thought..Toffoli, WOW what pick up so far....Brock who??? LOL
  3. Canucks at 100% a very good team in the NHL...not a top team yet....but really close...couple of players away
  4. And that's why we should have claimed Schenn..from what we saw last year protecting Hughes I think he would have done the same for Petey tonight IMO
  5. Let's not get all Chicken Little over this loss...every one can have an epic fail once in a while....just ask my wife...
  6. Great win. QH is the real deal..let all the Maker is Calder shoe in chew on that performance. Can someone tell why the hell Millers goal was unassisted, he scored off a rebound and that usually gets an assist at least to the shooter???
  7. He looked he just was trying not to screw up or fall...understandable
  8. I know that..but even if another team picked him up it's no loss 4 us and worth a go IMO
  9. I'd pick up Schenn get him to Utica as an injury call up. We could use a big mean stay at home dman
  10. I bet Matt's dad is so proud.....what a MAN!!!!
  11. Which teams do you like losing to? I hate losing to 'em all. Just sayin'