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  1. Wtf.. Canada are playing like the Italian soccer team. Diving at any chance. There's no place for that in hockey. Go Russia and go Podkolzin!
  2. Bro-berg is a beast. He could climb into top 5 after winning the gold for Sweden in the world u-18's today. Voted best d-man in the tournament. So mature, mobile and skilled. Could play NHL minutes next season. Also very impressed by the american trio Cam York, Trevor Zegras and Cole Caufield's display during the tournament. On the other hand... Podkolzin could well drop down into Canucks picking territory. Jeez that kid is lazy, and fragile.. selfish.. 1 goal in the tournament playing top line and first pp.. would rather draft Brendan Gaunce all over again. Go for Bro Benning!
  3. For Dubas to sign up his 4th (perhaps even 7th) best forward over 6 years for 6.925 m is simply mad. 7 goals in 54 regular games this season, almost 1 millon/goal :). Come 2021, if Pettersson continues to improve and maybe puts on a few pounds. I see him as our best and most productive forward together with Brock. But still alot of potential ufa:s for Benning to sign untill 2021 so maybe hard to predict.
  4. One of swedens biggest newspapers hinted yesterday that Elias Pettersson might be leaving after his rookie contract is expiring. They compared his upcomming contract situation with William Nylanders this year. Is there any truth behind it? Don't we have enough cap space to be able to tie up Quinn Hughes And Pettersson long-term? Are swedish newspapers perhaps the worse kind of gossip $&!#papers in the world that is only good to use to wipe your ass with?
  5. Marcus Johansson got speed buddy.
  6. Matthew Boldy for sure, two way forward with Selke Trophy potential. Would be a perfect pick for the otherwise more offensivly talent in the roster. Or... Philip Broberg, mobile big strong two way defender. Only downside is his left handiness perhaps. Or... Victor Söderströn, smooth skater and right handed defender and like Broberg already got senior hockey experience. Or wild card(!)... Brett Leason, big late blooming center who's expected to go late in round one. Dominant in Canada -20 team, born 99, but would pretty much get right into our roster. Surprised to see so many of you thinking Zegras will be availible at nr 10. He's ranked 7th but may even get picked higher than that. (This years Jesperi Cuntaniemi )
  7. Ehm. Why isn't there any reaction from the nucks-players or coaches? On the replay it was obvious he threw his fu**ing stick?!?! Even if we're out of the playoffs, we have to care about winning games right?
  8. Yeah of course, Loui prefers the RW role but still competent as a LW, as Goldy, who's a lefty, still can opererate as an RW. Ritchie on the other hand is more off an all out LW. Got ahead of myself sorry. True, but i'm maybe more impressed with his defensive contribution, feels like his creativity and movement has vanished, and hey, EP would probably make most linemates pickup a second assist or two every now and then. That may be true, 10th pick overall back in 2014 but a dissapointing season last year with alot of unessasary minor penalties and only a PPG at 0.31 during his Duck career (Loui 0.41 in Canucks). Still, after watching the Matheson hit again and the lack of response from fellow Canuck players, I'd love to have a line-mate to EP who stands up for him, and Ritchie would be a great fit and a cheap trade with potential.
  9. Followed Louie closely since we've played for the same junior hockey side, Lerum, just outside Gothenburg only one year apart. Watched him emerge as a quick sniper in Dallas and his successful seasons with the Bruins. But it's safe to say that he's only a shadow of his former self in the Canucks. More of a pk-player than goal-getter. Great guy and wish him all the best, but from a Canuck point of view, I think we would be much better of with the phycical pressense of Ritchie. Btw the school-reference doesn't work. To cool (and old) for school and not living in the same time zone. And I don't want any childish internet brawl. This forum is abOOOtt the Canucks, and this parts dreamy trades, not abOOOtt insulting ppl..
  10. Ritchie would be a great addition and a Ritchie- Petey-Goldy line would be a big step up from having an invinsible Eriksson on the left wing. Nice call! Fingers crossed!
  11. The Vancouver organisation shouldn't have drafted him if they had no intention off standing up for him and protect him. They should instead have gone with a more physical player like Gabe Vilardi or Michael Rasmussen. If that hit on Elias would have happened in the Swedish Hockey League, all hell would have broke loose. And remember Sweden is the place the Sedins comes from... I feel bad for Pettersson. Spineless Canucks