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  1. Like many have already said, Lowe is in there because he was beneficiary playing on stacked Oilers and Rangers teams. Right place at the right time gave him 6 cups. As stacked as the teams he played for were, he was a minus player 7/19 seasons hard to do being on those high scoring Oiler/Ranger teams. if Kevin is in, when do you make a spot for other defensive defensemen like Willie Mitchell or Adam Foote who have two cups each? Doesn’t hurt that Lowe was good buddy buddy’s with team Canada and the old boys club. The bar has been lowered or there is a massive bias, or both.
  2. And people wonder why it drove players like Theo Fleury to have substance abuse addictions and internal demons that haunt them the rest of their lives. All these young and trusting athletes willing to do whatever it takes to make their childhood dream come true. Put the trust into these coaches. The predators like the ones running these junior clubs give these boys mental scars, addiction and abuse for life. Absolutely immoral. For a country that prides it’s hockey, there is so much ugly and darkness of the game we need to address and need to be better. God I feel so bad for the parents of these victims that did their best to get their kid to follow the hockey dream only to hand their child to a sick **** that’s going to damage them beyond repair. How about you talk about these kind of stories there Ron on your hometown hockey eh?! Because it’s an uncomfortable story we don’t talk about it? Well it’s about time we get uncomfortable and talk about it, so we can get rid of the roots of the underlying issues of the (not so) good ol hockey game.
  3. Add Tim Parker to that list. They screwed up with his contract negotiations that ended with us having to trade him. He and Watson were such a great pairing. How they completely depleted that was once a competitive roster. Didn't even hear about how they screwed Davis of his 10% cut of the transfer fee and give it to the Caps. We haven't gotten a licking out of that money except for Hwang and Cavallini. This is why fans are fed up because management and/or ownership is screwing EVERYONE over. Such a joke of a slogan for this franchise, our city our honor.
  4. We also got a conditional (the condition being if the sharks won the 2016 Stanley Cup the pick would turn into a 1st) 4th round pick in the Hanson trade that became Rathbone. He sounds like another D man in our pool that could help us down the road (31 points in 28 GP with Harvard NCAA). Not all is lost with the Honey Badger return.
  5. Ah the EA cover curse continues.
  6. The trust of the fans has been broken for several years now and for management to hype up this “world search” and find their guy, only to ditch him 5 months into a 4 year deal is just comedic. The FO is still the same $€!+show with Rachel Lewis, Greg Anderson and Bobby Lenarduzzi who have been here from day one. Until this franchise is uprooted completely with the names above are gone.Also I find it interesting that it’s Mallet that always is the one doing the PR when it’s Greg Kerfoot that is majority owner and seems to be the one who Rachel,Greg and Bob all follow like lapdogs. By the looks of it, the Whitecaps will go the way of the Grizzlies and either move or fold a la Chivas FC by the time 2025 rolls around. Such a pity as Vancouver is a soccer city but with the reputation that the whitecaps have right now, very few things will save this franchise. Winning will help but you need to have willing owners for that to happen. Just another avenue of trust that this team has failed to deem confidence to its fan base. What bottom will this team hit next? I see Axel resigning or being fired after this campaign is over.
  7. @Herberts Vasiljevs yup I was being a tad fictitious with that part. He has nothing to stand on with this because he didn’t do anything after he got his money with the blue jackets and then got shipped to Carolina for a 5th round pick. This really makes Carter looking like he’s grasping straws here
  8. There was a reason we signed him for only $1 million after the lockout season. He was falling off the map of the hockey world. The Sedins gave him that second life and he blames race for us letting him go? He can call it race but I and many would see it as greed. He sure showed us Canucks fans that we made the big mistake after his elite stops in Columbus and Carolina. Fun fact: he was traded to the hurricanes for a 5th round pick. That’s all you need to know. But yes let’s use the race card and bite the hand that fed him to the Canucks Organization. FFS
  9. Summer of 69 had a lot different tune than the summer of 2020. Understood that people are upset about the wet markets but don’t hold a whole race to it. I’m upset they reopened as well but not blaming all Chinese for it. Bryan is better than this. Oh well I guess he could always go back to being a dishwasher at the tomahawk.
  10. It’s definitely something to ask and think about. Surely we want Markstrom to be in net for the playoffs but with the way things are the NHL and NHLPA must have some sort of courtesy agreement to extend the contracts until the season is complete. For TanMan, Tofu and Marky we need them for the Stanley Cup Ballroom Blitz.
  11. Enjoying this golden morsel the hockey gods have gifted us. Great news, kid is going to be another steal in a long list of thievery from JB and the terrific scouting staff. The Michell master has been signed!
  12. Yes I’ve had the same problem but it is fixed when you enable cross platform by pressing pause in the main menu and go to account and go from disable cross platform to enable and now you should be able to hear your buddies on XBOX,PC and PS4 all together. If you guys want to add me my player tag is KRAINTRAIN
  13. Been playing MW:Warzone, NHL20 and now FF7:Remake. Very balanced with my gaming needs but the PS4 updates to warzone is killing my storage space. If season 4 asks for another 100 gigs of space I’ll have to tap out.
  14. Too bad for Marky, good for the Canucks and our cap situation.
  15. Agreed this is on the government of the CCP not the people of Chinese descent.