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  1. Jake the great with 5 GWG out of his 14 goals. Not bad for 1.5 mil a year eh? Good Canadian Tuna!
  2. The last two years Jake has proven that he can grow and improve. Giving up on him now would be a huge mistake. Great job to Green who has coached him the whole way.
  3. Congratulations. Just stay away from the gambling Rick. You and Janet had your moments
  4. Time to just get shots through nothing special. Sometimes greasy is a great thing.
  5. I do play online with the world of Chel. I like to play club over drop in as there are some big time trolls that ruin the experience for most. Beware of the user Bolt-Upright that guy is the biggest troll of them all. Always plays in goal, it’s great to pad the stats whenever you play against him though. I play on PS4 so XBox players should be thankful they don’t ever have to deal with him.
  6. Here is one good tweet from TransLink today the day after the $€!+ show they had. I came for the comments. Not sure if BB is equipped to handling social media but it’s ironic and a good giggle this morning. https://mobile.twitter.com/TransLink/status/1217808891100180481
  7. Thank you for doing your part, we need more of you out there.
  8. The City needs to increase their plow fleet and salt trucks. Hell we have beaches why doesn't the city use sand on the streets? Every year it's the same story how we are told the snow is coming and every year the city is so poorly prepared for it. Our Taxes are sure going to work to ensure that our roads and side streets are taken care of. I hear the same story of ”but it only happens once a year” and we always act like the city is shut down. This is still Canada and we are not immune to winter conditions. I made it in today but with the snow coming down now I might have regretted that. Walked all the way from little mountain area to #6 road breaking trail, I believe I'll be breaking trail once again going home.
  9. Thankfully I am only a 10-15 min drive to and from work. I don’t think I’m going to drive tomorrow, I have snow tires but I can’t say the same about most of the other drivers on the road. I believe transit will be a $€!+ show tomorrow so i’m just going to enjoy the walk in this winter wonderland. Everyone be safe out there. Its not the weather that worries me, it's the reckless drivers about to get rect and others that scare the poop outta me.
  10. @goalie13 my apologies for putting two scores in the same thread, I meant to post one of them in the Sabre’s thread but I must’ve gotten mixed up so I do apologize for the double down. I’ll pay closer attention here on in. Unfortunately due to our record against the new Jets since they came back to the Peg they have had the Canucks number. I’m going to say 5-3 Jets with Mark Scheifele with the GWG and on this night Laine will get more points then Petey. I do hope I am wrong however and hope the boys take top spot in our division for the first time this year.