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  1. Agreed this is on the government of the CCP not the people of Chinese descent.
  2. Ignorant group of people who compared covid 19 to regular flu and made fun of everybody taking this serious, every year more people die because of flu, don't panic bla bla... Where are you now at Costco?
  3. Not sure if you can do that when TV networks have paid hefty money for the broadcasting rights for those sporting events. Also owners still have to pay the players their salaries for their respected sport seasons Not an easy thing to do unfortunately.
  4. Well I’m a big fan of yours in the other professional hobby you partake in, you biathlete you! I’m sure we will all hone our NHL20 skills if we are told to stay at home for weeks. Not a bad idea to buy a few new video games and movies to keep things entertained at home during this situation, all the while others kill each other for their precious TP for their bungholes!
  5. Just another day of Chara doing Chara things with no recourse or consequences. Ref was looking right at the flying debris of the stick. No arm up no F’s given.
  6. This guy shut down the shots and the haters tonight. Great to see the team put on their working boots and played a full and urgent game.
  7. Man this is a playoff game. This can’t be good for the blood pressure and the tickertocker
  8. Such BS. Just think about it, NHL needs a NY based team in the playoffs. No Rangers, no Devils and certainly no Sabres.
  9. YEAH IM SICK OF THIS $€!+ f them up. After all that dirty behind the play. Good to see the temper blow up after the whistle