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  1. Stammer will get his name on the cup now that he played 1 game in the SCF. But I wonder who gets to hoist it if he isn’t dressed tonight. Lol would be funny to see Stammer come out in a suit and hoist the cup rather than in his Jersey.
  2. My money is on @Squamfan. JK But clearly someone who has a vendetta against the business and tourists it brings. With all this “state of the art” technology they claimed to have brought in, hopefully they have a lead of some sort. Also you need a heavy duty torch to burn through that cable, so whoever did it would’ve had to carry up a canister or two up the tower and lug it back down all before the RCMP arrive. Whoever did this has risked their life to break this cable twice. Both times have happened at night so their intent is not malicious or else people would’ve died over their actions. They don’t want the 400,000 Annual visitors around their town clearly. Kirby Brown might lose his job over this if they don’t catch whoever did it though. Lastly you gotta feel for the insurance company that has to pay the tab on this...again
  3. I’m thinking this is the exact team and market that Jake needs to go. Eastern team with little interest fan-wise compared to a hockey mad market here. Trade Jake to a Carolina or Florida team for a D prospect and maybe he will “get it” there and if he does, he won’t burn us as bad if he played out in the west. But we have given Jake a fair shake. The Guy isn’t a kid anymore so if he hasn’t gotten it, will he ever? Anyways I agree man, trade him to the Canes for one of their war chest of defencemen.
  4. Demko isn’t a legend but a god, our god. My good golly miss molly. Huge kill here boys.
  5. Yup he was going to breakdown the penalty box door. He went Hulkamania. Those were good times... until Martin Gelinas ruined the party.
  6. Whatever comes of tonight. This group has gained incredible experience with the play in series with the wild, dethroning the champs and going toe to toe with a Stanley cup favorite and heavyweight of the west in Vegas in a winner takes all showdown tonight. Love this no quit from this team and this core is just going to get better. I would like to take a moment to admit I was one of the irrational posters who didn’t like the Miller trade because I thought we potentially traded another Petterson or Hughes with that pick. With what’s transpired this season and how much of a leader Miller has been for this young team. I’m happy to admit I was wrong and happier that we are giving up a late 20s pick then a potential lotto to mid round pick. Lastly Benning, Green and Trever Linden with the rest of the Organization needs to be acknowledged for the amazing job they have done turning this team from a rebuild to a contender. Proud fan and so SO proud of this team now and into the years to come. Let’s cheer our unbelievable boys and finish the comeback tonight. GCG!
  7. Everybody believe in this Team in the turd period. For my 2010 peeps!
  8. Love Demko stealing another game for us so far but they can’t be crashing our unbelievable backup playing lights out. Let’s run their goalie... they have another unlike us.
  9. And if the unfortunate result happens tonight, at least it’s been a beauty of a day. It could be the one and only time we see a playoff games in early September. Still Summer in the City. Just soak it all in and enjoy the ride win or lose folks.
  10. All hands on deck tonight boys. Demko stole us one. No passengers tonight or it’s going to be over. All for one and one for all. Win big or go home.
  11. Very mystifying that MDP is unfit to play when he has been in Vancouver on call for a moment like this. Too bad but curious minds are wondering what happened with that? Hope Mikey is ok and isn’t anything too serious.
  12. Demko is fine but I believe we need to have 3 goalies ready in the bubble and we only have two healthy right now. So the idea was to summon MDP but he is unfit to play. That is what I’m and many others I’m sure are wondering about how he could be injured when he was an emergency recall in case one of our 3 goalies got injured. Which now we need another goalie to recall hence the WHO THE !$&@ is Jake Keilly. A good Minnesota boy that’s who!