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  1. Amen brother, while I do appreciate his inside track with the team. Seems like he has gone to the Jeff Patterson school of reporting with melodramatic tweets. First it was the Edler camp “moving on” as a Canuck earlier in the summer and now this. Rick’s just upset because the doctor told him he can’t have rum and coke anymore. He never was this chicken little reporter he has transformed into this summer.
  2. Aye, just remember that Bo didn’t sign until a few days until training camp... that’s right about now. I feel a Brockstar signing and sighting is nigh.
  3. Now onto the Brockstar and we can get this training camp/season started. Let’s f$&@ing go!
  4. I thought he would play out his last year with the Canes but hey can’t assume anything in life. Wonder who will be captain this season in Carolina. At 37 years old I’m not sure if he will be back, has won several cups and a kickass nickname. All the best J Williams if it’s a break or a solid career.
  5. 1.Miller gets 50 points. 2. Gaudette assumes the 3rd line center role when Sutter and Beagle go down to injury. Pots 15 goals. 3. Tanev and Edler get injured so OJ comes in and puts up 20 points in 50 games after being called up. 4. Hughes will get 48 points and get a Calder nomination like his bro. 5. Canucks make the playoffs and also aquire picks at the TDL.
  6. I wish I could vote for more then one. After seeing this pic I’m as jacked as Petey is for the upcoming season.
  7. I voted the sedins retirement ceremony which I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten more love for the two best players for this franchise getting raised to the rafters this season. That and how will little stranger things Louie will do on season 4 of the Canucks. Stay tuned...
  8. Bobby seems to be the Whitecaps version of Paul Holmgren in Philly. His title maybe different but his pull and presence in the organization is very much still alive. Fired is what most fans would be happy about, I bolded what Mallett said about bobby. Sounds like the man is joined to the hip with this franchise no matter what he does rightly or wrongly.
  9. EP Phone Home

    BC Lions

    At 1-8 you’d think they were an expansion team. Whitecaps and Lions are in a turdle derby as to who is the biggest loser. Canucks training camp is 6 weeks away to the day!
  10. https://www.whitecapsfc.com/post/2019/08/16/whitecaps-fc-hire-sporting-director-global-search-underway VANCOUVER, BC – Vancouver Whitecaps FC announced on Friday that the club has opened an extensive global search to hire a sporting director who will lead the technical direction of the club at all levels. The sporting director will report to ownership, eliminating the role of president from the club structure.“These are exciting times in MLS with the league growing at an unprecedented rate both on and off the pitch,” said Jeff Mallett, Whitecaps FC co-owner. “We are committed to taking the 'Caps to the next level, to being championship contenders. We’ve invested heavily in our soccer operations, from facilities to coast-to-coast soccer programming for boys and girls. Bringing in a sporting director is the next step to take the club forward.”The sporting director will be a proven leader who brings exceptional soccer expertise to the club. The individual will have a vast understanding and knowledge of scouting and recruitment in the global market, maximize the advantages of a sport performance model, and embrace youth development.With the change in club structure, president Bob Lenarduzzi will transition to a new role as club liaison. Building on his 45 years of experience with the club, Lenarduzzi will work closely with ownership and club executives to represent the club locally, nationally, and internationally.“Whitecaps FC would not be Whitecaps FC without Bob Lenarduzzi,” added Mallett. “His knowledge, relationships, and history with this club is unparalleled and will be invaluable as we enter our next chapter.”“For me, I’m incredibly passionate about representing this club and brand here at home,” said Lenarduzzi. “With the league growing the way it is, now is the right time to inject new leadership into the soccer side of our organization. I am proud to have been with the club every step of the way, and I’m very excited to continue working with our partners at home and abroad as we look toward to the biggest milestone in Canada’s soccer history in 2026.”About Vancouver Whitecaps FCOriginally established in 1974, Vancouver Whitecaps FC are one of the oldest and most decorated professional soccer clubs in North America. Whitecaps FC are fully integrated across Canada, operating soccer development programs nationwide from grassroots to the professional level for both boys and girls, as well as a core commitment to the community. Since 2011, the club has played in Major League Soccer, the top tier of professional soccer in the United States and Canada. 
  11. JT speaking about “the rule of law” when he himself breaks the very law he claims to be standing up for and his Canadians. An apology to Jody Wilson Raybould won’t mean anything (not that it would now) come around election time when her book comes out. Same $€!+ different pile. And Andy Sheer is certainly no better. Pick your poison and Vote for the best liar folks! If this is certainly the end of Mr. Sunny Ways I at least will miss his peoplesplaning on important topics such as plastic bottle replacements...
  12. My mistake it was Lockwood NOT Rathbone on 650 about his final year in NCAA. My apologies everyone.
  13. I believe this is his fourth and final year at Harvard. He will finish school and sign his ELC when his NCAA season is over. I do recall when he was interviewed a few months ago that he would sign after Rick Dhaliwal joked to him how upset the fans will be if he doesn’t sign after his senior year of college. He said he had intentions on signing with the Canucks so hopefully most Canucks fans can chill and not worry about him doing the Fox/Vessey route. He will get the Boeser/Gaudette/Hughes treatment and get his cup of NHL coffee. Possibly more depending how this season goes.
  14. Season predictions: Canucks will finish with 94 points good for the last wild card spot. They played the western conference leading Nashville predators to six games in a hard fought series. Forfeiting our draft pick to Tampa but also seeing big steps forward from our young core. EP getting 35 goals and 86 points in the regular season. Brock signs a 4 year 7.25 million contract extension before training camp in Victoria as CDC rejoices. He has himself a 34 goal season. Bo becomes captain during the first game ceremony against the Kings with Henrik passing over the C to Horvat as a right of passage. Has a 30 goal season himself. Quinn has a solid rookie campaign with 47 points and has a brother duo duel with Jack for the Calder but falls short and the younger Hughes wins it. Injuries to Sutter and Beagle gave Gaudette third line minutes of being a center and Adam responded with a 12 goal 28 point season. Showing that he can handle the minutes and can still produce at a decent pace. Demko is probably one of the biggest reasons the Canucks made the playoffs as he improved to a 15-6-3 record with 2 SO and had a personal 7 game winning streak. Him and Marky have become one of the best tandems in the league overnight. OJ doesn’t make the team out of camp but by December and regular injuries to Tanev and Edler, OJ makes his NHL debut and plays fairly well being steady and earns himself a spot on the bottom pairing when the team trades CT8 at the TDL. Jake Virtanen gets inspired or motivated with JT Miller and Ferlunds style of play and starts using that speed and size of his to open up space for his teammates and gets 22 goals while getting some 2nd line minutes. Other notables: Marky gets to 30 wins for the first time. Baer gets 20 goals for the first time. Pearson and Miller get 40 points each. Schaller and Louie go to Utica and stay there the whole season. New D men Myers and Benn play very solid and our GA is in the top 15 in the league gives us a goal difference of +7.
  15. With OJ Woo and Rathbone coming in, in the next few years our D will be looking big, skilled and gritty. I can see Rathbone getting the Boeser/Gaudette/Hughes taste of NHL hockey at the end of the season...difference with Jack is that he could be in for more then just a cup, more like a coffee run for another kind of cup