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  1. EP Phone Home

    Rumor: Teams interested in Alex Edler

    The fact of the matter is that Edler was given a NTC and it is within his right to exercise it. As a fan we care about the Canucks and not the laundry. And we have in our best interest to see the team build and grow to be the best it can be to win that elusive cup. So while we see the players who put their bodies on the line and are rewarded handsomely. These are people as well who have families and a life after the practices and games. Now would it be nice if Eddy waived and helped the team get assests and be better then resign in the off season? Of course, but Eddy has said “I like it here” and be it for only a few months and a chance of a cup run while helping his team out in the process. It is still within his right to say no as it’s part of the deal that Gillman and Gillis gave him five years ago. We don’t know why even a few months is a big deal to him or his family nor is it our business to know but it’s enough reason for him to say no to a trade. Nothing will happen so let’s just leave it as is and hope he recovers to help this team, on this team.
  2. We won the Eberle trade! Oilers cap dump Talbots 4.1 mil cap hit and then trades for a 3.1 mil cap hit for Gags this and next year
  3. EP Phone Home

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Los Angeles Kings | Feb. 14, 2019

    Marky really making believers that this isn’t a one month hot streak, he has truly arrived to be our starting goalie and Demko be damned if anyone will take it away from him. Petey Gaud and Brock continuing with the youth movement. Goldy keeps having these “golden”opportunities and yet can’t seem to finish them off. He has to start putting those in or he will be replaced by the next wave of prospects (Dahlen) coming up soon. Gaud is proving the doubters that he is ready for prime time 3C spot and last night sure shows he makes Sutter expendable. Big W for the playoff hopeful but just nice to see more kids get sprinkled into the lineup this week with Bris and ZMac Love this right here as well!
  4. Marky is in the zone as he has been the last 3 months continues on.
  5. Petey looking pissed screaming *%#!ing b!t€h. Dang he is so much heart and skill.
  6. EP Phone Home

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Anaheim Ducks | Feb. 13, 2019

    It’s ok, the playoffs were a bonus this season. All about gathering futures and prospects to build more depth and elite talent. Playoffs would be nice but not the main goal for this year. I’m ok with this loss as it will show management to be more of a seller, as they were never going to be a buyer at the TDL
  7. 3-1 ducks and I say 3 points.
  8. David Pratt. Ed Willies. You know the good ol media that rolls into the dramatic mud and soak it all up because it’s the only way people take notice of them in their chicken little outlook and pathetic lives. Nothing changes with the so called journalists in this city.
  9. Sure giving us reason to keep having bitter feelings towards that franchise. Different management then the Bobby Clarke offer sheet days but sure is making things interesting with me and a Flyers fan I work with. But it does feel almost like there’s something off between the two teams.
  10. Thing is, FA or not we would’ve had to put that free agent goalie on waivers, right now we need a NHL goalie to play games with us up here agreed, it will put us in the same situation that McKenna got us in. I was harping as to why don’t we sign a Leighton or Lack or Mason but I’m now informed that all of them would require waivers and teams right now won’t be doing us any favors.
  11. I apologize for my post before about why didn’t we sign a FA goalie as I’ve found out that regardless of being FA or not the goalie would still have to go through waivers at any point to assign to the A and GMs know what sort of situation we are in and would try and screw us over like Philly did. So my apologies everyone for my irrational post earlier. It was just a 7th and we need this goalie for our upcoming 3 games in 4 nights. Yes it is a crappy predicament to be in, it is what it is now, and the only thing to do now is to offersheet Carter Hart when he’s an RFA. Payback is best served cold when you least suspect it. And the whole McKenna on “condition stint” to the minors isn’t fooling anyone as to Philly sneaking a goalie down without waivers. Again I am sorry and take back what I said earlier. Today has been a cranky day with all this snow and being one of the only ones at work who showed up today
  12. I know what you mean man. When I sip my A&W root beer it feels like my mouth is sucking it out of a napkin. Very good post random or not.
  13. Answered my own question about why we didn’t sign a FA goalie as the goalie would’ve had to be put on waivers anyhow. So my apologies to anyone who has quoted me on my post